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Medical Marijuana is the Magic Ingredient if John Morgan Opts for a 2018 Gubernatorial Run

August 9, 2017 - 6:00am
Snoop Dogg, John Morgan and Roger Stone
Snoop Dogg, John Morgan and Roger Stone

If John Morgan decides to run for governor next year, he’ll have a motley crew supporting him all the way to Tallahassee.

From rappers to President Donald Trump’s political cronies, Morgan’s ideology has crossed political parties, career paths and socioeconomic divides. To put it simply, Morgan has captured a diverse electorate -- and he hasn’t even officially jumped in the race. 

Morgan's support for medical marijuana has sealed him as one of the biggest figures in Florida. Fresh off a victory to expand medical marijuana last year -- as well as filing a lawsuit against the state to allow smokeable marijuana -- the Morgan magic is just starting to take hold.

A prime example of the phenomenon is found in none other than notorious GOP “dirty trickster” Roger Stone.

Stone has rushed to Morgan’s side in recent weeks, tweeting last week he would cross party lines to support the Orlando trial attorney’s bid for governor, should he decide to run.

Neither Adam Putnam, Richard Corcoran, Ron DeSantis nor any Republican will do for Florida’s next governor, Stone said. Instead, Stone will break ranks, putting all his chips on Democrat Morgan’s table.

“Many ask me if I’m for Putnam, Corcoran or DeSantis for Gov of FLA. Hell I’m for @JohnMorganESQ!” Stone tweeted

A longtime Republican consultant, Stone became famous -- and infamous -- from his early involvement in the Richard Nixon administration. Just a teenager at the time, Stone became a rising star in Nixon’s Committee to Re-Elect the President.

A master of sartorial elegance, Stone has frequently been one of the most vocal advocates for medical marijuana -- where John Morgan comes into play.

Stone and Morgan once butted heads over the issue of medical marijuana. No longer. Both fervently support legalizing the drug for medicinal purposes. Morgan spearheaded the Florida constitutional initiative to expand it, now Stone is aiming to put pressure on his friend, President Donald J. Trump, to legalize marijuana nationwide.

Stone and Morgan worked together before. In 2014, they joined forces on the first constitutional amendment to expand medical marijuana in the Sunshine State, but Morgan eventually gave Stone the boot. 

The ousting left a bitter taste in Stone’s mouth and Morgan quickly became the subject of nasty Twitter tirades, with Stone referring to Morgan as a “fat man” and a “loser.”

“@JohnMorganESQ is going to lead the fight to legalize Medical Marijuana in Tallahassee? Puh-leez. Morgan is persona non grata in Tally,” Stone wrote about Morgan in November 2014. 

Time, however, heals all wounds and three years later, Morgan and Stone are scheming together once more.

Stone posted a photo of the two men in June, the caption stating the two were “plotting federal medical marijuana strategy.” Morgan and Stone plan to launch the United States Cannabis Coalition to push Trump to legalize marijuana this week.

Another high-profile weed advocate has also unexpectedly thrown his support to Morgan. 

Rapper Snoop Dogg, famous for the 90s hit “Gin and Juice” -- and for his love of marijuana -- has also joined Morgan’s “Army of Angels,”  ostensibly  -- if not officially -- throwing his support behind a Morgan bid for Florida governor.

On Monday, Snoop Dogg quoted a Merry Jane article on Twitter, calling Morgan “Florida’s most outspoken weed advocate” and discussing his run for governor.

The rapper posted the prayer hands emoji, a leaf emoji and an air emoji -- translating to praise for marijuana -- and for a Morgan bid to call the governor’s mansion home.

Though Morgan hasn’t declared he’s running, Stone and Snoop Dogg’s support convey the potentially powerful effect marijuana advocacy could have on a Morgan candidacy. 

Morgan is generally well-liked and well-known in Florida -- his billboards and commercials are everywhere -- with support for his medical marijuana initiative bridging the gap between party lines. Yet, he is not without warts in the world of traditional gubernatorial candidates: his hard-drinking lifestyle, for instance, and his penchant for salty language lead the way. 

Seventy-one percent of Floridians voted in favor of Morgan's Amendment 2 last fall, with every one of Florida's 67 counties -- including the heavily Republican ones -- supporting it. 

With Roger Stone and Snoop Dogg, Morgan has picked up two high-profile names who heard his gospel and are ready to proselytize on his behalf.


Reach reporter Allison Nielsen by email at or follow her on Twitter: @AllisonNielsen.



Really hope Morgan run's for governor 2018, Rick Scott has done a terrible job and he's in Trumps pocket, needs to go.

We need an amendment prohibiting lawyers from holding political office! They already work in the judiciary and shouldn't be allowed in the legislative and executive branches. Vermont agrees. Florida should also ban annoying lawyer commercials and Rx ads, a bad combo.

As screwed up as Fla. is Mr. Morgan would be a breath of fresh air.

ONLY if you like "alcoholic breath"!

"Stone & Morgan",.....The "Laurel & Hardy" of politics.... (Lord, spare us from these two fools !)

The titan of the trailer park strikes again. You know what they say about opinions, especially from idiots from NY like you and Trump the Chump...

Hi "cow fart"; My most faithful "Fan" (I'm almost afraid to stop short nowadays, else your nose will have to be scrubbed of the 'brown' ) !

You are SO correct! I'm thinking Stone has "received rewards" for his "support". I like Adam Putnam - a REAL Florida man!

Mr. Morgan has done more good for the people of Florida than any other man. GOD Bless him. He has my republican vote!

cough...that's a negative "ghost rider".

I am happy that someone has stood up for the sick people in Florida. Cannabis is the medicine that can lower health cost and get folks off pills drugs that you can overdose on and die.

POT does NOT have a long history as a legalized pain killer. When you're STONED, you don't care much about ANYTHING... so is THAT "pain relief" or an overbearing state of mind? And how does it affect Safe Driving, work (job) that requires focus and concentration? A number of State have "Legalized" marijuana, both for Medical use and full freedom for Anyone to buy and use "Weed" --- perhaps we need to study this a bit more before we turn the Third most populous state - FLORIDA - to possible Chaos...

So if would be better to be high or getting your pain relief from opioids?

So if would be better to be high or getting your pain relief from opioids?

Cannabis does kill pain if used regularly. Never heard of anyone driving wildly like drunks or killing or maiming anyone on cannabis. Focus and concentration shouldn't be effected either. No one has died from cannabis. This plant is a lifesaver for anxiety too.

Mr. Slipnfall Morgan? The Ambulance Chaser? Will he be drug tested? For the who? Charlie Crist's Master?

Drug tested....... for what? Cannabis? Trust me, 71.3% of Florida is for it and noone would care.

In God I Trust...not you ...not Morgan. Wake up.

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