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New Florida Business Group Will Encourage Congress to Get Its Act Together

February 27, 2014 - 6:00pm

Businesses here in Tampa, across Florida and around the country are coming together to send a clear message to lawmakers -- end the petty partisanship that has dominated Congress for years and put in place reforms to help the American people.

Here in Florida, small-business owners and leaders are coming together to vigorously promote this message through the Florida Main Street Growth & Opportunity Coalition.

As a small-business owner, I know what it means to work hard in order to achieve goals and success, even when others may not think it is attainable. It is time for Congress to do the same, amend its political partisanship and prioritize broad-based economic prosperity over interests and interest groups.

Floridas businesses need Congress to act on sound economic and common-sense policies, including: reforming business taxes, promoting additional trade and improving immigration laws.

Business taxes need to be simple and fair, and the playing field needs to be leveled so that small and mid-sized businesses are not at a disadvantage. American businesses produce the worlds best goods and services, but trade barriers limit our access to new markets that could help us continue to create robust growth.

Congress needs to enact trade policies that will help open new markets for U.S. companies. We also need to desperately cut spending, shrink the deficit and restore business confidence. Floridians should no longer tolerate politicians of either party holding the U.S. economy hostage through government shutdowns. Lastly, our countrys immigration system is a mess, but that does not mean we can avoid dealing with the issue. We must start working toward solutions today.

For the health of our economy, it is time for people and businesses to mobilize and help find solutions that both political sides can agree on.

The vast majority of Americans want a government that focuses on keeping a healthy economy -- not focusing on a partisan political agenda. Businesses cannot afford for the status quo to continue. We are often too busy earning a living to devote our passion to politics, but we need to make our voices heard.

We all need to dedicate some energy, time and commitment to encourage our Congress to push back on voices of radicalized politics and ask for the establishment of common ground.

John Doble is co-founder/owner of restaurant and brewery Tampa Bay Brewing Co., one of the oldest micro-breweries in Florida.

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