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Marco Rubio Brings Back EMPLEO Act to Help Puerto Rico's Economy

January 6, 2017 - 1:15pm
Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio

On Thursday, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., brought back his proposal to help get Puerto Rico’s economy back in the right direction. 

After winning a second term in the U.S. Senate in November , from his perch on the Congressional Task Force on Economic Growth in Puerto Rico, Rubio introduced  the “Economic Mobility for Productive Livelihoods and Expanding Opportunity (EMPLEO) Act” last month.  

Rubio’s  proposal would lower the employer covered minimum wage to $5 an hour, cutting expenses for businesses, while relying on a federal wage subsidy of up to $2.50 an hour for employees who make less than $10 an hour. 

The “EMPLEO Act would establish an opt-in system by which participating employers disburse pay raises to all employees earning below the median hourly wage in Puerto Rico,” Rubio’s office noted in December when the Florida Republican brought out the legislation. “Any worker earning less than $10 per hour would receive a raise, up to a maximum of $2.50 per hour. Employers that choose to participate in the program may reduce their share of a worker’s wage to a minimum of $5 per hour, thus reducing the cost of hiring new workers.”

Rubio and other advocates of his proposal have said that the federal minimum wage is a hindrance in Puerto Rico

“With Puerto Rico’s economy suffering from high unemployment and low wages, it’s hard for many Americans on the island to make ends meet,” Rubio said last month. “My legislation would help these workers and their families by immediately boosting their pay and reducing the cost of hiring so it’s easier to find a job. By expanding the workforce, increasing opportunity and making work pay more, we can help Puerto Rico get back on the path to growth and prosperity. As a member of the Congressional Task Force on Economic Growth in Puerto Rico, I’m proud to have brought this idea to the table and encourage my colleagues to consider it as we prepare our final report.”

On Thursday, Rubio’s team showcased support for the proposal from a number of conservative think tanks and business groups. This included Oren Cass’ article published at City Journal’s site last month and backing from the American Enterprise Institute and the Ethics and Public Policy Center. The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce also backs Rubio’s legislation. 



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GOOD GRIEF !!!... Does Marco Polio do ANYTHING other than that having to do with Hispanic interests in Cuba, Puerto Rico, or any other Hispanic entity, interest, lobby, city, town, village, clubhouse, etc, etc, that he thinks will build his grass roots base for his next "Presidential run"???? Oh Marco, you went from SOOO "refreshing" to SOO00ooo "boring" in soooo little time (Hide out for awhile, why don't you...until we forget your faux paz's for a 'cycle' or two. AND remember, this IS America...So don't overlook the "white man & his woman" (Trump didn't !)...

Heck, there can't be many PRs left in PR since they all moved to Orlando where they immediately qualify for new, improved welfare benefits. The reason PR is broke is the same reason California and Illinois are broke. Democrats.

they moved out i move in. dem o rats.

Marco -- tell us how many pieces of legislation you have proposed during your career in the senate. How many of those proposed bills made it into law? Can we count on you for having at least a 95% record of attendance at your committee meetings and actual voting sessions during you newest term? You need to show your Florida constituents that you are up to and willing to meet your job commitments. Oh, tell us if you would favor Puerto Rico becomming the 51st state and what you will do to make that happen should that be the will of the people of Puerto Rico.

The people of Puerto Rico have been given the chance to vote for statehood several times in recent years and have rejected it. What makes you think they'll accept it now ?

Sen. Rubio has proposed some thing to help Puerto Rico an you have to go negative on him instead of saying great at least you are doing some thing about Puerto Rico's problem. The hate you have shows.

America 1st numbnutz!

Puerto Rico is part of America numbnutz!

Puerto Ricans crippled Puerto Rico numnutz!... Just like DEMOCRATS crippled NY and Calif forcing residents to move away to surrounding States to "poison" THOSE environments and "rape" THOSE new environments just like they did where they came from.... (OH, THAT's right,...Puerto Ricans ARE Democrats ! Good Luck Miami ! ) (So, let's discus again splitting Florida into two States, dividing them immediately above Tampa... We can then appropriately name the southernmost State "Lemmington" or even "Liberalty"... ( ;-)

This guy is nothing more than a clown catering to non residents so he can carry the island vote! He contributed to the wasted tax dollars by collecting his pay without even being present for many key votes! Why do voters send him back into office instead of sending him back to Cuba? GO TRUMP!!

I voted for Carlos Beruff-R in the primary. Did you? Rubio won. No way I was going to vote for a Dem and possibly lose this Senate seat. I wrote Rubio and told him not to mistake my vote for him as a sign of support. I will be watching his efforts over the next 6 yrs.

Hey Marco, you have been a Senator for 6 years now and Look at our National debt Clock; $20 Trillion Dollars! We are Broke! Think about this real Hard! You didn't stop Obama from Spending like the other 99 U.S. Senators!

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