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President Obama Endorses Rick Kriseman ... But Did He Really?

August 25, 2017 - 9:30am

In this morning's Politico Playbook, it was reported that President Obama endorsed Rick Kriseman for St. Petersburg mayor.


When President Obama truly is "all in" for someone, he does more than issue a statement.

In fact, we all recall when President Obama "endorsed" Democratic members running for the state Legislature.

In reality, President Obama didn't know these people from a hole in the ground.

The Florida Democratic Party assembled a list of people and THEY had President Obama "endorse" these folks.

Something tells me good old Stephen Bittel, chairman of the Florida Democratic Party, is trying to pull a fast one on the black people of St. Petersburg.

Don't trust it, St. Pete!

He knows that Rick Kriseman can't just count on the black vote by virtue of being a Democrat, so he's calling on who he thinks is the Pied Piper of Black People.

Barack Obama.

Who actually wrote the endorsement?

This is yet another example of how stupid the FDP thinks black voters are.

I guess Stephen Bittel isn't aware of the 209,000 black voters who stayed home in Florida, because Hillary Clinton didn't actually bring her message to them, and thought all she had to do was wave Barack-the-black-man in the faces of these people and get their votes.

Why isn't the message that Rick Kriseman hasn't been a great friend to the black community in St. Petersburg sinking in?

I'll tell you why.

It doesn't matter to Stephen Bittel, Rick Kriseman, or anyone else who doesn't want to address the issue, and just wants the vote of the black community.

Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see through this latest trick, and Ray has gone to glory!

Discuss the closing of the Walmart grocery store.

Discuss the closing of the Walgreens.

Discuss the closing of Sylvia's, which is now being gentrified all to hell.

Discuss the attention paid to Downtown, instead of Midtown.

Do those things, instead of waving President Barack Obama in the faces of black people, as if they are mindless, non-thinking, zombies.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


I can't believe Mayor Kriseman won the primary (in that he finished ahead) and goes to runoff with Former Mayor Baker. I guess this election, along with the presidential election last year, shows that anything can happen. Bottom line is go vote.

This was just another attempt to fool black people into voting for Kriseman who don't give a damn about us. All he cares about is getting our votes, then he will go back to ignoring us and kissing the butts of the gay community. Well he ain't getting my vote.

For argument sake.... What if Obama really did endorse Krieseman. Would you still be so upset and critical??

Tell Obama to crawl back under the rock he came out from under when Geo Soros wanted a ultra liberal back man to run for president. He is no longer a president (thank God) so whatever he does outside of humanitarian efforts, his library, and BS speeches no one gives a flying f**k. Perhaps he should forget about politics and work on his golf game. Like his healthcare plan both are pathetic and an insult to every African American that voted for him!!

I wish this could appear in The Weekly Challenger! I was saying the exact same thing! That endorsement is made up bull!! Not buying it!

That so-called Obama endorsement didn't fool me one bit. When Kriseman gave the Manhattan Casino away to outsiders, I knew I wouldn't vote for him. Obama can't tell this black woman who to vote for. At the end of the day, I live in St. Petersburg, not President Obama. If and when President Obama comes and runs for Mayor, then I listen to him. Not until!

Wimes is a racist who hates white people unless they pay her to attack democrats. That is why she is being investigated right now by prosecutors who don't want the press to be for hire.

That's about as fake as Crys-man's Obama endorsement. You've been drinking too much sewage water, thanks to Prick Crysman!

Obama is a brillant genuis but not perfect unless you are comparing him to #45 Ronald Rump! All these Paul Cangemi pro Republicans and anti Democrats need to fall back off President Obama. He came, he saw, he conquered for *8* years. So whatever happens to Kriseman is already written. Tell the truth in the booth because most you so called naysayers will be casting your vote for Kriseman on the downlow. Afraid of the imploding virus the Republicans have created in the petri dish of Ronald Rumps laboratory. Counting down to the truth. Cast your vote and let that speak for you! Racism may make it through the battle but it NEVER wins the WAR!!

Thanks for your 2cents "Pamela J Rump!"

An "Obama endorsement" is the political "kiss of death" (as described in "organized crime lore"),...Besides, Obama doesn't care, he is currently ensconced in his Washington, D.C. mansion organizing (along with Al Sharpton) "Black Lives Matter" 'bussed in' demonstrating activists from across the country ( at $25 an hour, motel lodging, and food), to distract, disrupt and destroy wherever & whatever they can find to distract, destroy and disrupt. These miscreants wholly enjoy the activism and destruction when it's YOUR town and businesses and the "victims" are YOUR friends and neighbors! ! ! These are OLD "tactics" historically used by "community organizers", labor unions", "organized crime", and "thugs" of ALL types throughout our existence. So, Kriseman is "on his own", and better off for it...

FAKE NEWS!! Obama is relaxed in Washington mansion not paid for with the tax payors money. With his beautiful, smart, awesome family that loves him dearly. Now run tell that and yes! "BLACK LIVES MATTER!"

UNFORTUNATELY, Obama will ALWAYS be "paid for" with Citizen Taxpayers' money,..for as long as he lives... But once he ceases to live, we can at least lay off the "Secret Service detail". "Black Lives DO Matter"...BUT...the "BLACK LIVES MATTER" organized, activist, troublemakers aren't worth a crap and don't matter at all ! ! !

You are an idiot, fool and trailer park clown...go back to NY Trump Chump...baahaahaa

Kriseman needs to FOCUS on what matters. Dropping names and getting questionable endorsements doesn't fool anyone. In fact it might just hurt him. Good Work on this article.

1. Obama is bi-racial, not black 2. Who cares who he endorses, vote on the merit of the candidate. 3. Who cares about the black vote. They are only 11% of the electorate. Of those, only 8% currently still have valid registration to vote. Only 50% of them turn out when there is a candidate they are in favor of (see Obama). When not, less than 18%, so we are only talking 2-3% of the total electorate of St. Pete. Who gives a shit about that? 4. Until the black community starts caring about their own community, no one else will. They have 5 people on the PTA for the 5 predominantly black schools in Midtown and S. St. Pete. 98.7% of the crime in the black community is committed by black people. 99.4% of all murders in the black community are committed by black people. The unemployment rate in FL is 4.9%. In the black community, it is 17.9%. Of those, only 2.8% are actively looking for jobs. I repeat, until the black community starts caring about their own community, no one else will. Amen.

Stastical BS !

truth hurts?

Who is stupid enough to believe that with everything going on, President Obama decided to jump into THIS race. Not Ossoff, not any other Congressional race, but this one. I may have been born at night, but not last night. Wimes is right. This smells to high heaven!

Bad news for Kriseman. When the Kenyan endorses you that's the kiss of death.Baker's in now easily

Amen to that Steve. Also for most Democrats, just declaring the Democratic name is a "kiss of death" for many! Long serve the President of the U. S. A., Donald Trump!

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