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John Morgan Rules Out Independent Run for Governor

January 12, 2018 - 8:00am
John Morgan
John Morgan

Orlando superattorney John Morgan won’t be running for governor after all. 

On Thursday, Morgan, who recently left the Democratic Party to become an Independent, seemingly extinguished the possibility of running for office this year. 

“People ask if I would ever run as an Independent. No way,” Morgan tweeted. “Independents never win and only act as a spoiler.”

Morgan then wished the other candidates luck in the race, which has only grown on both sides in recent weeks. 

“May the best man OR woman win,” Morgan said. 

Morgan had long been considered to be a frontrunner among potential Democratic gubernatorial candidates but opened up the possibility of running as a third party candidate when he left the party in November. 

“Spent all of Thanksgiving with my whole family,” Morgan wrote. “While it’s amazing to be leading the polls for Governor without being a candidate I can’t muster the enthusiasm to run for the nomination.”

Morgan’s epiphany to leave the party, he said, was spurred from an overall blasé attitude about the state of current politicians. 

Both the Republican and the Democratic parties, Morgan said, didn’t offer much to keep him affiliated with any party. 

“I can’t muster enthusiasm for any of today’s politicians. They are all the same,” Morgan said. “Both parties.”

The figurehead of a law firm with operations in multiple states, Morgan rose to public prominence in 2014 and in 2016 when he spearheaded a constitutional amendment initiative to expand medical marijuana in Florida. 

The widely successful amendment only raised Morgan’s public profile and many polls showed him leading the pack among Republican and Democratic gubernatorial candidates. 

Democrats already have four candidates to choose from — Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham, Orlando businessman Chris King and Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine have all formally announced their campaigns. 

The Republican list of candidates is also growing. Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam was the first Republican candidate to jump in the race while state Sen. Jack Latvala, R-Clearwater, has also announced he will be seeking the GOP nomination, though Latvala’s campaign has stalled as a result of allegations he sexually harassed multiple women in Tallahassee. 

U.S. Rep. Rob DeSantis, R-Fla., announced his candidacy earlier this month. 

House Speaker Richard Corcoran, R-Land O’Lakes, is also rumored to be mulling over a bid, though he has not made a formal announcement yet. 

Morgan has also been a prominent fundraiser for the Democratic Party, but it’s uncertain whether he’ll raise money for Dems now that he’s an Independent. 



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John Morgan: Independent Gubernatorial Run 'Not on my Mind,' But Not Out of the Question


if he runs, I will vote for him.

Attorneys have done things like sue the government (Agent Orange lawsuits) , sue PG&E (California groundwater contamination, SOON for the wildfires), and go after large companies for causing thousands of deaths (cancer from cigarettes, asbestos poisoning, car ignition switches, car rollovers from bad design). Without trial lawyers, John Morgan says, cars like the Ford Pinto would still be erupting in deadly explosions, kids' pajamas would still be catching fire easily and insurance companies would never hesitate to deny valid claims from customers. "I'd rather have one John Morgan than all the government bureaucrats put together in Washington, D.C., because we're the civil police

Sorry to disagree,....lawyers are like "Flowers": there are SO MANY "varieties",...and many are poisonous (and some merely by coming in contact with them); Good ones???....(I suppose; unless exorbitant "billable hours" comes up as a primary topic in YOUR particular "situation"...THAT'S AN EYE-OPENER !). Lawyers are like politicians; some are selfless and "Statesman-like", and some are duplicitous "schuysters".... But the WORST kind are lawyers who can't make a 'living' "practicing" they become POLITICIANS in order to "milk the government mammary" (and become RICH on your tax-money....Just look at disgraced Latvala, trotting off "into the sunset" with FIVE MILLION DOLLARS in campaign finance money... How on earth is THAT allowed to happen//// and Latvala is merely ONE of Thousands of non-practicing lawyers all across this Nation who are 'screwing up' government>>>>and they don't even WRITE laws)! ! !

"Whew"!!!... That was close: The "ignorants" among us (and the marijuana aficionados) assign far higher abilities to Morgan than he deserves. All I can say is; "There are more 'chins' there than in a Chinese restaurant"...

and please tell us what makes you such an expert,

He's "leading the polls"? Which polls have you been looking at? The polls that I saw showed DeSantis ahead. Go DeSantis!! we go again.....SuperAttorney..?????...he's a Ambulance Chaser....How Many Murder Cases has he Won.????....those attorneys are SuperAttorneys....far as Person Good for Gov.of Florida....WHAT accomplishments has he Done for Florida ???..Except Ambulance Chaser to Line his Pockets ..........NOTHING...

Good news - now time to GO WITH GWEN!

We agree!!!

Disappointing, BUT he might be able to get more done by not being in the petri dish and under a microscope of the media.

Well obviously, the "Public microscope" isn't working too well for him either...

Someone's forgetting Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

This is very disappointing. Florida needs this kind of leader

The "Mogan Empire is not made up of LEADERS - they are simply Socialista LAWYERS.

Please John, at least use this opportunity as a popular person to help us 'we the people, to choose the person you would vote for. Help shape the next governor for the state of Florida.

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