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Democrats' Labor Day Picnic Draws 'Name' Candidates Deep in Party Stronghold

September 3, 2017 - 4:45pm

If nobody shows but the candidates who promised to attend Monday's 16th annual North Broward Democratic Club Labor Day Picnic, it likely will be one of the most politically significant holiday celebrations in Florida.

Broward County is perhaps the largest Democratic outpost in the state -- 595,455 registered Dems to 254,876 Republicans and 326,990 with no political affiliation. Miami-Dade is not far behind: 585,191 Democrats to 370,977 Republicans.

The North Broward club advertises Monday's occasion as a chance to "meet Democratic officials, candidates and rising stars."

Among the Dems promised to be there: U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, Congressman Ted Deutch, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida Democratic Party President Sally Boynton Brown, state Sen. Perry Thurston, gubernatorial candidates Andrew Gillum and Gwen Graham, congressional candidate Tim Canova, Broward County Commissioner Nan Rich, and many more.

See the club's announcement on this page for a more complete listing.

Leslie Wimes, president of the Florida Democratic African-American Women Caucus, said even though she wasn't specifically asked to attend, she wouldn't miss it.

"Since so many people seem to be fascinated these days by the events I attend, I thought I'd drop in on this one, say hello to my fellow Democrats and celebrate the gains made by unions for working people."
The event is set for 1 p.m. at Pompano Beach Community Park, South Pavilion. Hamburgers and hotdogs are on the house. Come prepared for a rain-or-shine, buy-your-own-drinks affair -- and bring a dish to share and a chair to sit on.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith



I saw this "Party" advertised when it was published. NOW I'm curious how all the democRATS and "want-to-be's" did ANYTHING of value - Dems are the past - they have slid to the "American Socialist Party". Updates, anyone?

I'd be willing to bet that "CROW" is high on the menu items...

my pasted on family was longtime Democrats in florida since 1900's....IF they seen what DemoCraps have turned into they ALL would roll over in there Graves...Some of my Family in there 90's in 2008 Changed over to REPUBLICAN Party when they seen what Bill Nelson & Obama had turn the DemoCrat party into....NOW they all have Pasted in 2016 I carried on there way of NO DEMOCRAT but HOORAH Republican right Wing....SO Billy Nelson ..Obama was your Kiss Up to Buddy & Hillary your Love to B.S your area voters.....I worked Space Suttle when Billy played his B.S.i'm a Astronaut...on Space Shuttle ...He was a JOKE ..good young Men that worked years & dream to be Astronaut and later on Space Shuttle LOST THERE SPOT cause of B.S.Politics Billy Nelson.....Then later in Life He turned back on Shuttle Workers & Kissed Up to Obama....Program Ended.....I'm Glad now I Quit Shuttle Program AFTER watching Billy Nelson and his B.S. days he was at KSC supposing TRAINING to be Astronaut.....I know Him WELL....I was right there when he was TRAINING...wHAT A GEEK PUNK...his best words during Training when FAILED areas of a TRAINing...I'm a SENATOR....ha...He is TurnCoat Punk.....

Ahhh yes,...You speak of "Senator Zippy", the "Ride-along-rocketeer" ("DON'T TOUCH ANY buttons or switches "Senator Zippy",...Just look out the window by your seat and DON'T GET IN ANYBODY'S WAY ! OK "Zip"? Oh yeah, would you give me your personal cell phone number "Zip"?...I've been trying to contact you for well over a decade, to no avail; Where the hell do you go every day, when you're not polishing this rocket?)

Free food paid for with other peoples money. Typical Democrat BS.

The notice is pretty funny. You have some of those elected officials who are actually running for their job (again) and the remainder of elected officials are only going for the free hot dogs!

Thank you for the smile, Teddy. :)

Has anyone told these democrats that labor day is for people that actually work?

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