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Power Cedes Nothing Without Demand

January 14, 2017 - 8:00pm

Stephen Bittel succeeded in buying his way into the FDP chair position. He conned people -- enough of them, anyway -- into believing money will win elections.

Democrats have been down this road before. We will go down the losing road again. One consolation will be that Bill Nelson will be gone in 2018. Whether the Democrats field another candidate will be up to them.

I did have a little fun in this chair's race, however. I got to even the playing field, so to speak.

What happened in Miami-Dade was a travesty. Bittel and company decided to take matters into their own hands and bully Dwight Bullard out of a position to run for FDP chair.

Well, I, Leslie Wimes, made things right.

Yes, I was behind Dwight Bullard's Gadsden move. I called in a few favors, and it was a done deal.

What was good for the goose, was certainly good for the gander. 

While the outcome wasn't what I wanted, Dwight Bullard got a DNC slot, and that isn't too shabby.

He will be joining my dear friend Virgie Rollins, DNC Black Caucus chair. She is a wonderful person, and my mentor.

I only wish I had stayed more involved in the overall race for the chair process!

Progressives have to start being more proactive, as opposed to reactive. No more waiting on the establishment to make moves.

The moves have to be made first.

I have some more ideas I will be implementing soon, so stay tuned!

There were some good things to come out of this reorganization, and there were some things that will have to be righted.

Anyone who knows me, knows I hold grudges.

Francesca Menes was the shining star for this race. I'm impressed with that young lady, and I'm not easily impressed. It's hard to find people who stand by their convictions in politics these days.

Bravo Francesca!

What also has impressed me has been the number of messages and calls from people who did not have a vote in this election, who are upset that Dwight Bullard did not make it as FDP Chair.

They want to know where do we go from here.

I know where we're going. I'm telling them where we are going. You see, it won't be until we demand what we want, that we are taken seriously.

That demand has to be in the form of action. Stephen Bittel can't buy the entire state. Remember, no Democrat can win statewide without the black vote. Having black faces on a board doesn't equate to addressing issues.

We've told them that time and time again.

Now we have to do a better job of showing them than we have of telling them.

The perfect place is at the polls. The perfect time is 2018.

So, to all of my haters out there, just wait. There's gonna be so much more for you to be mad at.


Leslie Wimes is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.


Losers lose, winners win...classic.

So by her own admission, Wimes admits she persuaded Bullard to commit election fraud by certifying he was a legal resident of a county where he doesn't live..........Their plan wasn't so clever since he listed a nonexistent residential address...........Then when he claimed he made a mistake and gave another street number, a resident told a reporter he didn't know who Bullard was..........Bullard was elected by Bernie Bots and blacks who dont care about ethics. I don't think the rank and file Democrats will be bragging about him.

Go kick rocks everything was above board.

Sounds like Wimes played by the same rules you guys have been playing by and getting away with! Hahaha! I guess you don't like it when the shoe is on the other foot! Great job Leslie Wimes!! Keep giving them hell! The Democrats need more people like you!!

Hmmm. Charlie is the only elected official to show up today, as it is reported, and today's elected chair is hosting a fundraiser for him this week. Will Charlie claim he is running for gov18 simply because "his good friend and the respected chair of the Florida Democratic Party implored" him to.... stay tuned.

I admit to skepticism with regard to Chair Bittel, but I am also not so sure there wasn't a rush to judgment with regards to him. He was not my first choice, actually not my choice at all but I did hear him out. He has some good ideas. I was prepared to be impressed by Mr. Bullard but he also was not my choice. Nevertheless Bittel was the overwhelming choice at the election, albeit a weighted election. Therein lies the rub. We will continue to have controversy as long as a few people have an unfair advantage over the whole body. Please push to abolish the weighted vote since this is a much larger stumbling block than Mr. Bittel's millions.

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