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My 'Massa' Says I Can’t Vote For Bernie Sanders

September 26, 2019 - 6:00am

For those who aren’t aware, my “Massa” is me. I control who I vote for. My reasons are my own.

I’ve never been the “Blue, no matter who” type. I’ve always walked to the beat of my own drum, politically. In fact, I supported Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in the primary of 2016.

A lot of that had to do with Hillary, more so than Bernie. I did vote for Hillary in the general, though.

This time around, I am not feeling the Bern!

Bernie Sanders has toxic supporters who rival Donald Trump’s. If Democrats don’t do what they want, they get downright nasty.

Case in point: The Working Families Party endorsed Elizabeth Warren over Bernie Sanders.

Sanders’ supporters started threatening the members and told the head of the organization to “go back to his slave master.”

That did it for me, as far as Sanders goes.

I told you guys that racism exists on both sides of the aisle. It also exists in that infamous independent middle too.

These people started foaming at the mouth and breaking out the hoods and sheets over an endorsement!

An endorsement!

In 2016, they said that Hillary Clinton felt entitled to the nomination. Now they feel Bernie Sanders is entitled to the endorsement.

He isn’t.

He isn’t going to get it. He’s trailing Joe Biden (who I’m voting for), as well as Elizabeth Warren (my second choice).

People have more options this time around. Those who liked Sanders’ message have more messengers to deliver it.

That isn’t a bad thing. Choice isn’t a bad thing.

Sanders’ supporters have to realize that he isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea this time around.

There isn’t a conspiracy to defeat him.

The DNC isn’t out to get him.

People simply have other options and they are exercising them.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


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Good article. There are choices out there. There are also vocal factions everywhere. It is unfortunate that many people choose to personalize their comments to purposely offend people. If we stop personalizing comments and provide solid arguments ideas might win out.

Who cares who you vote for butthurt

The racism of the DNC should be more than enough to repulse anyone.

Holding Sanders responsible for the actions of a small few of his purported supporters is irresponsible and wrong-headed.

I agree, even Sanders himself has denounced those who have committed these acts. Maybe it would have made him look small, or petty, to some, but I wish that he would have questioned the polling of the WFP. Sure they have a right to run their group as they please, but when they decide to show that 80 odd% of their grassroots supported Bernie in 2016, why would they feel so adamant about not showing the results of this vote? With super-delegates being far more than just a dirty word to many voters, I would think that the leadership of WFP would at least respect their rank and file enough to tell THEM how the voting broke down.

#StillSanders here. I find the narrative that you are spewing to be both false and nothing more than propaganda in favor of the corporate picker candidates of the DNC. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate working to cancel all student debt, make college debt free, ensure every American has health insurance, reform our criminal justice system to end disparities, and a right to form unions in the workplace. I ain’t buying the bullshit you selling. #FeelTheBern

A vote for any DNC candidate is a vote for fascism and racism. I will vote for the candidate that has the best chance of defeating the DNC candidate.

I could see you calling them socialists and communists maybe...say where'd you get your schoolin? Are you one of them public school folks like me? If only they'd have charter schools in my time, I'd be an expert on creationism!

Ms. Wimes, glad to see an article. I couldn't vote for Hillary either, I was a deplorable and voted for Trump. I make comments here to practice my typing and annoy Republicans, but I have to say there are tremendous parallels between Biden and W Bush. Both were seen as the one guy who could beat Gore or Trump. The GOP coalesced around the moronic W, simply because he could win (debatable that he won since the Supremes halted the vote recount), resulting in a President Cheney, and a pair of endless, bankrupting wars and a financial meltdown and the 9-11 attacks info on which was ignored. Democrats leaning toward Biden should see the same thing: a guy being coronated because he leads Trump. He's honorable, smart, but he is too old for his age, he cant complete a sentence, he needs to play shuffleboard. Don't perpetuate the invincibility of this guy. He got 6% in Florida's Democratic primary decades ago. Trump is right, he was pulled off the political trash heap by Obama. Whoever runs against Trump will have my vote and a little bit of money, but electing a guy within a stone's throw of 80 is not a good plan, the aviator sunglasses notwithstanding. Is that ageist? You bet. Any day I drive somewhere and find my way home is a good day. Klobuchar gets my vote. Warren will get the nomination unless some kind of super delegate shenanigans go on. Warren vs. Trump will be a pit bull dog fight. As she says, "Donald Trump is corruption in the flesh."

Yo "massa" be the DNC. Yeah, they changed their letters from KKK to DNC, but they're still the same racist bigoted hate-farm that they've always been.

Susan, I think everybody knows who the racists are, despite the protests of 'who us?'.... the party of the angry white men and their president who only wants immigrants from Norway. And I guess Sweden is off the list 'cause that young girl complaining about Trump torching the planet doesn't fit with the Denial crowd.

Sanders is out of the race, as is everyone else but Biden and Warren. I'll bet on Warren ... but ANY Democrat ... even YOU ... would make a better and more effective president than the racist, draft-dodging, corrupt, lying, cheating, conning, and defrauding *** currently in the job! DumpTrump!

If it comes down to Maryanne Williamson vs. Trump, I think we might consider the nuclear option.

More options don't mean good options.

Good one, Ramona. #WalkAway is voting Dems best option to avoid drowning in a cesspool of corruption. Wimes endorsing Sleepy Joe, who was just identified as co-opting US/Ukraine relations when he was VP to get his son free of an investigation, is proof enough for any clear minded voter.

You got it pretty bassackwards there, Davey!

#WalkAway           The DNC is a slimeball organization and always has been.           #WalkAway

Right! And Trump the Chump and his TrumpNutz are right up there with Jesus, Joseph, Mary, and all the saints up there in Heaven, right, Ramona? LOL

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