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Loretta Lynch Needs to Resign

July 13, 2016 - 4:45pm

After witnessing Attorney General Lynch's lack of concern for her authority and unresponsiveness to the questions asked yesterday during the House Judiciary Committee hearing about her investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it is abundantly clear she must immediately step down from her position.

Attorney General Lynch has broken the sacred trust of the American people. Not only is she an attorney for the U.S. government, she is the highest-ranking legal official in the U.S., and, therefore, is held to the highest possible ethical standards we have in our country. Unfortunately, she has failed to practice by those standards.

Attorney General Lynch violated numerous federal regulations and Department of Justice (DOJ) Standards of Conduct when she secretly met with former President Bill Clinton on a taxpayer-funded airplane during the same time his wife, Hillary Clinton, was subject to an ongoing DOJ criminal investigation and he was a potential witness to the investigation. These violations include acting impartially toward and giving preferential treatment to private individuals (5 C.F.R. § 2635.101(b)(8) and creating the appearance of legal or ethical violations (5 C.F.R. § 2635.101(b)(14). Federal regulations also state a DOJ attorney must be disqualified from a criminal investigation because of a personal or political relationship with those subject to the investigation (28 C.F.R. § 45.2). This meeting between Attorney General Lynch and Bill Clinton calls for disqualification, was a clear conflict of interest, and seriously calls into question the integrity of the entire investigation.

Furthermore, after meeting with Bill Clinton, Attorney General Lynch irresponsibly decided to completely abdicate her official role to FBI Director James B. Comey when she stated she would follow the FBI's recommendation in regards to possibly charging Hillary Clinton for her gross negligence and dangerous mishandling of secret government information while serving as Secretary of State. For Attorney General Lynch to blindly follow such a serious recommendation and prevent her department from providing its own recommendation completely negates our entire legal system, not to mention gives the impression of preferential treatment on behalf of the DOJ. As an attorney and officer of the court who swore to uphold justice myself, I am utterly dumbfounded by her questionable actions and failure to perform her duties. This practice of protecting the political elite at the expense of trust and justice must be stopped.

This call for immediate resignation is not just my own. This is the call, and will, of the American people-the people I personally hear from every day in my very own district, throughout the State of Florida, and across the entire nation. As our nation's chief law enforcement officer, Attorney General Lynch must remain above reproach, but she has proven she is incapable of doing so. Consequently, she must resign.

U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Fla., is part of the congressional leadership as senior deputy majority whip. 


Attorney General Loretta Lynch, an "Affirmative-Action" recipient, was (early on in her career) mentored by then President Bill Clinton, who ultimately appointed her to the Federal Justice Department. She is "in the tank" for the Clintons. Plus the fact that she didn't know how to "handle" the 'fallout' with her (un-thought out and ill-prepared) meeting (in Phoenix Airport) with Bill Clinton except to "deny, stonewall and avoid decisions" is indicative of someone who is ill-prepared for the level of employment she has been "gifted with" all along her "Affirmative Action" existence, and looked to extend 'quid pro quo' conciliation to her "Clinton friends". This whole "Clinton fiasco" was but one more example of the "cloak & dagger" power-grabs that the Clintons have been involved in since their "Arkansas days" which have left too many people ruined, bankrupt, injured or dead...and ALWAYS hurts the people who surround the Clintons like "moths to a flame"; To the Clintons, EVERYONE else is sacrificial and expendable,..and I expect that after January 1, 2017 Loretta Lynch will have been "sacrificed & expended"...just one more "Clinton victim". I also suspect that when Lynch once again, al beit surrepticiously & sub-rosa, met Bill Clinton at Phoenix Airport, that Lynch was as "star struck" and "giddy" as Monica was at HER 'first' clandestine meeting with Bill Clinton...

I think Ross is one who should be retained in Congress ! I also think that 'commentors' to this site (like "jay dee"; "scexile"; "jerry" (formerly "jerryd"); "Robert Warner"; "Kym (little'd' 'doctor')"; are ALL (like Deputy Barney Fife) armed with only one bullet, they unwittingly "shoot their mouths off" instead of exercising rational thought... (see some of their "target practice" below...)

Dennis Ross is NO Floridian! HE needs to resign and allow some FRESH air & thoughts into Congress. His ideas are old and worn. GO TRUMP!!

Hey Ross, you and your peers should check your own sworn duties and maybe follow up on a few of those.

Mr. Ross and the Rethugs are just po'd that neither Comey , Lynch. Gowdy or ANY of their myriad witch hunts trying to find anything on Clinton failed to materialize. Millions more taxpayer $$ wasted in their pathetic and doomed exercises in futility. Innuendo and suppositions does not a criminal make. Give it up.

never ceases to amaze me how the 2 celled synapse scexile calls a brain: functions??...the logic , the common sense, the sense of fairness,character,backbone....all missing under the emotion based demo-trance induced by what? -- too much paint thinner, welfare and free phones and freebie health care paid for by someone else do you explain it??Clinton(s) are both liars, thieves and hypocrites to the max.. right in front of your myopic orbital sockets .... yet you do not SEE!!!!

The crimes did materialize, and Comey said so during his press conference. He said that they was no "criminal intent." Just that she was "careless" in handling classified material. As someone who at one time had a security clearance I can tell you that being careless with classified material IS a crime. This whole thing has been just another white wash of corrupt practices by a corrupt administration.

Hey Ross, how about doing your job passing a budget, balancing it and get on to tax reform Obama wanted and repubs always said they wanted yet 16 yrs now they have not brought it up? Why? Instead we get more time wasting attacks about little when people are hurting because repubs won't govern. Repealing Obamacare 54 x and losing is not governing. You wonder why Trump is winning?

The pigmentation immunity of Hisself extends to His cabinet secretaries. After a lifetime of NEVER missing an election, I shall sit out the congressional portion of this November's election. Tyranny doesn't require an electorate.


Pots calling kettles black. So interesting that still no one calls for Trump's resignation for the WAY TOO MANY asinine, unethical, bigoted, hateful, un-presidential things he has said and done on behalf of "The American People", I lost count months ago.

Trump will try and take out everybody who doesn't agree with him 100% Ginsberg, Hillary Clinton, The head of the FBI. Can you just imagine this low life being President and the 1st bump in the road he will do anything to take them out including going to war right away with any country that doesn't see things his way.

The only way she goes away is after Trump becomes President. Then his attorney general can go after the whole group Clinton,Lynch, Holder and all the aides.

So do all the corrupt politicians there.. plus judge Ruth Gingrich - She has over stepped her boundries again and is too old for the job.

The Ballad of Barry..........aka...... Barack America Hello, .....for soon we'll wave goodbye, I'll leave your White House tainted with a shame, of which , I shall deny Around the world I apologized, for what I know not why, perhaps the "Chip" on shoulder mine, blinded duties and where they lie My name is Barry or Barack, please, pick or choose at will, for it matters very little, since the Truth I'll never spill My Social was a number, of one that's now deceased, my copied Birth Certificate comes from a printer we had leased. My origin of Birth may be, from sea to shining sea, or maybe some village small, called kenya, in Hawaii This Fable of who I really am was not BUILT as my Lie, as I said to all , so many times, someone else built that......not I. Should my transparency be not clear to you, it means I'm simply Plastic, with vision clear, see through those Lies, though I'd admit some were fantastic. I spoke to you of Hope and Change, but never you'd suspect, that your Constitution was my vengeful Wrath, as it's meaning I'd Dissect Understand my needs required, No longer as depicted, a United People in a "United States", the Constitution is "Evicted" I promised all no need to work , your choice is no more Free, for Socialism is the word, someone else will "Pay your Fee" I can buy you with my "Things-for-Free", Americans are weak that way, promise them some "Bagged Illusions", as long as they don't Pay From Fast / Furious, and Wide-Receiver, to Benghazi, IRS , scandals STILL with Hidden Truths, who else could give you less?? Cooperation , Negotiations, means things must go-my-way, if not I grab my fancy Pen and Executive Orders I write all day I deny the Evil of our enemies ways, grant them protection to this land, with disregard to America's people, while I think "I am so Grand" !! Some may call me president, but "King Jester" seems my style, For I sell you illusions and empty dreams, and say it with a smile. I Thank your Media for their "Love of me", for they conceal my evil ways, their hard-drives soon to be erased, no one must know what they won't say I want to thank those all around me for defending all those lies, my Friends say, "What difference does it make", as long as it's not "US" who has to Die My Legacy is wide and sure, for I make it sound OH so real, I can't remember what I did, but I will read it all, in my very Rich,.........Book-Deal !! Will I see you at My Library, where you can admire, touch, and look, but stay away from my "Shelves of Deeds", for it will be filled with all "FAUX " Books Farewell for now America, for there's more we need to do, should Hillary take my place, complete my task, then America's end is True I did my best to tear it down, and make Freedom a "Bad" word, some resisted my "Internal Coup", a Silent Majority wants to be heard. Should Americans rise-up, to the Patriot ring of Liberty's Bell, then Fear consumes my Heart, my Feet, as I run, I say Farewell..................Barry / Barack _____________________________________________________

Enough already. Give it a rest. Instead of obsessing over everything Clinton as Republicans seem to have always fallen into the trap of going, why don't you focus your energies in finding a candidate worthy of your party and do something. Maybe your obsession with Obama and the Clintons is why nothing gets done. Where is the Republican Party of my youth?

Dennis Ross needs to resign.

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