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Lines, Obama Sign Inside Voting Precinct Light Up Twitterverse for Florida

November 5, 2012 - 6:00pm

Besides repeated comments on how to find ones voting location, why people are voting the way they are, and how their candidates are doing, there are the expected mistakes that make voting in Florida special, and those on Twitter are highlighting every one of those mistakes the best they can.

Among the Florida issues getting the most attention today on Twitter:

A poster for President Obama is hanging inside a voting location in Tallahassee.

Voters in long lines in South Florida are getting food from campaigns.

A robocall from the Pinellas County supervisor of elections' office on Tuesday morning told voters to vote tomorrow.

The lines, either no wait to vote or people waiting for hours.

And oh, then there is Palm Beach County.

The Onion advises people it is best to simply avoid Facebook, Twitter and other social media today. But if you must venture online, here is some of what you can find.

Kathleen McGrory?@kmcgrory

Dude behind me in line (with a mouth full of pizza): She [Margolis] just won my vote.


Both sides will claim victory until EVERYONE tells them its over. They'll probably claim it after that,actually. Focus on results, not spin.

Charlie Crist?@charliecristfl

Don't let reports of long lines discourage you from voting. Bring a sandwich, bring a friend

Alexandra Seltzer?@alexseltzer

Palm Beach County voters reporting problems at several precincts.

Nicole Sandler?@nicolesandler

I keep getting guest pitches from Americans for Prosperity. Should I invite 1 of them on my show & let 'em have it, or just ignore?

Rachel Burgin?@RepRachelBurgin

I waited 50 mins this morning in Riverview. @BloomdalePatch: Turnout is zilch at Riverview precincts -- Everyone must have voted early.

John O'Connor?@johnroconnor

Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections puts out robocalls saying election day is tomorrow.


Obama Poster Hanging in Florida Polling Station

Eric Jotkoff?@Eric_Jotkoff

RT @jordan_budd Lines are building at FSU's polling location as #NolesforObama continues to dormstorm! #FL2012

Tallahassee Democrat?@TDOnline

Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho is removing 29 illegally-placed signs at #Tallahassee Community College voting location. #TDelect

Matt K. Lewis@mattklewis

On eve of election, Obama talks to Ryan Seacrest about nachos [AUDIO]

Brett Doster?@BrettDoster

FLA Bellwther Pinellas Co: EV turnout in good GOp areas close to 60%. Precincts in core Dem areas range from 20 to 40%.

FLA: Coral Gables precinct projected to be at 90% turnout by end of day.

FLA Palm Bch: 2 key bellweathers for Rs #4218 and #4224 already at 56% Republican E-Day turnout.

FLA 11:00 AM: Now 4 hour precinct waits in deep red Hialeah and Hialeah Gardens.

FLA - 2 to 3 hour waits currently in Republican heavy Kendall Precincts in Miami-Dade.

FLA - and now good news in the I-4. Volusia County supervisor's office now projecting record Republican turnout.

FLA - Panhandle good news. Bay County turnout intense, Supervisor adding staff. Key precinct 35 has line out the bldg.

FLA - 53% of Clay County already voted by 9:45 a.m. Huge NE FL turnout projected. Great news for @mittromney.

Pam Bondi@PamBondi

Be sure to get out to vote for Mitt - even in the rain! Glad to be here w/ @RepDanaYoung and @CoolPawLuke

Matt Gaetz?@mattgaetz

To all of the overthrown princes of Nigeria - I'm a little busy today and don't have time to wire you money. Hold all emails for the day.

Paul Runnestrand?@prunnestrand

Isn't Electoral College one of the Gators' next two opponents? #AlachuaVote

Reach Jim Turner at or at (772) 215-9889.

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