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Offshore Energy Exploration Is Safe, Has Been Going on for 81 Years

June 12, 2017 - 4:15pm

As you know, Florida is a state that continues to grow exponentially year after year. In fact, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2016 annual report, our population increases by 1 percent annually, bringing an additional one million people to Florida every five years. We are fortunate that our great state continues to flourish, however we will need to continue to invest in things like energy infrastructure if we want to continue to live, play and work in the sunshine state.

Energy infrastructure is key to positive economic growth and helps keep our lives operating – from our alarm clock in the morning, traveling to work each day, feeding our families and charging our phones at night. The convenience energy provides is unparalleled, and its advancement is now more important than ever.
The first step to exploring future offshore development opportunities is information gathering, which allows scientists to pinpoint our energy resources. One safe way to do so is through seismic testing, a proven and efficient means to determine energy potential in the ocean. Seismic testing, which began in 1937 in the Gulf of Mexico, offers a detailed analysis of underwater structures through 3D data, like a CAT scan of the ocean.

Low-frequency sound pulses are used while scanning the ocean floor and identifying potential locations of hydrocarbon association. Additionally, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has stated there is no documented scientific evidence that seismic testing causes harm to marine animals, since its inception 80 years ago. This method helps us locate where we have supply in order to then determine if we should gather it for energy use. President Trump’s Executive Order to explore offshore energy resources provides an excellent opportunity for both Florida and the rest of the country as we continue to become energy independent.
Infrastructure investments in energy could stimulate the economy and put thousands of Floridians to work during the construction phase alone. Furthermore, it could save our taxpayers more than $600 million in hard-earned money as these developments in energy would result in lower gas prices and reduced utility bills. Additionally, taxes paid by industry companies would substantially increase Florida’s state tax revenue, which can be put back in the community by improving our schools, roads, water and more.
In addition to adding jobs and saving money, having a domestic oil supply will reduce our reliance on foreign products. It would give our country more energy independence, which also helps to further protect our national security.
One safe and viable option to maintain our way of life is to ensure access to oil and natural gas. We need to find where we have supply, via seismic testing as an option, and then decide where and when to safely obtain those supplies. Thankfully, the United States has the natural resources and we should be able to begin learning what is out there, at a minimum.
Investing in our energy infrastructure is an efficient, reliable and cost-effective way to supply America with the ability to drive cars and keep the lights on – and those are two examples of thousands.
Floridians deserve the opportunity to benefit from the millions of dollars and thousands of jobs this could bring to our great state. I encourage you, the voting public, to support opportunities to explore our offshore energy resources.
Barney Bishop III, president & CEO, Barney Bishop Consulting, immediate past president & CEO, Associated Industries of Florida & former executive director for the Florida Democratic Party.



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See Deepwater Horizon, Louisiana Bay Long spill and Exxon Valdez...

Enviro Nazis use oil as a donation ruse. It is a fraud that bilks normal folks out of millions to fun their lifestyle and keep the lies going. Louisiana and California have dozens of offshore rigs pumping out millions of gallons of oil. LONG BEACH cALIFORNIA HAS HAD ACTIVE OIL RIGS IN THE HARBOR FOR DECADES - WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME WE HEARD ABOUT A SPILL OR ANYTHING ELSE? ************Enviro Naxis like Everglades Foundation, Conservancy, Sierra Clib all MAKE MILLIONS IN DONATION FROM THIS. *****************THE ENVIRONMENTALISTS LIE BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE.

Oil spills -->Con Edison East River Oil Spill (May, 2017 - 100 metric tons); Belle Fourche pipeline leak (Dec. 2016 - 571 metric tons); Fox Creek pipeline leak (Oct 2016 - 240 metric tons); BP Clair production platform, North Sea (Oct, 2016 - 105 metric tons); 2016 Colonial Pipeline Leak (Sept. 2016 - 1,000 metric tons); North Battleford pipeline spill (July, 2016 - 107 metric tons); ConocoPhillips Canada pipeline spill (June, 2016 - 300 metric tons); 2016 Union Pacific oil train fire (June, 2016 - 152 metric tons); Denbury Resources Bowman County Oil SPill (May, 2016 - 44 metric tons); Shell Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Brutus offshore platform (May, 2016 - 300 metric tons); Refugio oil spill (May., 2016 - 300 metric tons); and so on and so on, going back to the devasting Deepwater Horizon oil spill (April - July, 2010 - 600,000 metric tons) . . . . . blatant denial of actual facts is simply . . . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . . .

Barney, your last name should be 'Rubble' as you are still living in the wayyyyyy past!

As a retired Scuba Diving Store owner, it would be great if you could also dispel the myth that oil rigs harm our oceans. My understanding is that evidence supports the view that oil rigs actually benefit the oceans by providing structures that provide more "homes" for underwater life to use as shelters to grow and flourish.

Head to Louisiana and get on a dive at a rig. All the BS from enviro Nazi's is designed to get them DONATIONS. The are lying. There is no danger. The oil rigs are structures that attract tons of fish and turtles and all kinds of sea life. Otherwise, there would be NONE. Enviro Nazis LIE.

Glad to see that all you Greenies are so upset...I suppose all of you walk or ride a bicycle to work, live in a tent off of the grid, and use candles, which by the way pollute the didn't think so...good thing that America didn't listen to you or we wouldn't have any oil or natural gas to run our homes, businesses, factories, in other words - JOBS...ah, but you don't care about that,,,you deserve DeCaprio and Gore and their ilk

Now, Barney III, I resent being called a Greenie. Especially by a pond scum sucker like you. You are bought and paid for and have been for 30 years. Heck, someone has to do it. If you weren't there it would be someone else. Ain't no one monkey gonna stop the show.

LOL!! Yes I'm so bad off I only pay $.04/kwh for my solar is terrible, just terrible...................... And anyone shopping well can get $.06/kwh systems installed, sunelec for parts, kits and local electrician to install, permit. Deal!............. As will be my 63 Vette looking 200 mile 12 minute charging all composite monocoque EV I'm putting into production I'll be so put out for ;^) ................... Did I mention it'll get 200mpg equivalent and cost 20% of a gas car to run?........................As for jobs RE makes 3x as many is a fact unlike your lies.......................If you are Barney, you are a corporate welfare shill with no morals and lots of lies, you should be so proud of being such a scumbag. Sadly that applies to most republicans anymore................

I've got to give it to you Barney, you're consistent with your backwards ideology. Perhaps you should look into memory supplements, you seem to have forgotten the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

With all apologies to Jerry, a gentleman I was once thought slightly retarded or deranged. I was wrong, as evidenced by your excellent missive to this post. Always thought Barney on the side of the pond scum suckers team. The side with all the money. I was right.

Thank you. Though I am certainly not normal as I live 20 yrs ahead of most people like building, driving EVs for 25 yrs now,, live at a fraction of utility cost on solar, etc I see that as a good thing, just go to the beat of a different lower cost thoughtful drummer . ;^)

What planet is this guy on.... He belongs with "Alice" the moon Alice, to the moon For more info ....Oil and natural gas drilling off the Florida coast? For much of the past seven years — i.e., ever since BP's Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010 — the notion of drilling off our coast has been repugnant to many Florida officials and residents. Those of us who live here know full well the aesthetic, environmental and economic value of the state's pristine beaches, which helped to generate tourism revenues of $109 billion in 2016. Only a fool would agree to put such a valuable commodity at risk to unearth oil and natural gas.

How much did big oil pay you Barney for this lying shill piece? That is such a big set of lies you even rival Trump and that takes serious work to do.............................. First I guess you missed the Horizon fiasco that set Florida's recovery back a yr from the republican 2000-2008 debacle taking a $250B surplus and good economy and turn it into a $1.1T deficit and worldwide depression in just 8 yrs?.............................Next there is little oil, NG off, on Florida. The most promising 181 track they fought tooth and nail for 10? yrs ago yet not a single oil well has been drilled in it. What's up with that?..................... So there won't be any business from it................... And the main screw up is oil, NG is running down the far end of the bell curve and in just 20 yrs EVs that only need 15% of gasoline's energy to replace it.................. Which for a fraction of it's cost near everyone, at least their houses, buildings will make their own and for their vehicles for 30% of oil's cost.................. Other uses will be done by locally made bio, waste, synfuels again 50% cheaper than oil, carbon neutral because you don't have all the corporate, etc parasites to feed and the money goes from a local to another local making even more local, Florida jobs....................... Since RE is mostly in labor and machines it makes 3x the jobs of oil without polluting.

What?????? Here he goes again!

Earth to Barney, over.....

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