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Marco Rubio: Fiscal Cliff Deal Will Stunt Economic Growth, Stifle Job Creation

January 1, 2013 - 6:00pm

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, one of eight senators to reject the fiscal-cliff deal early Tuesday, released an unapologetic statement explaining his vote.

I appreciate all the hard work that went into avoiding the so-called 'fiscal cliff.' I especially commend Senator McConnell's efforts to make the best out of a bad situation. Nevertheless, I cannot support the arrangement they have arrived at. Rapid economic growth and spending reforms are the only way out of the real fiscal cliff our nation is facing. But rapid economic growth and job creation will be made more difficult under the deal reached here in Washington.

Thousands of small businesses, not just the wealthy, will now be forced to decide how they'll pay this new tax, and chances are they'll do it by firing employees, cutting back their hours and benefits, or postponing the new hire they were looking to make. And to make matters worse, it does nothing to bring our dangerous debt under control.

Of course, many Americans will be relieved in the short term that their taxes won't go up. However, in the long run they will be hurt when employers pass on to them one of the largest tax hikes in decades. Furthermore, this deal just postpones the inevitable, the need to solve our growing debt crisis and help the 23 million Americans who can't find the work they need.

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, as expected, voted for the deal.

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