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OPPOSE Constitutional Amendment 13

September 26, 2018 - 11:15am

Amendment 13 to the Florida Constitution is being characterized as an amendment to end wagering (betting) on greyhound races in Florida, but it goes much further than that.  Amendment 13 is a “Trojan horse” amendment hiding its real purpose. 

In short, Amendment 13 is not really about greyhound racing, it’s a front for much more.

If Amendment 13 is passed, extreme animal rights organizations will have a new constitutional standard to challenge any and all activities they find objectionable.  

In fact, many believe the first action of these extreme animal rights groups will be to immediately begin work to ban all hunting and fishing, including recreational fishing.  That alone would have a huge negative impact on tourism in Florida, as well as remove the ability of FWC to effectively manage wildlife populations. 

Amendment 13 includes the phrase: 

“The humane treatment of animals is a fundamental value of the people of the State of Florida.”  That language will not appear on the ballot BUT IT IS IN THE AMENDMENT. 

Since no one wants animals treated inhumanely, I and the vast majority of Floridians would agree with that statement in general terms.  However, there is a vast difference between what the public believes is “inhumane” and what animal rights extremist groups and their supporters would call “inhumane.”

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), is the lead organization pushing for Amendment 13’s passage.  HSUS opposes hundreds of common and traditional activities involving animals because they claim they are “inhumane. 

In fact, the list of activities HSUS and other animal extremist organizations find objectionable is huge and includes hunting, fishing, farming, animal husbandry, marine parks and more.  That’s what this is really about.

Those groups firmly believe that animals shouldn’t be owned as pets because it’s inhumane. 

Clearly, the intent is to establish a legal foothold in the Florida Constitution that they can use to go after legitimate ownership and activities involving pets, other domestic animals and wildlife, that these organizations don’t like.

If you own a dog or cat that is like a member of your family, watch out for Amendment 13.  It could shatter your way of life if some animal rights organization decides to challenge the right to own a pet or have a pet in your home or on your property by calling it “inhumane.” 

Make no mistake, training, owning and using working dogs like military dogs, cattle dogs, seeing-eye dogs, companion dogs, police dogs, or any animal that gives aid, protection, safety, and comfort to humans could be challenged as “inhumane” if Amendment 13 passes.

Whether you are voting absentee, early voting or at the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, vote against Amendment 13. The hidden language in  Amendment 13 -- that will not be on the ballot -- is dangerous.   Amendment 13 should be soundly defeated if you value your rights and preservation of true animal protections at home and in the field. 

Marion P. Hammer is past president of the National Rifle Association and is executive director of Unified Sportsmen of Florida.


Because of course ‘they’ and their ‘hidden agenda’ only applies to the ideaology other than those that superficially sounds like yours.

I have hunted and fished my entire life and almost got tricked to voting yes on this one. I have also rescued many Doberman Pinchers. This amendment is a slippery slope for law abiding people like myself that will have my rights infringed upon by the likes of PETA. All of you dog owners should be ashamed of yourself if you vote Yes on this. One day, they will outlaw your household pets. Then and only then you will realize that you were deceived by these so called animal loving PETA freaks!

So many indoctrinated liberals here in one place. You all sound just like what your televisions have been telling you to say. Every amendment is piggybacked with other rhetoric that none of you would bother to take the time to actually search out the truth from somewhere other than Google, Social media, and or the fake stream media. But I wouldn't expect any of you to know how to really look for facts because they might go against what lies you have already accepted as truth because you are all so easily manipulated and easy to brainwash. Keep going on this path and watch how quickly this entire country will turn into a 3rd world shyt hole or worse and become like Chicago or Detroit. It's sad really, that you are all so blind to it and easily spoon fed garbage only to repeat it like you came up with what yourself but in reality sound like something jim acosta would come up with. Learn to think for yourselfs and turn off the TV and social media. Go outside and meet your neighbors, the ones you wont talk to because they are conservative Republicans, and you'll find that they arent who the TV and Social media told you they were, that they are nice people that'll give you the shirt off their backs if you were in need of it. Every amendment they put on the ballot is piggybacking on that amendment something worse that they dont want and hope you arent smart enough to find so they can pass it and make you feel like you did the right thing. When infact you just shot you and everyone else in the foot. Thanks, I need my feet to work because I'm not a freeloader that thinks money should just be given to those who refuse to earn it.

Oh my, they want to take your milk. Get a grip folks.

This is completely typical of breeders, livestock "farmers" etc who don't want anyone to mess with their "rights" to treat their "property" as they wish. They feel ANY advancements in animal welfare will mean they won't be able to make money anymore-- they feel threatened. Same thing happened when the puppy mill legislation we worked on in MO was put to ballot and same with the circus ordinance we passed here in AR. It's 100% typical for these types of tired old comments to surface, such as: like the women in this article "[T] hose groups firmly believe that animals shouldn’t be owned as pets because it’s inhumane." Yes, PETA holds this view, but it's not the only org supporting this ballot measure and this author only mentions HSUS, who does NOT have this position. Of course defining "inhumane" rocks the world of "breeders" and livestock "farmers" because the outdated Animal Welfare Act of 1966 specifically EXCLUDES farmed animals, as do many state cruelty statutes. :-( Breeders are terrified of these types of bills and always have been. Their lame tired excuses that they "love their animals" is so hideously transparent they have zero credible arguments anymore. It's kind of like the same tired arguments people make against veganism (Where do you get protein? What if you were on a deserted island? I didn't climb my way to the top of the food chain to eat plants....blah, blah, blah). There's no right way to do the wrong thing. This amendment needs to PASS. Look at this woman's bio!!! She clearly has an agenda. And the person who claims they'll put 5,000 greys to sleep is ludicrous. This will be phased out.

Vote YES. I have been to the tracks, taken the pink bubble tour and adopted many Greys. What I can tell you is this: my adoptees and the vast majority of the other Greyhounds I have met come with some level of trauma. I am sure there are some great racing owners but I am also sure that my randomly selected dogs that came to me for adoption terrified of objects that looked like a cattle prod, whimpered or snarled when startled and lost control of their bladders and shook violently when sternly told "NO!" had a very different experience than what I was "shown" at the tracks. END IT NOW.

Thank You!!! and if animal rights groups can get more done regarding animal abuse I am all for it. and I voted YES. I worked close to the Daytona kennels and the dogs were yelled at all day long and cried to get out of their small kennels.. this is not humane and needs to stop...

It's sad that people put words into fooling the voter. On one hand this is telling how wonderful it would be to a certain group of people, and terrible to another group. I have to agree that animals need to be taken care of. Some people think thy have rights but they only receive this from humans. I'd vote on better treatment of the animal but voting to put people out of business and jobs I would not. This addminment could simply be one for better treatment but to completely dismantle on a lie? This is nothing more than to pull at people's hearts. These people that create money for other's will be laid off. And the hunting and fishing well this puts food on the table. I absolutely will not vote yes.

What a crock of crap. OK, we'll put you in a cage, slap a muzzle on your face ,(which is a good idea anyway) and make you run for the idiot betting community.

I voted yes... greyhound racing is not big money and the animals suffer everyday ... gambling casinos would be much better for Florida creating jobs

this is about stopping the abuse of Greyhound Racing!!! its time Florida banned this inhumane treatment of animals...There are only 19 tracks in the United States that still run greyhounds. Twelve of them are in Florida. Forty states have banned greyhound racing. I voted YES!!!

It's obvious that Marion has an agenda here. But she's not important enough to swing the vote. Anyone who tells you that the racing industry is totally awesome to the dogs is lying to you. Yes, there are some owners and trainers who do truly care for, and ensure the well-being of their dogs during and after their racing careers. Some. I spent years as a blissfully ignorant adopter, assuming that everything I was told by those in the racing community was true. Sure, they have great pics of their dogs, great adoption stories to share. But only the good ones are sharing. I made the mistake of joining an adoption group in an official capacity. Within a few weeks, I started taking in what the industry was done with. We received dogs with dangling broken legs. Truly starved dogs. Dogs with full body infections that were allowed to fester so long that the dogs were entirely hairless. ALL dogs were fully infested with ticks and fleas. Most with hookworms. Mind you, this was not the condition of the majority of dogs. The really tough cases probably made up 10-15%. But anyone who gives a damn about these wonderful animals will understand that this is still unacceptable. For decades, this industry was allowed to do as it pleased with the Greyhounds, and we all know how that worked out for the dogs: those in the industry today are still quick to point out that things are not nearly as bad as they used to be. Maybe not, but they are far from perfect. Don't be fooled. I had to resign from my position because I was informed that if I spoke publicly about the condition of the dogs, my adoption group would be blacklisted and would not receive any dogs for adoption. This is a filthy arrangement, one that requires adoption groups to subsidize the shitty behavior of the scumbags that the industry can't be bothered to ferret out. Vote the way you want. But don't tell me to get educated. You won't like what I have to share.

20 says it doesn't pass, this time. I know y'all will keep trying though. Seems to me it would phase itself out naturally if the public didn't support it. The real tragedy is while you've waited for 25 years to take away someone's livelihood and entertainment you've done nothing about important issues. Like people in your state and country that would love to take your constitution, with all its amendments and burn them and make you their pet. Wake up.

I'll take your 20.

Is this lady serious ? How few of brain cells do you have to have to think that.... (In fact, the list of activities HSUS and other animal extremist organizations find objectionable is huge and includes hunting, fishing, farming, animal husbandry, marine parks and more. That’s what this is really about.) Get real I don’t understand why people that have the power to make a difference choose to lie and be dishonest to push their view across. Basic common sense says this will never happen... come on ban farming ? Fishing ? Hunting? Get real.

Pull your head out of the sand and come into the real world. They take a hot button and wrap their agenda and bury it within. Do some research - most people don't.

the only reason you all want dog racing to continue is so that the gamblers can continue to play slots and play poker. I have been to the dog races and everyone was inside playing cards...Please. These beautiful dogs need to be released from the bonds of breeding for racing.

You are right dog racing is no longer a money maker, and it will end of its own accord if the fl legislature will end the requirement of live dog racing in order to have a license for cards and slots. This doesn’t need to be an amendment! You may not believe it but Animal Rights extremists will use the vague and undefined language in this amendment as a basis for challenges and lawsuits against the use of animals it anyway. These people are extremists, unfortunately many people will buy into this amendment because they want to “save the dogs”

Its cruel...needs to stop

This article is 1000000% right . The problem is these groups are a minority but the internet gives them powers that make them seem like they are a majority. These people want animals to walk down the street with humans . Florida has to make a stand and say NO to these groups. Tell me how many greyhounds did grey2k foster out —ZERO but they will take all the money . These groups are a scam and governments in the USA need to phase these groups out.

Greyhounds are very well cared for at the race-tracks. Of course they sleep in kennels between turn outs as this is how they are safe and comfortable. There are no "squalid" conditions. They are well fed, walked, massaged, whirl pool baths etc and turned out for many times a day to socialize and run about. This is a better life than a pet owner can offer. As pet owners aren't usually able to take them lure coursing which is what they love to do best! They transition beautifully into retirement because they are well socialized and handled at the racetracks.

Vote no. Dont believe the lies and propaganda of the antis the vast majority of who have never stepped foot in a racing kennels or track kennels so have no idea what goes on. Take a kennel tour or speak to a trainer or owner before making up your mind. Dont believe the antis who twist everything to suit their agenda and keep the donations rolling in, none of which will be spent on greyhound welfare

I find it hummerous when I read comments like, I have met Greyhound owners, they are nice and they love their dogs. I’ll bet a lot of people said the same thing about Michael Vick until HSUS busted his dog fighting operation. Greyhound owners allow the public to see only what they want them to see. There may be some wonderful Greyhound owners, but make no mistake not all are. The HSUS has been around for a very long time and they certainly know how to be very thorough in their investigating. I also have found that many people who support dog racing are against horse racing. Hmmmm, someone please explain that one.

HSUS endorsed Michael Vick as a responsible dog owner

That's why we have kennel tours! So you can see how the dogs are really cared for and loved. We are an open book, and our opposition is fighting us every step of the way be we have the power of truth and knowledge. I am against Amendment 13 because the dog are in no way harmed or forced to run. Greyhounds have a natural instinct to use sight and their speed to catch small prey. Thoroughbred horses are forced to run, trained by fear into running as fast as they can. They are beaten with crops and whips, and have bits placed in their mouth for no other reason than TO CONTROL. Greyhounds, FROM THE MOMENT THEY GET TO THE TRACK, act solely on their instinct to chase, hunt and pursue prey. Horses do not have a prey drive, therefore are FORCED to run. I hope this was enough explanation for you.

Hmmm did you know the HSUS endorsed Mike Vick to own a dog after a 50K contribution by the Eagles a few years ago? Hmmmm did you know the HSUS was FINED 15+ million for PAYING a witness to lie in court in the Ringling Brothers case? Yea real credible people there.

“We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding …One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.” – CEO Wayne Pacelle, as reported in Animal People News, May1993

The language of the amendment is quite specific. It will phase out greyhound racing which is cruel, not because greyhounds don't like running. Of course, they enjoy running. The practice is cruel because the animals are kept in cages between races and not loved. And, when their racing career is over, they are casually destroyed, unless an adoption agency can place them with a family. There's absolutely no reason to see amendment 13 as a slippery slope.

Go visit a greyhound kennel, watch a race and speak to the trainers and those who live with, work with and love these dogs. See for yourself how these dogs are treated. Believe me, they are loved while racing and loved while living out their lives when retired. Vote NO on 13!

As an adoption coordinator of one of the 91 Greyhound adoption groups supporting Vote No on Prop 13, i have to stringly disagree with your assumption if casually discarded. Greyhound adoption groups have a 95% adoption rate. Those that are not rehomed by adoption return to their owners or have been pre-adopted. If Proposition 13 passes there will be 8000 plus Greyhounds needing to be rehomed with no safety net in the amendment to cover the expenses of vetting, feeding and transportation of the Greyhounds. To me that is casual discardment. When. HSUS and Grey2K are asked what about the dogs their casual answer is "there are animal shelters waiting to take them". Are these the same shelters that have over 50% euthanasia rates and are continually overcrowded? If you want to protect the Greyhounds I urge you vote NO to Proposition 13.


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