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Look Who's Got a CNN Gig: Mr. and Mrs. America, Say Hello to Andrew Gillum

January 30, 2019 - 9:30am

Let’s take a look at that resume, shall we? Lost a major election? Check. Has a serious reliance on racial politics? That’s a check. Under investigation for ethics violations that would shame most people? Check, with a Capital “C”. OK -- looks great -- you're hired, Mr. Gillum. Welcome to CNN.

Andrew Gillum, mayor of Tallahassee, has confirmed it himself. He's struck a deal with CNN to become a regular on-air contributor. The mayor tweeted out his statement of the hiring on Tuesday: "Thrilled to be joining @CNN as a political commentator," was his brevity-laden note.

This announcement comes directly after the news that Gillum has become a deeper point of focus in the ongoing probe of ethics violations in the Florida capital. On Monday state officials announced they were moving on ethics complaints surrounding Gillum, finding probable cause on five counts that he violated ethics laws in 2016 regarding accepting favors from lobbyists. There is also the FBI investigation into activities in Tallahassee, which -- yes -- involve the mayor.

Despite the electoral flaws and the dark cloud hanging over his name and political career, Gillum is regarded as a hot commodity. His name has been frequently floated as a possible/probable running mate for a Democratic candidate in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. Despite his recent loss, he has value. Florida being a swing state, and Gillum possessing a fresh list of voter emails and donor rolls, he is a political asset many candidates covet.

Andrew Gillum’s opening segment took place at 9 p.m. Tuesday, at which time he sat in with Andrew Cuomo on his primetime program.

Many questions now rise in response to this news. The supposed impartiality of the news network comes into question (again). First off, there is the questionable perception of giving free airtime to a potential candidate on a potential presidential campaign. The same network recently signed John Kasich to a similar deal to appear on the air. Kasich has hinted at his own run in 2020, either as a GOP challenger or an independent candidate. Can it not be seen as granting media favors to these players in the next election?

Of additional interest is wondering just how forward will the network be regarding any developments in the Gillum ethics investigation, and the FBI probe? Will it be forthcoming should bad news break concerning a member of its on air talent? How deeply will CNN investigate, and how willing will the network be to subject one of its own to criticism?

It may seem wrong-headed to take on a political figure with both a checkered resume and serious charges facing him. But this is the contemporary era of journalism. Traditional press standards are malleable and objective news reporting is a fluid definition in the eyes of the networks and other news outlets. The only ones who take these terms seriously anymore are the folks in the the audience. 

Brad Slager, a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer, wrote this story exclusively for Sunshine State News. He writes on politics and the entertainment industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.



Fortunately I will never see him.

I don't waste my time with CNN so I will never see him.

Seeks air time like DeSantis got on Fox. He'll be back.....unfortunately.

What's the big deal? A corruption charge is resume enhancement in the Hate America Party.

Not a huge CNN fan, but for the most part, they report the truth, just like everyone else... Not really a huge Gillum fan either, but let's treat this for what it is, he is a contributing guest. I'm sure they'll choose to use him as a political consultant. As I said, I'm no Gillum fan, but your acting like ethics violations are criminal indictments of your campaign or cabinet team. They are not. They are like civil infractions, but even less severe. He is likely facing a few fines. Does that make it right? absolutely not, and I don't like him. I think he is greasy, just like 45, but he does have value as a political contributor. He has added value in that regard. Nothing more, nothing less...

So ethics charges/violations are no reflection on an individual's character? You even refer to him as "greasy". I'd suggest that may undercut his value as a political commentator.

Does lying, cheating, and corrupt conduct undercut Trump's value as President of the United States?

Figures,... What's one more Nitwit, when you're "full of them"?!?

Writers and commentators like Slager do nothing but incite and enhance the racism, division, and hatred already despoiling American politics. This article is crass and classless ... even though it's written for an unabashed rightwing rag!

Your assessment sounds like self-appraisal too me...

I'm sure you are about to explain how I have "enhanced racism" here. I mean, you wouldn't just toss out a baseless charge without something approaching evidence.

As a promoter of the rightwing, your writing a clearly unabashed hit-piece on a black man, a former gubernatorial candidate who lost by .5 percent, without a scintilla of hard evidence to back up your position beyond "she said - he said", is most definitely "enhancing racism" ... just as Trump's birtherism, Mexican rapists comments, and post-Charlottesville comments (among many others) have done. At worst ... AT WORST ... Gillum failed to report two or three possible "gifts" from a lobbyist and two FBI undercover operators, with a total value of a few hundred dollars ... "failure to report" ... with absolutely no charges of "quid pro quos" being involved. Right now, for example, Trump is under investigation for not reporting how the $100 million raised for his inauguration was spent (and where it came from) ... ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS ... not a few hundred. Will you write about that and the ethical shortcomings that might entail?

Want "evidence", my "chuckling" friend;...the "Nitwit" was hired by CNN,.. TO DO WHAT??? ( other than to promote taunts alleging "racism"), which is what Black "Nitwits" do best... [Andrew will never have another elected job, unless it's in a PRIMARILY "Black district"]. Andrew "burned his bridges" entirely within the first week after the election results; he's "compartmentalized toast",...(by his own hand !)

You forget an important fact, leftists don’t need facts, just a social justice cause, facts are unimportant.

Chuckle chuckle, chuckle. With some 7,500 corroborated lies thus far while in office, your president apparently "doesn't need facts", either!

OH, THAT'S right, he IS the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES,...and CERTAINLY doesn't need YOUR "type & version" of "made up " facts....(So sorry,.. Chuckle over THAT !)

delusional breeze. You must be talking about the alternative facts the administration likes to throw out there. KOOL-AID you just keep drinking all up. Lmao.

Will they be hosting the Corruption in Politics segment or perhaps Ethics in Government 101?

Naw! Don the Con and the rest of his Corrupt Crew will be doing the hosting ... many of them from behind bars.

Looks like CNN is putting together their own 2020 ticket. Must be a loser to qualify. Fake news, fake candidate ticket.

And, the "CNN ticket" will undoubtedly be superior to the one the Republican National Committee put out there in 2016 ... as well as whatever chaff they might throw out there for 2020.

Yea, and Hillary has a 97% chance of winning.............

Sounds like he has the perfect credentials for CNN. He meets all their qualifications. Should we be surprised?

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