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As Morgan Continues Popping Off at '#Fraudster' Gillum, Biden Cashes in

May 24, 2019 - 9:00am
Joe Biden, John Morgan and Andrew Gillum
Joe Biden, John Morgan and Andrew Gillum

Lead Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was feted by Orlando trial attorney John Morgan Tuesday in a fundraiser at his Lake Mary home, where a large crowd -- who paid $1,000 to as much as $25,000 each -- contributed $1.3 million to his 2020 campaign.

The fundraiser was the second Morgan has organized for Biden and the second this week in Florida for the former vice president, who netted another $400,000 at a Monday campaign event hosted by developer Michael Adler in Coral Gables.

In the background, however, is a stewing Twitter feud between Morgan and former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who came within 30,000 votes of upsetting Gov. Ron DeSantis in November’s gubernatorial election.

While the hostility reflects a clash of ideologies as more “traditional” Democrats and the party’s progressive wing -- exemplified by Gillum -- battle for campaign dollars in a crowded primary field, it has also taken a personal turn with Morgan attacking the popular CNN commentator and Democratic rising star as a "#Fraudster."

A big bucks donor who financed the 2016 ballot measure that legalized medical marijuana and is spearheading a 2020 initiative to raise the state’s minimum wage, Morgan left the Democratic Party in 2017 and now describes himself as unaffiliated.

But the well-known lawyer, whose Morgan & Morgan law firm’s signature “For the People” motto is widely heard in statewide television and radio advertisements, continues to support a range of candidates, causes and campaigns, including Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Gillum in his 2018 campaign and a $75,000 donation to the Republican Party of Florida in January.

Last week, Morgan accused Gillum of undermining his own campaign by not spending $3 million of the $37 million raised by his Forward Florida PAC during the final weeks of the gubernatorial race, maintaining it could have made a difference in an election decided by less than a half-percent.

“You lost by 30k votes and kept the money from people who trusted you so that now you can go around the state with a staff preparing for your next run,” Morgan tweeted. “I will tell you that is a huge mistake. Your donors are very disappointed. This is a huge ethical lapse. Give it to charity not yourself. #PoliticsAreAllTheSame.”

In March, Gillum announced Forward Florida was building a coalition of young urbanites and older liberals in an effort to register 1 million more Democratic voters in the state by 2020.

Last week, Forward Florida donated $100,000 to the Florida Democratic Party for voter registration and announced it would give another $400,000 to organizations mobilizing voters in minority communities.

“The race begins today,” Gillum said. “This is simply a downpayment. We’ve got a lot more coming your way.”

After Gillum criticized the Legislature for requiring felons to pay all fines, fees and restitution before being permitted to vote, which many say violates the spirit of a constitutional amendment approved by voters in November, Morgan suggested in a tweet that Gillum take his unspent campaign money “and use it ALL to pay the financial restitution now owed by freed felons to vote. This poll tax is unconscionable. They paid a price & are now being asked to pay again.”

He later offered “that we together pay” felons’ fines, fees and restitution so they could vote.

After ignoring Morgan’s previous comments, Gillum tweeted, “We’ve committed all funds & money to raising to registering and reengaging one million voters to beat @realDonaldTrump in 2020. Join us. Or use your sway with @RonDeSantisFL to get it vetoed.”

Morgan Monday called Gillum a “#Fraudster,” tweeting that “@AndrewGillum has dedicated his life to himself. Tell me what job he has ever had? How much money did you give him? We gave him $2M. BS is BS no matter what party!”

On Tuesday, Morgan continued hammering away at Gillum in a series of tweets that drew responses from Gillum supporters and Democrats to cease-fire for the sake of party unity.

“All that @AndrewGillum and his campaign have done is perfectly legal and within campaign finance laws of our state,” Morgan tweeted. “As someone who supported him heavily and asked others to do so I am disappointed to learn that the money we thought was going to win an election sat in the vault.

“That money could have made the difference,” he continued. “My suggestion that we together pay felons' poll tax would have righted a wrong. They should have allowed these people the right to vote. That is what the people of Florida wanted. This is all I have to say on this matter. Live and learn.”

Gillum, who spoke Monday at Clark Atlanta University commencement ceremony, has not responded.

John Haughey is a Florida contributor for The Center Square.


Isn't "FOR THE PEOPLE" basically a nice way of describing Fascism - "The redistribution of wealth", with a few getting a little more to manage the savage masses? Morgan was a "MILLION DOLLAR CONTRIBUTOR" to Obama as well. Porky John has built a Family Empire of the wealthiest 'friends' to help his cause. your catchphrase,' For the people', has CHANGED --- in 2020 it'll be BY THE PEOPLE, and Trump's second Presidency! As for Gillum - not worth a comment.

"For the People", my azz!

Gilliam is a radical progressive who simply wants to establish a repressive state income tax as well as regressive socialist policies that would destroy the state’s economy and ignore fiscal discipline. He is not a good leader, nor is he an ethical one. May he continue to polarize his constituents so that we Floridians can continue to vote for leaders that truly support our state, individual freedoms and the American dream.

PLENTY of people have contributed to "fraudster" Trump, too ... you know, the fraudster behind Trump University ... Trump Airlines ... the New Jersey Generals ... you know, they guy who declared bankruptcy six times and stiffed businesses and workers out of millions-and-millions-upon-millions of dollars. You know ... Don the Con! The Draft-Dodger-In-Chief!

#Trump 2020. Sorry your gut less leader Killary lost...stand aside sissy... the men have spoken. Keep America Great!!!

That is all made up garbage! Trump has helped every single American & has made America great again! We all have to vote to keep him as president.


Cover your mouth when you do that, boy!

You're a perfect example of what's wrong with this country. A simple observation and you could have seen that was actually a girl (hence the name) yet you're quick to assume... making an ass of yourself... now go take a seat in the "punk ass bitch" section with the rest of the Demoncrats

The intrusive "more 'Chins' than a Chinese Restaurant" Morgan, is the current Democrat "Foghorn blowhard" with a penchant for picking "weak horses" ( like backing "legalized marijuana" and "long over the hill politicians" like "plugs Biden" whose Son's "foreign escapades" in communist lands will ultimately "bring Dad down"...)

Got to give Morgan credit for that one, scary thing is, the novice, radical left wing #fraudster nearly beat the best the Repubs had to offer here. I have to believe if they would have been smart enough to nominate Gwen Graham, she would have won in a landslide... Either way, Morgan has smart money on Biden, I'd place that bet too...

We have all the northerners and California people moving here because they don’t like the politics in the state they left but yet they move here and still vote for the liberals who want to make Florida like the state they left. Go home, I saw!

Using "the best" and "Republicans" in the same sentence is oxymoronic!

Don't forget about 1550 Melvin Street, Tallahassee Fl. Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign paid rent for a campaign office to a public relations firm after he became Director and Vice President of the firm. The firm, P&P Communications, which principal owner is Sharon Lettman-Hicks, owns the property. So money from the campaign, which is donated money, paid rent to a firm that paid Gillum a salary. Do you want starch with laundry today sir? Also, a local newspaper took a picture of 1550 Melvin and it showed no signs of a campaign office. #Fraudster

Onions are simply that—each person has an opinion which does not translate as truth! I’m great full that each voter forms his/her own opinion and thus votes. Morgan, Gillum, Biden and everyone else is entitled to opinion.

You're missing the circumference divided by the radius.

Mr. Morgan was dead wrong about Gillum. His questionable judgement extends to Biden as well. Voters shouldn't place credence in his opinions about candidates.

But we should in YOUR opinion???

It's rare I would compliment flaming lib John Morgan. However I do believe in giving credit where credit is due. Mr. Morgan you are spot on in your characterization of Andrew Gillum being akin to something you would provide a "courtsey flush" for is squeezed out in a public restroom.

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