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Nelson, Rubio Push to Extend Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act

October 7, 2017 - 6:00am
Marco Rubio, Bill Nelson and Carlos Curbelo
Marco Rubio, Bill Nelson and Carlos Curbelo

This week, three members of the Florida delegation brought out a bill extending the Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA), which is currently set to expire in 2020, through 2030.

On Thursday, Florida’s two U.S. senators -- Democrat Bill Nelson and Republican Marco Rubio -- unveiled the “Caribbean Basin Economy Recovery Act.” The proposal extends the CBTPA, which allows Caribbean countries aligned with the federal government in battling drug trafficking and with high labor standards to export goods containing American dyes and fabrics, into the U.S. duty-free.

The CBTPA was established back in 2000. Among the countries covered under the CBTPA are Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, Belize, Curacao, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and St. Lucia.

Nelson introduced the bill, which was then sent to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee. 

“These trade programs are a lifeline for some of our closest allies, which also happen to be some of the poorest countries in the Caribbean,” said Nelson. “Extending this trade program not only helps provide stability in the region, it also helps the Florida businesses that rely on international trade.”
Rubio made the case on Thursday as to why he was championing extending the CBTPA. 
“Extending these targeted trade preferences helps boost key American exports and solidifies fragile economies, like Haiti’s, in a crucial region for U.S. security,” said Rubio. “This bill will help reaffirm the U.S. commitment to developing deeper economic relationships with our regional allies, and supporting stable and democratic political institutions in the Caribbean.”
U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell, D-Ala., introduced a similar bill in the House last week with U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla., as the chief sponsor on the Republican side. 

This bipartisan legislation to promote U.S. trade with Caribbean island countries is needed as many islands begin to recover from the devastation of recent hurricanes,” Sewell said. “Economic growth in Alabama is one of my top priorities, and this bill represents a great opportunity to expand my home state’s trade with Caribbean basin countries. Reauthorizing CBTPA until 2030 and improving trade with countries like Haiti encourages future investment, promotes job creation, and lays the foundation for economic development for decades to come. Since coming to Congress, I’ve worked to build a stronger, more competitive U.S. economy and today’s bill takes a big step towards that goal.”


Unfortunately, the elites of the world exploit these countries. Look what the Clinton Foundation ALLEGEDLY did to Haiti. Billions were given and not much bang for the buck. There is so much corruption, that until the American people wake up and take back this country and stop being used, there is no hope. We've opened the doors to traitors who are destroying our culture. My Pillsbury brownie box has directions in Spanish!!!! Why is that necessary? Why, here in Palm Bch County, does the doctor's office call and confirm my appointment in Spanish? Why are instructions on the front desk in Spanish?? Rubio and Carbelo are biased! Nelson wants more Democrat voters. Rubio and Carbelo probably are funded by Latino interest groups. The trade agreements turn out to be one way somebody else's favor!

STOP WASTING OUR TAXES on "cruise trinkets" and secondary dyed fabrics as well as "doling out" more "duty-free" tax subsidy "ripoffs"! You Florida pettifoggers STILL DON'T GET what "WE THE PEOPLE" demand (much to your own political peril)! ! !

I can see the point of helping these smaller Caribbean "Island" countries - but don't know the details. Would like to "help them out" WITHOUT Giving them something for nothing. Problems? Yes, many are governed "under the table" - graft, corruption. Could help be given through "Volunteer" groups? I would give a couple years to TRY to raise their standard of living using WHAT I KNOW rather than Charity? Other thoughts?

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