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The Movement for Aramis Ayala

March 30, 2017 - 6:30pm

"The most disrespected person in America is the black woman.
"The most unprotected person in America is the black woman.
"The most neglected person in America is the black woman."

-- Malcolm X

Well, on Thursday people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds, converged on Tallahassee in support of Aramis Ayala.

A black woman. 

A black woman who dared to take on an unjust criminal justice system.

A black woman who dared to take on an unjust governor.

A black woman who is now taking on an unjust Republican-led Legislature.

A black woman who is taking on people who are behaving like a 1950s-type lynch mob.

A black woman who is only trying to do what she was elected to do.

Her job of state attorney.  

Contrary to what those who are crying for the blood of Markeith Loyd, and waving their pitchforks wildly at Aramis Ayala's head may think, it is HER discretion to decide whether to utilize the death penalty.

If the Republicans in the Florida Legislature want to put tourists who visit Disney and the surrounding area in harm's way by cutting some $1.83 million in funds to the 9th Judicial Circuit, go ahead.  That is their discretion.

In its petty political posturing, the Legislature will be hurting the state, because if I were a tourist, I wouldn't come here knowing that legislators would cut safety measures to punish a black woman.

If Rick Scott, who has already removed the Loyd case from Ayala because of that same 1950s-style lynch mob, wants to remove her as the first black elected state attorney, go ahead.

Scott potentially has another statewide race to run.

Hundreds of people from around the state converged on Tallahassee. The support for Ayala is growing.

I guarantee you will see a much larger turnout of the African-American vote in 2018.

We will not be quiet. We will not be silenced. We will not be intimidated.

We will not forget.

Our voices will continue to grow.

Ayala's support will continue to grow.

You see, it isn't about Markeith Loyd and whether we think he should be punished. We do.

Gov. Scott overstepped here.

It is time that the black woman be respected, protected, not neglected.

People showed that today in Tallahassee.


Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.


Ms. Wimes, if you are so desperate for a influential, successful, strong black woman to champion your dubious cause, I suggest you find one that actually is all of those things. Aramis Alaya just demonstrated her complete and utter stupidity with her declaration that her political beliefs are above Florida law.

This journalist and political strategist (opportunist) has forgotten that Markeith disrespected (killed actually) two black women. One a Police Officer, the other the Mother of his unborn child. How much longer will Sunshine State News give this bottom feeder a platform to race bait? Please take this trash out to the can already.

This is NOTHING to do with race, but please go ahead and play that overused card. Obama played that once to often and now it has no effect. Personally I care more about the black victims that the black prosecutor failing to do her job.

"It is time that the black woman be respected, protected, not neglected." really? wow. while i do not know the gender of the unborn baby, i do know that the two other human beings that were MURDERED by Markeith Loyd were black women. Evidently, they deserve less respect, protection than ms ayala, and should be neglected. Ok. Now i get your point.

While this is an unfortunate situation where innocent lives were lost by the hand of a psychopath who fell through the cracks of what seems to be a despotic and uncaring legal system. A system that continues to convict thousands of innocent people of color mostly males many who are waiting to be executed for crimes they did not commit. The system is broken and as long as officials turn a blind eye and continue to treat our people of color as second class citizens and diverting our hard earned tax dollars to instead of providing services to cure emotional problems ,going into the bank accounts of the rich who do not offer programs to deal with the effects of poverty and mental health there will be turmoil on the streets by the mentally disturbed who could have been caught before reaching a crisis. Ms. Ayala is right in her efforts to stop the state murders because our justice system is unfair and murder does not stop murder it renders us an uncaring and barbaric society. In order to lower the crime statistics and killings we must stop injustice in every aspect of our society.

Leslie -- He killed two women and an unborn baby. Does that not justify when the death penalty SHOULD be used? I wonder if you even want to try and prove he's guilty. Open your Bible, Leslie -- God tells us to send all murderers and rapists to him. There's only one way to send them to God -- they have to be dead.

Her job is to follow the law she swore to uphold. The rest is bullshit.

It is bothersome that this side show is taking away from the heroes that were murdered by this animal. There is a lot of anger based on the politically motivated decisions of the state attorney who made the shameful decision to politicize a terrible tragedy. Regardless of race, I cannot support someone who does this. It has nothing to do with any feelings of racial superiority. It does not exist in this case. It simply has to do with a lack of honor and integrity, which should matter more than someone's color, race or gender. You can complain all day about women of a certain race being disrespected. However, as long as they continue to make these kinds of politically motivated shameful decisions, they will continue to be disrespected by people of all races without any basis for racial superiority. It is just a flawed rallying cry...sad really.

Like a lot of other black politians this one was elected BECAUSE she is black. One thing you can say about black folks is that they will support any black candidate regardless of any other factor. I wonder how all these holier than thou black activists would feel if it was THEIR sister, mother, brother or husband gunned down by this deviant? Pretty easy to wax philosophic when someone else has to feel the pain. It's just too bad that the black female police officer did not take the situation seriously enough to approach the sumbitch with her weapon drawn. And when he threatened her, shoot him in the head and end it. Save a lot of grief, aggravation and money.

Poppycock. This is not 1950.

A chance to play the race card is seldom missed. It has become hackneyed and timeworn but is as habitual as breathing.

It's true, black women are disrespected. Master Sgt. Debra Clayton, was killed and she is being disrespected by this State Attorney and who ever wrote this ridiculous article.

Her job is to prosecute according to Florida law. If she doesn't want to do that....she should find other work.

What on earth does A BLACK WOMAN have to do with it, Ms. Wimes??? Such drama you inserted into this piece of hyped up writing. Don't we have enough trouble that this BLACK WOMAN was elected to honor the laws of the State which elected her, and she failed to tell ANYONE that she does not believe in Capital Punishment. This is NOT because she is "JUST TRYING TO DO WHAT SHE WAS ELECTED TO DO." This is a FALSE AND MISLEADING STATEMENT. She was ELECTED to carry out the LAW--which SHE KNEW when she swore the oath of office to UPHOLD THAT LAW. SHE LIED. SHE PERJURED HERSELF, and I A WHITE WOMAN do not appreciate her wasting our time, our money and slandering our Governor in order to PROVE HER POINT. There is plenty SHE COULD HAVE DONE... Like run for the legislature. That is WHERE WE MAKE OUR LAWS IN THE FIRST PLACE. But NO. Instead SHE DECEIVED US ALL, and she needs to ANSWER TO A JUDGE FOR WHAT SHE HAS DONE. Like I said,her being "A BLACK WOMAN" has NOTHING to do with this situation, and I RESENT YOU, A RACEST, TRYING TO MAKE IT SO. You are JUST ANOTHER DIVIDER. We don't need your kind of person in Florida--and I DON'T CARE WHAT COLOR YOU ARE.

You are just plain stupid. Perjury? Where? How? Exactly what law isn't she upholding? Lied? Where? Of course you care what color she is. You are the worst kind of RACIST. You are threatened by strong black women and will do anything to try to keep us down, only you can't. No matter what you throw at us,we are always coming. So keep screeching in your white girl voice and typing in your white girl caps. We will keep supporting Aramis Ayala, Maxine Waters, and the rest of our STRONG BLACK WOMEN whether you like it or not. White people have been trying to divide black people since they came into contact with us, so stop your BS, Becky!

The media and Dems will oppose Rick Scott no matter what he does. What really matters is whether the crime was heinous enough to merit the death penalty, and if the suspect knew it? Let's look at the evidence and STOP adding "social justice" irrelevance to the case, please. Then the Disney tourists will be safe in knowing real justice was preserved.

Jeff Ashton did his duty and best man to protect 9th Circuit. That current state attorney in Orlando lied to voters by saying she believes in killing babies (pro-choice) yet does not believe in the death penalty for cold-blooded cop killers and a criminal who killed a law enforcement officer and pregnant woman. She was elected by last minute $1,000,000 cash from a source that hates America.

Not with you on this one, Leslie. I am not a fan of the death Penalty, but I am even more not a fan of state's attorneys who feel that they are given a mandate to decide which laws they will follow and enforce and which ones they will not. Talk about bringing your personal politics to the job and the people's business.

Janet Reno, the best States Attorney, and certainly the most principled and honest, ever to serve in Florida, was personally opposed to the death penalty.

And your comment has exactly WHAT relevance to whether Ms Ayala up-holds the law of the State of Florida and does HER duty??

Take names ...Black Women movent for that AG Anti-Cop....SO as the NEW BUMPER Sticker says...HATE COPS???? then NEXT TIME CALL A CRACKHEAD...there plenty of them in Black Women Movement Neighborhoods....Hoorah Gov.Scott & Law Officers for STANDING UP to those IDIOTS..

Ms. Wimes seems to have a chip she is carrying around. Is she really a reporter or just another George Soros person? Anyone who is elected to a job has an obligation to do that job an to put there personal feelings on hold while in the job. If that person cannot do this they MUST RESIGN.

Leslie Wimes, if Aramis Ayala was white, you'd be screaming for her head.

Leslie Wimes, you are not a reporter, you are an activist. If you want to report, try taking a course or two in journalism. If you want to be an activist, fine. Stop being ignorant of confusing the two roles.

I don't see this as a black issue. She was elected in a death penalty state to perform a job. Had she come out and said "In this case I do not see a reason to pursue the death penalty, and here's why", that would be a different story. But he has stated she will never pursue it. Given that this was not disclosed during her election, people have reason to be upset.

Agree if she wasn't going to pursue the death penalty, would have been nice prior to election she disclosed that-she should put herself in a family member shoes.....if rolls were reversed if it were her sister, mother that was shot down by a thug would she feel the same!!!

In the end, the voters will be exposed to which party favors cop killers and which party favors law enforcement. Keep on supporting cop killers democrats. That is a winning issue!

Wimes should adopt the fraudulent prefix of 'Reverend' to her name as she emulates the successful race hustlers of America. No wonder blacks have a hard time being successful when parasites like her are always around to preach victimhood to her race. Pathetic, no pride, only shame.

I was at today's rally, and it was a beautiful thing to see!! Thank you for this article, and thank you for always speaking up for us Leslie! #StandWithAramis

Ms. Wimes' article is as extremely misguided as the decision to not seek the death penalty by that state attorney in Orlando, aramis ayala. The far-left ideology of the radicals who want to allow cop killers and heinous cold-blooded murderers of pregnant women carrying unborn children to escape Florida law is the same failed policy that allows that evil enemy to hurt innocent others in the middle east. Governor Scott did the right thing suspending that state attorney in Orlando and has the support of the majority of Floridians who think with common sense atop their shoulders. Snowflakes melt in the Florida Sunshine according to the weather channel.


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