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Oil and Natural Gas Industry Fuels Florida with Jobs and Revenue

August 30, 2017 - 12:45pm

When I saw recent reports of the oil and natural gas industry’s impact on our state, my interest piqued. As the president and CEO of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, I represent the needs of more than 80,000 minority-owned businesses in the Sunshine State, so I am especially attuned to anything that affects our state’s economy. We support the development of all types of energy, natural gas being one of them.

The fuel industry in Florida accounts for 2.9 percent of the state’s total employment and 3.1 percent of the state’s total income. It supports over 266,000 jobs -- jobs which boast salaries more than $20,000 greater than the state average. It also contributes over $11.9 billion in worker wages and adds over $22 billion to the state economy.
Typically, when we think about jobs in the oil and natural gas industry, we do not think much further than the men who work on the rigs. The fuel industry supports many different jobs, however. These include anything from engineers, environmental experts and rig hands to truck drivers and contractors. The oil and natural gas industry already has a large presence in our state, but further expansion could bring even more jobs to Florida.
Florida’s development of oil and natural gas dates all the way back to the 1940s and since then the industry has flooded Florida with largely positive benefits -- everything from energy security to a booming economy. Thanks to the expansion of the domestic oil industry, America has surpassed Saudi Arabia as the world’s leading oil producer. Now, foreign rivals cannot threaten our country with oil embargoes and Americans can feel secure without the thought of an energy crisis looming ahead.
Tourism is another major industry in Florida, but many do not realize domestic oil production plays a significant part in our booming tourism sector. Producing oil domestically decreases gas prices, and low gas prices give more people the ability to travel. Additionally, oil and natural gas is used to power theme parks -- a major tourist attraction for the state. Theme parks require a lot of energy to keep them running and natural gas keeps the lights on, the roller coasters running and the guests happy.
The positive economic impact of Florida’s oil and natural gas industry stretches to other industries, as well. The $11.9 billion in worker wages are poured back into the community, as employees buy houses, dine at local restaurants and purchase Florida-grown products. Also, the billions of dollars in economic impact help boost other sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, banking and construction.
It is clear the oil and natural gas industry already provides good jobs and revenue to our state, all while adhering to strict environmental regulations. We should embrace opportunities to expand the industry’s presence, which can only help Florida continue to become a leader in job creation and an economic powerhouse.
Julio Fuentes is the President and CEO of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


Jerry, Jerry, Jerry..... Unless you are living under a rock or in your mud hut with a grass roof pedaling your own generator to produce the power to operate your computer, which is made with all kinds of pollutants , you sir are like al gore. You Talk the Talk but DON'T Walk the Walk. You Spew True BS. You have let the politicians on both sides and the media that want to control you make you into a tool. RE is not practical or affordable. Billions of TAX PAYER Money has been wasted on RE only to have nothing to show for the investment. At least I get power for what ever subsidies that I pay for FF. If it was practical and affordable all the Power Companies would invest as they make their money on distributing the power not producing it and any way to lower their cost to produce power would only add to their profits. The Energy Industry is highly regulated environmentally and we can stay within our borders. RE Technology being manufactured overseas paying slave labor cannot even be produced and made affordable. Ask yourself why the people and billionaires I am sure you worship ( Google, Amazon, Facebook to name a few ) do not invest their money into the technology to mass produce. Don't try to plead the case that they do invest by throwing a few solar panels on their roofs. NO! They need to invest billions. I would personally like to have my own RE solar power supply to produce some of the electricity that I need but a $25,000-30,000 dollar investment would only supply a third of what I use and the maintenance cost would still be there to maintain the solar supply. I know you want to believe as I do to. I do what I can to Save Energy, Recycle and be Environmentally Friendly but fossil fuels power your everyday life at this time and you need to realize that. Don't be like al and have a bigger carbon footprint than most Americans . Please do your research and take in the reality of your power usage and decide how you will spend your own money. Quit looking to the government to provide for you as they will only control your life once you are dependent on them for your survival. Hope this makes you think for yourself and quit drinking the Kool-Aid.

I guess you missed when RE passed nukes the last few months in total US generation? ;^) ......................... The companies you mention have massive RE generation now to cover their use and more because, now read this carefully, it costs less!.....................You can contract your own system buying the parts, sunelec, and hiring a local electrician to permit, install for under $1/wt..........................I'm going into production of plug and play solar systems that make power for under $.06/kwh one takes home, points south and plugs into a 240vac outlet....... Though best have the outlet next to the meter with a red off button to be legal............... And I drive my EVs powered by it. .............. Please try to keep up............. What depending on government do you speak of? I'm offgrid in town and in most places mine don't even require a permit as just a generator that happens to be solar?. Not a fan of roof mounts as just raises prices and I'd rather have more shade as a carport, patio, porch, shed, etc added value...................... And I recycle crashed EV batteries at lower prices than lead batteries for these and EVs I build. Please try to keep up, times have changed.

You sir are the one not keeping up. Solar and Wind has never passed nukes and I cant believe you even think that is possible. The figures you are speaking of is the capacity that they could produce if they operated 24 hours a day 365. As you seem to like the phrase Please try to keep up Nuclear operates 24-7-365. Like I said in my previous post, it takes $ 20,000 to install a system that will provide less than half your needed consumption and last longer than the 1 year warranty that I am sure you will stand behind on your small system. Right ? You could by all the parts and do all the labor yourself on the system I speak of and you would still have $ 15,000 in the project. You still keeping up? Even if the cost was $ 15,000 and it produced half of your needed power on a $200.00 month power bill it would take you 12.5 years to pay for itself. In the meantime the batteries that store your power will become less efficient every year and will have to be replaced. I work with Large Battery Backup Systems and I know these batteries start losing efficiency after only 2 years. THEY ARE NOT CHEAP !!!! Think about it, Your system you speak of will operate your refrigerator and a few lights but not through the night unless you have plenty of expensive batteries for storage. It will not operate your Heating and Air Conditioning Requirements. Look, Let's not get into a mud slinging over this and lets respect one another. I am 56 years old and have a lot of life experience with power systems. I wish you all the luck with yours system. Like I said In the previous post the billionaires of the big liberal companies won't even invest their billions in this technology at this time because it is not profitable and they hate to give their money to you and I. Just trying to make you think practical and not live in a fantasy world that is put out there everyday buy the people who preach Do as I Say Not as I Do. Said with all respect to you.

A balance sheet has two sides. In this case job's gained, job's lost. Just eviscerate Florida's environment and tourist industry with industrial polluting industry. Who wins - not here. Who loses - everyone here.

What a bunch of BS fake, gamed numbers trying to make it look like oil, NG look better than it is. How about all the pollution so I guess you are including hospital workers too that treat those with respiratory, etc illness caused by it.............................. No mention of the massive RE jobs that could have been made, 3x as much as NG, oil if a real fair market and FFs were not subsidized $600B/yr in pollution, healthcare, military, etc costs of FFs they tick on YOUR tax YOU pay to the tune of 20% higher income taxes.............................. Fact is it is enough to balance the national deficit and start paying down the national debt largely due to FF subsidies................. Which is even worse as RE costs 50-75% less now that FFs made at home, buildings................ But CofC bends over backward to screw the public as FF can make more money from poisoning us and Republican help them keep up the poisoning and massive corporate welfare. ....................... What's up with that?

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