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Mitt Romney Tops Most-Read Stories, Columns, Blogs in Sunshine State News

December 16, 2012 - 6:00pm

Top Ten Stories:

1. Oct. 26:Mitt Romney Tops 50 Percent in Florida to Lead President Obama by 5 Clear Points.

2. Aug. 2:UF, at 80th, Is Floridas Top School -- Forbes.

3. Feb. 8:Billboard Calls Out Gov. Rick Scott on Illegal Immigration.

4. Feb. 29:Obama Health-Care Hikes Hit Military, Spare Unions; Vets Vow to Fight.

5. Jan. 28:Tea Party Leaders Endorse Gingrich: High Risk, Low Reward.

6. Oct 13:Just How Activist Are Florida Justices Pariente, Lewis, and Quince? A Look at Vouchers.

7. June 9:Rick Santorum Launches New Conservative Group.

8. May 1:Ron Paul Looks to Slow Down Mitt Romney in Texas and California.

9. Feb 4:Casino Opponents See Next Battle Coming over State Constitution.

10. Mar 9:More States Allow Guns Without Permits; Florida Fires a Blank on Weapons.

Top Ten Columns:

1. July 13:Why This Democrat Will Be Voting for Mitt Romney.

2. July 2:Watch Ron Paul Add an Extra Kick to the Republican National Convention.

3. Aug. 22:Florida Energy Deregulation.

4. Oct. 15:NO on Amendment 9, Because the Florida Constitution Is Not the Place for Tax Breaks.

5. Mar. 12:Should Judge Fulford Be Upheld? State Pension Reform Legal Analysis.

6. May. 31:The Irresistibility of Ron Paul.

7. Jan. 24:Limp NBC Debate Discovers Cure for Insomnia.

8. Nov. 10:Why Mitt Romney Lost the Hispanic Vote.

9. Nov. 12:It's Not the Murphy Challenge That Makes Allen West 'the Ugliest Republican.'

10. Mar. 12:Public Employees' Pensions Can Sink the Ship.

Top Ten Blogs:

1. Apr. 15:What? Mitt and Ann Romney Don't Even Have a Maid?

2. Nov. 5:RealClearPolitics: Obama Will Win Re-Election.

3. June 11:Companies Pull Plug on Kelly Clarkson 'Stronger' Video at Children's Hospital.

4. Oct. 4:Here It Is, Romney Fans! Viral Video You've Been Waiting for: 'Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence'.

5. Mar. 2:No Fluke: Boycott Called Over Rush Limbaugh's 'Free Sex' Spiel.

6. Nov. 14:Obama White House to Respond to Florida Secession Petition.

7. Feb. 24:Ruling Pending from Judge Fulford on Employee Pension Contributions.

8. Feb. 1:Sarah Palin Weighs in on Florida, Leans Toward Backing Newt.

9. Mar. 10:CAIR Hails 'Sharia' Victory in Florida, Presses Broader Agenda in Congress.

10. Feb. 10:SI Swimsuit Edition to Highlight Gulf Coast Recovery from BP Spill.

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