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Libertarian Adrian Wyllie Insists He Can Make a Splash Come November

January 28, 2014 - 6:00pm

Libertarian gubernatorial hopeful Adrian Wyllie arrived uninvited Wednesday at the Tallahassee AP media event featuring other statewide candidates. But the sponsors improvised by giving him a spot in the program.Wyllie used his chance to take aim at the leading candidates in the race, insisting he could make an impact.

He showed no hesitation in mocking Gov. Rick Scott and former Gov. Charlie Crist, the favorite for the Democratic nomination. Reviewing Scotts and Crists speeches, Wyllie threw a quick jab.

I dont know what was more entertaining to me, Rick Scott talking about his fiscal conservatism or Charlie Crist talking about ethics, Wyllie said.

A small-business man who has been active with the Libertarians for 20 years, Wyllie also hosted a radio talk show at one point. He slammed the media for ignoring his candidacy and insisted he was a serious candidate who could be a factor in November.

The times are a-changing, Wyllie said. The paradigm is shifting.

He said he would run to make 15 percent in the polls and be included in the debates.

We have a shot to win this race, Wyllie said. Its a long shot, admittedly. Still, he said he offered a contrast for voters who want a fiscal conservative who supports freedom on economic and social issues. I believe in the principles of economic freedom and personal liberty.

These positions, Wyllie insisted, could move him up in the polls and position him to make a splash in the general election. We can make a dramatic impact in this race, he said, hitting both Crist and Scott as progressive Republican governors.

Wyllie said he had plans to cut the size and scope of state government by 30 percent. Turning to social issues, he said he supports less government intervention and backs not only medical marijuana but full legalization of it.

Asked by Sunshine State News if he is working to advance the Libertarian Party, Wyllie said he is a serious candidate who wants to win. Im in the race to win it, not advance anything for anybody, he said. Were going to make it a three-man race.

Noting there are more Libertarians running for office in Florida, Wyllie said to keep an eye on his party in November.

Given the right circumstances, we can elect Libertarians in Florida in 2014, he said.

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