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Peter Schorsch Knowingly Printed a Lie

June 14, 2017 - 11:30am

Yesterday Sean Phillippi printed a column in The Florida Squeeze, in which he alleged I was a Republican plant, out to singlehandedly destroy the Florida Democratic Party.

Now, that narrative has been around ever since I was a Nan Rich supporter.

It helps certain Democrats feel better about themselves because they refuse to address the serious issues and flaws I point out that exist in the party.

Mind you, no one has ever presented any concrete PROOF of me being this Republican plant.

Either I'm just that good, they are just that bad, or it's just a bunch of BS.

Unfortunately for the conspiracy lovers, it's No. 3.

Mind you, if I really WERE a Republican, while this may be hard to believe, Democrats would have lost worse than they already have!

Getting back to Peter Schorsch.

Peter has had a problem with me ever since the Nan Rich days.

He has been so far up Charlie Crist's backside, it would take two laxatives, three enemas, and manual manipulation to get him out, because Charlie is a little guy, and Peter is, well, not so little.

Because I let Chain Gang Charlie have it, Peter Schorsch has had it out for me.

He was determined to be the new Jim Greer for Charlie.

Sean Phillippi's article was snatched down by people with better judgment at The Florida Squeeze, and an apology was issued to me.

For the record, I had nothing to do with the article being taken down.

Because he was embarrassed the article was taken down, Phillippi told people I had threatened to sue.

That never happened.

Peter Schorsch picked the article up and ran it with the headline "The op-ed Leslie Wimes apparently doesn't want you to see."

Now, Sean Phillippi was well aware I wasn't the one who caused that article to be pulled. His editor made him aware of that, and he threatened to file a Florida Bar complaint against her husband! I'm sure he let Peter know that, but they wouldn't run something they KNEW was false, would they?

Course not! LMAO!

Peter Schorsch has had a problem with the fact I have a column in Sunshine State News for a while now.

Certain Democratic operatives have had a problem with the same.

The recent issue with Debbie Wasserman Schultz appearing on stage at Leadership Blue is what triggered Sean Phillippi.

Peter Schorsch
Peter Schorsch

Phillippi got laughed at. His own website slapped him down.

So, of course Peter Schorsch would race to print a lie if it involves me.

He obsesses over certain people.

Really, he obsesses over anyone who gets any attention he feels should be his.

Insecurity is a reality, folks.

Can someone please play with Peter? He really needs some genuine friends.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


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None of you are relevant enough for a comment...

So many throwing out comments here using pseudonyms. I've seen similar criticism of anyone criticizing the wrongdoing by the "leadership" in the FDP. I compared their actions to Jim Greer in 2012 after having 4 complaints in CD1 of a sitting member of the Rules Committee appointed by Allison Tant Richard effectively blackmailing candidates to pay her "$2,000/month or I will Primary you". Seems that rules committee member had violated fs104.011, illegal swearing statute when she swore the loyalty oath in re organizational meeting. Keep calling out corruption Leslie, and exposing those who are complicit in it. Eventually we will win our Party back.

"The Florida Squeeze": That juvenile "title" is enough to put a person off their "feed".....(or throw it up) ! It just doesn't engender credibility.

I hear Peter has been "very close" to Crist for awhile. Hmmmm?

SMH. It was an opinion. Sorry if that isn't clear.

Yeah, it's sour grapes when the original website snatches down an article and the guy runs to Schorsch. I'll bet he paid Schorsch to run it.

Poor, poor little Leslie. Finally getting some of what you've been allowed to dish out!

Of course nothing in here to combat the many credible points presented in the article. Just Wimes typical ugly potshots. Sorry excuse for a human being.

Why does anybody care wtf Leslie Wimes has to say anyway?

Because what she says is true, that's why.

Though I don't like your style of writing and try to avoid your articles.......I don't see how you could be considered a Republican plant. That is insulting on so many levels it's not funny, but that is what happens when stupid people do or say things that are false and they are called out because of them. Expose stupid people! Or in this case let them expose themselves. I still don't like your style of writing, then again I don't like George Will's style either.

Typical white guy moves. Keep on keeping on Leslie! It isn't what they call you, it's what you answer to! Clearly your voice is a threat! Be loud, be proud!

Typical black's answers for any criticism! You already loud and Leslie is just a racist.

Peter sounds terrible if he hangs around Crist. But you do seem like a Republican, in the Crist kind of way.

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