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Slobbering, babbling, bumbling Pres. Draft-Dodger is the one who really needs a nanny!

Liberals are supposed to be SOOO caring. That has been proven fallacious, however, they have dropped to a new low with this callous cartoon at a time when young Americans are having their lungs eaten away by some newly introduced item in the Vaping world! This cartoon is VAPID and does not address the fact that Americans assume that the FDA monitors products and removes those harmful to our health.Nothing could be further from the truth! In addition, we don't expect that a quick swim at a beach, a river or a lake will result in a brain eating bacteria, flesh eating bacteria, amputation and even death! It is disgusting that this cartoonist chooses to mock the pain of parents and other family members who are having to deal with the tragic loss of life or quality of life!

How about those Americans, including a lot of kids, having their lives taken away by the latest innovations in assault-style firearms and ammunition? Who monitors those products and removes those that are most harmful? And, in reality, the cartoonist seems to be mocking Trump and his methods. (?)

This country has been asking for it. Our society evidently wants to make sure no one is hurt or offended by anything. Even a nanny can't do that, BUT a nanny does their best to help children avoid hurt and makes sure that the boo boo's are kissed and made to feel better. Society wants insurance that harm - physical, mental, financial, or imagined does not occur.

It is so unbelievably rude, crude, stupid, ignorant, and faux-conservative to joke about and add e-cigarettes to this list. We have kids dying around the country. Must there be this ridiculous and paranoid reaction to every regulation proposed? No one is losing this rights with this ban and the constitution is not threatened in any way. Kids are dying out there

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