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Terror at Fort Lauderdale Airport: 5 Shot Dead, 13 Injured

January 6, 2017 - 5:30pm

UPDATED: In a 5:15 p.m. press conference at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, Gov. Rick Scott called the deadly mass shooting at the airport earlier in the day an "evil act," that Florida will not tolerate. "My heart goes out to every family impacted," he said. "We won't rest until we make sure we've done everything in our power to make sure this never again happens here."  

The Broward Sheriff's Office confirmed five people are dead and 13 were injured, including eight who were hospitalized, after a gunman opened fire in the baggage claim area of Broward County's largest airport Friday.

The governor, who flew from Fort Myers to Fort Lauderdale at 1 p.m., said he had been in touch with President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence "several times" since the incident, and all agencies were cooperating.

Meanwhile, one person is in custody and the airport has been shut down after what first was reported as an "ongoing incident" in the Terminal 2 baggage claim area of the airport. 

“We have multiple people dead and a subject in custody,” said Joy Oglesby, spokeswoman for the Broward Sheriff's Office.

The shooter was identified as Esteban Santiago. He was carrying a military ID. Reports emerged later that Santiago checked his bag when flying from Canada. Law enforcement officials told media the shooter loaded the gun in the men's bathroom and then opened fire in the baggage claim area. They are investigating claims that Santiago and at least one other passenger on the flight from Alaska "got into an altercation in the air." But no motive has been confirmed.

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer was in the airport as the shots rang out. 

Flesicher began tweeting the scene he was witnessing at the airport, which serves as one of South Florida's major airports. 

"I'm at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport," he tweeted. "Shots have been fired.  Everyone is running."

Fleischer said the police said there was one shooter and five victims. 

As of 1 p.m., Flescher said the scene was "calm," but said police were not allowing people in the airport to leave. 

According to the Sun Sentinel, images of the airport showed around 100 people waiting on the tarmac to evacuate.

All airport operations were temporarily suspended.

"We have initial reports of a shooting at Fort Lauderdale International Airport," Jackie Schutz, spokeswoman for Gov. Scott wrote. "At this time, state law enforcement do not have confirmed information on fatalities, injuries or motive. Governor Scott is currently traveling to Fort Lauderdale to be briefed by law enforcement. We will continue to provide details as we receive them."

President-elect Donald Trump said he had been in contact with Scott over the shooting. 

"Monitoring the terrible situation in Florida," Trump tweeted. "Just spoke to Governor Scott. Thoughts and prayers for all. Stay safe!"

President Barack Obama had also been informed of the shooting, according to the White House.

Concluding his press conference, Scott reminded Floridians he's very aware of what his No. 1 job as governor is: "It's to keep our people, residents and visitors, safe."

This is a breaking story. Check back for updates. 


Reach reporter Allison Nielsen by email at or follow her on Twitter: @AllisonNielsen.


Think about the victims here not your idiotic messages.

So u people realize people died? Ishhhhhhh unreal

If this had been reversed and a Democratic president-elect was "kept informed" by our governor but not the Republican president, you all would be screaming... I am so sad for the victims and their families but how dare the governor play politics here!!!

Yes, yes, by all means have your state administration's only contact be with the powerless in-coming elected official . . . . while you can still be certain that the current competent administration will ensure that "all agencies were cooperating" . . . . with the caliber of appointments that Trump's ensuring, we'll soon enough have an emergency that will be "COMPETENTLY" responded to just like Katrina was under the Bush administration . . . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . . .

Would Gov. Scott still disrespect POTUS when he soon declares Martial Law?

Such disrespect for our President. I'm sure in the near future there will be just as much disrespect for the president elect. Mark my word..Not all Americans will be happy.

The way this place reports news even such a tragic event is biased. You can't help yourselves, can you?! "President Barack Obama had also been informed of the shooting, according to the White House.", REALLY????? President Obama is STILL the President of the United States, thank God, and he was notified FIRST, thank God, and does not govern by Tweets, also thank God. Your bigoted hate toward the first Black President blinds you and doesn't let you see that decorum and respect are needed to govern this great country. Neither of which your tweet-clown-elect possesses. May God have mercy on us in the next 4 years.

You would Rather have a President Who is a Global.Puppet ..Who gives Speaches From A Script? Like in a Play ? The Media Like CNN ,CBS ,MSNBC Broadcasting News thats Fake ..Or A President Who speaks From His Mind without a Script or Giving us A Dumbed Down Version of what is Really Going On ...Like I watch News All over the World And What news I see In the United States Compared To Like Isreal,Syria,Libia ..America Has Dumbed Down For the Broadcast They Also Cut Parts Out ..So Again the Broadcast to make Everything America has done in the middle East is Good ..The Smartest Person outside of America as A Leader Is Russias Leader Putin ...So if You watched Those News Channel And you Are Not Doing other News Channels And only Getting News From one Source you Are A Puppet

Its Retarded people like you who should have been At thr Airport ..Obama Brought People like this in America ..So Take your Kids And Jumo in The Ocean Because Your Kids Will Be As Worthless As A Excuse As A human Being As You ..Wortless

What do you mean Obama brought people like this? The man is a Hispanic War veteran with severe mental health issues. Gov and Pres Bush were very high on Hispanics and have encouraged them here. The man has severe mental health problems, and was seen and let loose by mental health officials and criminal prosecutors in Alaska. He was known to be severely disturbed, and yet was allowed to go free, including with weapons. How does Governor Scott plan to address that? It has to be done in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico.

Disrespect for our President and I'm sure in the future there will probably be more disrespect for the President doubt.

I cant believe that u dug that deep into a report to satisfy your incratiable appetite of reverse liberal racism! Shame on you for not focusing on the victims and their families in this gut wrenching tragedy. Your pursuit of division is synonymous with the hatred in this country!

I just pray the good lord will keep us all safe during the egomaniac's term.

Amen!!! I just can't believe that they let this man board a plane with a weapon & with a mental health diagnosis! Sure he had a license to carry but that doesn't mean anything, you shouldn't...Be Allowed guns Or ammo on any plane Sorry !! Canada , USA, or Any flight !!!! They should make that universal !

You survived 8 years of the Egomaniac.. what is your issue.. He gives himself a medal - because no one else would ha ha ha ha He lies about his record and expects you gullible liberals to believe it - and you Do???????????

Trump has already contacted Gov. Scott.. where is Obama.. ????????????????????????????????????

Obama????? Where is he???? Running the country? Since when? Oh yeah, he's on VACATION! Again!

Obama is running the country! Maybe Trump will learn working is not tweeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Responding on social media does not mean you are doing anything except pointing out the obvious. Obviously the shooter suffers from mental illness and PEOTUS and the 115th Congress are talking about repealing health insurance. Another thing our governor has avoided! Our problems are real in this country and tweeting isn't going to help

Trump is more interested in Tweeting than running our Country ! Obama is still our Great President ... Sad to see him & our great First Lady Michelle leave . So sorry Hiliary couldn't be our President she would have been a great President better than Trump !

Get your facts straight... Mental health will finally be addressed again.. Obama is the one that quit covering it... And 90% of people on ObamaCare hate it. and can't afford to see a Dr. if they needed one. The statement goes Repeal and Replace.... get your story straight.. Of course Obama will be the last to weigh in on this - - - he said it doesn't exist in the United States.. 100+ dead people would dispute his statements.. He lied, people died and today 5 more.. but to him it doesn't exist.... nothing to see.. just ignore it.. like you right?

No I actually read facts but I can tell you are one of those who doesn't believe in facts.

In Florida 1.6 million Flordians have health care that is up by 400,000 from last year and the deadline is January 31st. Mental health is covered, along with no annual or lifetime limits. It has made prescription S more affordable for Medicare, no deductibles on preventive care. If they repeal this law anyone who has health care will be effective. When you have no health insurance will a tweet help out if you need serious care. Anytime a republican gets into the presidency it takes a democrat to fix the mess the red team screws up. Donald Trump is the one with questionable history. 3 wives children from 3 different women. If this was Obama's resume...the white people could not allow that. Instead it's a man who rubs orange Doritos on his face and a dyed comb over that has calmed white people. Now that the hard working beautiful family that served our country will be handing over the keys to a reality star. Good thinking Florida but then again you thought Rick to be a prize for our state twice. All we proved was we are dumb over and over again. Wake up florida start paying attention who wants your vote!! This is the rapture for sure

Oh My God

Pray tell ... why would Obama give a damn at this point ... especially regarding the snotty red state of Florida ... "La Boca Grande's" and "Chromedome's" personal playground?

So acts of Terror only count in Blue states??? Like the 1000 people that have died in Chicago last year.. ?????? He ignores that also.. now you were saying?

Do you read? 8 years POTUS has been talking about this and voters show their agreement by voting in Donald Trump who has no clue how the us government even works. Maybe Reincd is his tutor L7

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