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POINT: DeSantis, DeRacist, Disgusting!

August 31, 2018 - 5:00pm

This country has a history with a stain. The stain is slavery, Jim Crow, and the dehumanizing of black people.

How many times were President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama portrayed as apes or monkeys?

We’ve all seen the memes, posts, and nasty comments about the Obamas.

Ron DeSantis had to have known that his “monkey up” comment was going to trigger the most hurtful, hateful images regarding Andrew Gillum.

Maybe that's what he was going for.

Comments such as those are hurtful to all black people who have been subjected to dehumanizing behavior from hateful people.

I’ve long said that racism knows no party.

Racism exists in the Republican and the Democratic parties.

Some Republicans are just so overt with theirs.

I say some, because I have Republican friends who do not condone this sort of behavior.

The Republican Party, though, has allowed itself to be defined by the most vile of people.

In the most perfect example of DeSantis appealing to the most vile of people, a group out of Idaho has begun sending a racist robocall, attacking Andrew Gillum. See Friday's story in POLITICO Florida, "Racist robocalls mar Florida's race for governor."

Is it those people that DeSantis is trying to reach?

Ron DeSantis has been accused of being an administrator of a Facebook page that promoted racism, homophobia, xenophobia, anti-Muslim sentiments, and every other hateful thing one can imagine.

Is this who would be the best governor for ALL of the people of Florida?

No. Absolutely not. Florida is a big, diverse state. We all belong here. We all have a right to be here.

I know DeSantis is saying his “monkey this up” comment wasn’t a racist dig at Andrew Gillum.

I just don’t believe him.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


"Give it up" Leslie; you're just getting boring now (and these overused "tactics" is what separates your talents from legitimate $ PAYING $ "journalism"...(Step back, take a look, and re-evaluate yourself...You're "short-changing" your own talents, just to ignite an un-cohesive political "crowd"..)

If you are bored, stop reading. It’s pretty simple. You people claim you don’t like Wimes’ pieces, and yet you still read her every word!

Thus far...

Desantis was referring to the hit TV show "The Monkees." Here is their iconic theme song. "Hey, hey we're the Monkees. People say we're monkeying around. We're too busy singing to put anybody down."

FLASHBACK: Here's a Long List of Top Democrats Saying "Monkeying Around"

Fact that DeSantis didn't immediately apologize .. or call Gillum ..or all the folks are trying to justify or excuse his clearly purposeful comment says it all We know what you are snd mo lame excuses will gloss over it

Leslie, I am 57 years old, white, conservative and open minded. I read your columns and respect your views even though I do not always agree but you are way out of bounds on this one. There will always be ignorant people and people who hate each other for there country of origin but it gets old that I am considered a racist for being white and using the words Monkey Business, Monkey Around, You Kids Look Like a Bunch of Monkeys Climbing That Tree, Monkey See Monkey Do...... and many others. NOT ONCE IN MY LIFE DID I THINK OF A BLACK PERSON. I ONLY THOUGHT OF REAL MONKEYS!!!!! Now, I grew up in the sixties and seventies and was exposed to racism but I also do not feel privileged in any way and I know great people and worthless people of every race. There are millions of others out there who believe the same way I do and its time to realize that it is a small percentage of the population is racist and not 99% like it is always being portrayed. Please understand this and keep me as a fan of yours..... I hope you see this......

I'm white and 70 and it's not so subtle meaning was as clear as day to me . . . . the question is, would you tell black parents that their "kids look like a bunch of monkeys climbing that tree" . . . . . or tell black children "monkey see, monkey do" . . . . . . or that what they're doing is just "monkey business" . . . . . . . . . . . did you express outrage when Obama was portrayed in cartoons as a witchdoctor" over the ACA . . . . . . . . . . . . . don't be ignorant of racism . . . . . . just because you're white . . .

You do know that monkeys climb trees. Right ? Kids of all colors climb trees. Right ? I have seen a one armed paper hanger before and he was busy and he was good at it. Racism will never go away with people like you and people making there livings from it. I am offended every day by people like al sharpton and the color bias will always be there with him and others like him.

Yes, it appears that for you, racism will always be with you . . . . . you've now clearly demonstrated that for everyone . . . . . you WOULD tell black parents that their tree climbing child is a monkey and defend that it's appropriate . . . . . . . . sadly . . . . . PATHETIC . . .

You just proved my point. You accused me of being racist and you don't even know me. The racist is within you because you still see everyone as a color. Again, all I see is a kid climbing a tree but you see a black kid. True liberal thought to keep the bias machine going Ka-Ching $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I don't have to meet you face-to-face to recognize racist comments when I see them . . . . . . . . . . PATHETIC

Frank...Just don't be ignorant yourself. Bill feels the same way I feel. It seems to me that liberals and democrats of any color are always the most offensive to all people. I am past the color differences. The violence I see most of the time is on the left where there is no tolerance. I am told not to use the word " manly " anymore because that offends someone. Come on, give me a break..........

Denial that racism exists . . . . . . . simply . . . . . . PATHETIC

As an "Independent", this frenzy to create a merit-less wedge issue is seen as incredibly shallow.. The fact checkers have documented many democratic politician have used this very common expression in the past, even Schumer. But misguided efforts to 'gin' (OMG, did I just offend all alcoholics?) up the vile rhetoric is akin to playing a race card where one never legitimately existed, let alone being intended. If you are fair minded individual with an IQ over 90, just look at what was said in context and be guided by the literal dictionary definition of this expression to recognize there was no intent. Bigotry is in the eye of the beholder.

Black people use the “N” word with each other, but it’s totally different when white people use it. Do you understand now?

Uh.....No. Can you explain and sound intelligent at the same time ???

Those hiding in fear under their white sheets below seem to forget even Fox News was appalled by the comment and said so directly afterward. ...............Every southerner knows full well it was an amazingly racist comment...........But what does one expect from one that follows Trump's racist example?............DeSantis figures it worked for Trump, it'll work for me...........Well we'll see about that in November won't we?...............By then Trump, repubs will have so disgusted the decent people of Florida, the US, many of the Trump Chumps won't be there in January. ..............And in 2020 much of the rest will be gone . ;^)

Hey Jerry, read the comment below , which quotes Obama using the word "monkey" in the same context that DeSantis did. But that won't change your mind, because you are determined to find racism, even when it's not there. You live in a sad, sad, world.

I'm an old Florida boy and know exactly what 'Monkeying it up' means as does most everyone, especially you...…... No one said that in my 65 yrs. And no Obama didn't, that is fake news...………….Again Fox News was appalled and said so directly afterward is was so blatant...………..What about that don't you understand?...……...See you in November. ;^)

Actually Obama and several other democrats have used the EXACT same term. Go ahead and google it yourself. I actually got challenged on that. It's out there. Don't let your blinders of race block you from the truth.

Actually Obama and several other democrats have used the EXACT same term. Go ahead and google it yourself. I actually got challenged on that. It's out there. Don't let your blinders of race block you from the truth.

Leslie ,....You know there is NO Racism, unless you have something you wish to Confess??? Leslie, show me your Commentary when Obama said this...,campaigning at Kent State University in Ohio, on Sept. 3, 2007:......... “I come from Chicago. It’s not as if it’s just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past. Sometimes Democrats have, too. You know, whenever people are in power, they have this tendency to try to tilt things in their direction.”..................... ............. Is this definition Racist too???..MONKEY used as a noun is rare. • MONKEY (verb) The verb MONKEY has 2 senses: play around with or alter or falsify, usually secretively or dishonestly 2. do random, unplanned work or activities or spend time idly Familiarity information: MONKEY used as a verb is rare. .............................................. I know they keep you around to "Agitate" people, BUT Equality is a Dish best served........Equally!!! Some don't want equal cause then they have to be held Responsible for their actions.......That would be Racist!!

Uhh..dude, she just wrote a whole column calling it racist. How mighty white of you to read the column and still pretend that you don’t get it.

Uhh Dude, that 'Mighty White" expression is Raaaasssssiiiissss

Uhh...Dude, Anonymous is an idiot.

I have become dismayed at the politics of race as played by black people, it seems we make everything racial. We have become the racists, I don't like it at all, all my FB friends are constantly posting BLM stuff, things to make white people look bad, some video of cops beating a black person. In reality there is a lot of black on white crime and there are many internet sites that document it with video and news reports but the white people I know don't sensationalize it or post about it, they are just posting pictures of their pets or their boat ,lol. Just campaign on the issues but Gillum and supporters are "black this- black that" all the time, they are making this about race, BS. BTW never heard of Desantis before the election, swear, but I may vote for him just to not see Gillum supporters selling out on white people and then when you say hey you are going too far they call you a coon, Black people used to have humble pride, now it is arrogant and over the top. I feel alone in my stance but, I refuse to take part in it. It is also weird that I am afraid to disagree with my own people, I am not voting for Gillum.

Do you think ANYONE believes you are black?

I don't care what you think, how would you like me to prove it anonymous, ask me a black question. Like what New edition song do I like, or who was Jam Pony Express, what love songs did they bump in the 80's( Keith Sweat) , recite the lyrics of LL cool J , I need Love. Could answer a whole lot. I could even recite the 5% supreme mathematics. Who wrote the Theology of Time? What does EPMD mean? Tired of this BS, I feel like I am in a Zombie movie.

Not voting for Gillum because of people like you, trying to bully people, you can't even see you are the racist, a black person not thinking like you ain't black or I'm a coon. If I posted on FB, you call me a coon, post here you say I'm white. White people , witness, this is what it is like to have a difference of opinion in the black community, vilification. It is downright violent if you go to far. I know when to stop. I have little support.


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