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Poll Shows Trump Has Work to Do to Win over Latinos

October 4, 2017 - 5:00pm
Darren Soto and Annette Taddeo
Darren Soto and Annette Taddeo

A poll released Wednesday by Latino Victory Project, Latino Decisions, and America’s Voice shows a clear majority of Florida Latinos -- 64 percent -- disapproves of President Donald Trump’s performance and 7 of 10 believe the Republican Party doesn’t care about, or is hostile toward, Latinos. 

Additionally, claim poll results, more than one-third of Florida Latinos said the GOP is so anti-Latino that they could no longer support the party.

Latinos in Florida account for 4.3 million (or 8 percent) of the U.S. Latino population.

When asked, "No matter how you voted in the last election, do you think President Trump is ..." doing a better job than expected, as expected or worse than expect, 14 percent said "better," 44 percent said "as expected," and 42 percent said "worse."

U.S. Rep. Darren Soto, newly elected state Sen. Annette Taddeo, Latino Victory President Cristóbal J. Alex, and Latino Decisions Co-Founder Matt Barreto weighed in on the poll's findings and the possible electoral ramifications for 2018 and 2020.

“If the majority of Republicans continue to advocate for tearing our families apart, trampling on the hard-fought civil rights of Latinos and other communities of color, and endangering the lives of young undocumented immigrants by returning them to countries they don’t remember, they’ll effectively seal the fate of their party,” said Soto.

“Progressives are in a good position ahead of 2018, but opposing Republicans isn’t enough,” added Taddeo. “It’s up to us to have conversations with voters, propose smart policy solutions, and channel Latino energy into big wins for progressive causes.”

Alex agreed. “Florida had been a Republican Latino stronghold for generations, but attitudes have shifted in the last eight months. Trump has triggered a new sense of solidarity between our diverse communities and a willingness to cross party lines in the best interest of Latinos,” he said.

"Despite being a relatively conservative population, Florida Latinos are showing signs of pan-ethnic solidarity, particularly on immigration," said Barreto, who is also professor of political science & Chicano studies at UCLA. "More and more, they do not see anti-Latino attacks isolated to Trump. The Republican Party overall is suffering with low favorable ratings. If Republicans do not reject Trump and embrace Latinos, they may completely close the door on reaching Latinos."

The poll identified the top 10 most important issues for President Trump to address as these:

  • Immigration reform / DREAM Act 38 percent
  • Improve the economy / Better jobs 24 percent
  • Improve access to health care 20 percent
  • Race relations / discrimination 19 percent
  • Terrorism 16 percent
  • Making college more affordable 10 percent
  • Housing affordability 9 percent
  • Addressing climate change/enviro 9 percent
  • Education reform / improve schools 8 percent
  • Lower government spending/taxes 8 percent

To see all the poll's findings, click here.

Latino Decisions surveyed 369 Latino adults in Florida Sept. 12-20, 2017. Interviews were collected online in a respondent self-administered format, and the survey and invitation was available to respondents in English or Spanish. The full data are weighted to match the adult population in the 2015 Census ACS 1-year data file for age, gender, education, nativity, ancestry, and voter registration status. The survey carries a margin of error of +/- 5.1 percentage points.

Comments must took poll with Democrats Only...Cause Ybor City & South Florida Cubans....WE ARE ALL IN WITH PRES.Trump....last time I checked Cubans are Latino...& latino's with Pres.Trump go way Past Florida....BUT our parents and gran parents are in Florida.....So you can take your FAKE DEMOCRAP POLL and got the idea.....ha..

TO HELL with your silly, juvenile polls (keep in mind just how much of failure "polls" have been 'across the board relative to our President)!!!!... Latinos HAD BETTER "win over Trump"! ! ! (With liberal Latino Democrat, entitlement-seekers and politicians [as as an expected way of life,..], that's going to be difficult "climb").

I hate to tell you this but Latinos are not the only ones. Fact is all decent people are seriously troubled by repub anti people, pro business, rich policies................Building a party on hate in this age as Trump has built on the Southern strategy you put into place and now you reap your rewards as the crazies take over. .............. And again they feed the economy destroying give big tax breaks o the wealthy and business and all will thrive............. Well Reagan/Bush had 12 yrs and the economy went nowhere but the rich got far richer as the economy stayed down everyone lost their jobs, houses and the rich, corporations bought it all for pennies o the dollar/Bain Capital, etc........ Yet Clinton not just balanced the budget with a tax increase not 1 repub voted for and in 7 yrs had a $250B surplus........................ Which Bush, repubs made deep tax cuts instead of paying down the national debt on our children so they could afford to care for boomers as they retired. But no they cut taxes like crazy and in just 8 yrs went from $250B surplus to a $1.1T deficit and a world wide depression......................... Which Obama pulled our butts out of and cut the repub deficit by $600B while repubs made self inflicted wounds like not paying the national debt, shutting down the government, etc so the economy wouldn't improve under Obama!!......... Obama wanted tax reform 8 yrs ago but repubs wouldn't do it. ................And now you elected the same fools again with a clown at the top doing the same thing as Bush!................. Just how stupid are you? ...................And independents, fiscal conservatives like me, moderates and decent people are already abandoning the party as it journeys into crazy land.

Wanna see "hate" ?.. Go look in your mirror "jerry"; that's "hate" staring right back at you. No, you will NEVER "abandon your party",...YOU are a liberal Democrat "serving a life sentence for the crime of chronic stupidity"!

I don't have to I can see it seething from your posts. I'm a progressive because I'm an actual fiscal conservative as one can't ignore facts if one is a real fiscal conservative as basing one's decisions on lies, hate only leads to disaster to those doing it........................And as the racist you admitted once it is you spewing hate................................ And I belong to no party though claim a dem so I can vote in primaries.................You are a pitiful example of a human being who if born in a Muslim country would have belonged to ISIS as the far right everywhere is what generates tribal feuds, hate, Nazis, fascist, my god says to kill you, etc instead of getting along and helping each other you want to destroy! Why?

Because he's afraid of equality.

See how readily morons, like "jerry" and "Robbie" (above), "undress themselves" with very little prodding, in public forums..? That's a "sign" indicative of liberal, bleating, sheep...whose favorite word is "racist". (Once you begin to recognize the "signs",.. it becomes an "easy hunt"...)

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