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John Lewis Endorses Gwen Graham, and That Means What?

May 17, 2017 - 12:45pm

In case anyone has forgotten, John Lewis, the congressman from Georgia's 5th District, endorsed Hillary Clinton in her 2008 bid for the presidency.

The last time I checked, the only President Clinton I know of had the first name of William, a.k.a. Bill.

We love John Lewis.

We respect John Lewis.

We are not going to vote for Gwen Graham because she was endorsed by John Lewis.

So, while it makes for great headlines and makes it great for reporters to say, "Wow, Andrew Gillum now has to worry about the black vote" -- in reality, he doesn't.

U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.
U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.

Andrew Gillum is still sitting just as pretty as he was in the black community before this endorsement, and anyone who thinks he isn't is crazy as hell.

Just like Hillary Clinton's black surrogates were not going to win her Florida in 2016 via the black vote, as I told you folks, neither will Gwen Graham's.

Just as I side-eyed that endorsement, trust and believe, it received the side-eye of many in the black community.

The only people who are getting their panties in a wad about John Lewis endorsing Gwen Graham are those outside of the community.

To put it as bluntly as I can, the black community doesn't care about John Lewis endorsing Gwen Graham when you weigh that against the thought of Andrew Gillum running for governor.

To put it even more bluntly, the black community in Florida probably cares more about the birth of Davis Allen Gillum.

Congratulations, Andrew and R. Jai!

By the way, Lewis ended up switching his endorsement in 2008.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.


At least you and Gillum have 2 fans who will vote your way...classic.

Not sure if Leslie is against Gwen or not, but I sure am. I will be voting for Andrew Gillum. Yes, I'm black. This endorsement is clearly a play for our vote. Shame, Gwen Graham. Shame!

Well Leslie if you are against Graham, then she must be the right one for the job. Kind of like having David Duke endorsing someone, you know to vote for someone else.

This is not the first time John Lewis has picked the wrong candidate. If Gwen Graham thinks this is going to get me to vote for her over Andrew Gillum, she's wrong. Her record when she was in Congress wasn't great. Does she think black voters are sheep? What are you going to do next Gwen? Offer us watermelon and chicken?

Senile old has been John Lewis endorses Gwen? Thanks John, I now know who NOT to vote for.

Gwen voted with her Republican friends for the Keystone pipeline, among other votes Democrats oppose.

THAT MEANS that 16 Term John Lewis is a "sellout azzwhype" pandering to Gwen (my Dad is a former Governor) Graham and the "lockstep Lemming" Democrats to help her find another "government mammary" for an ever-ongoing "family suck"... It also means that John Lewis just "goes along to get along" and keep his Congressional seat polished and his empty suit wandering the "Peoples' Halls"; MLK would be asking John: "Why aren't you practicing what I preached, instead of the divisiveness Obama preached, and the "divisiveness" that the Democrat National Party keeps the fire burning under?!?" With so many intelligent Black Americans on today's scene, WHY is John Lewis STILL "taking up space"????

16 terms? You mean his longest 'career' has been living off the people's teats? So hard to believe.

Graham must be scared. She's calling in what she thinks are the big guns. Wimes is right. Lewis has no power here.

Lewis has little "power" anywhere!

You're so right!! Gillum has proven to be as corrupt as any political hack ever has been. So no one should ever think that Gillum wouldn't dare win as governor, simply because he is African-American.

John Lewis will switch his endorsement when Gillum beats Graham in the primary. The black community will never vote for her over Gillum, no matter how many black faces she parades in front of us.

So I know you don't always vote, but when you do, you always vote straight down the ticket for African Americans only, correct? You'll always be obsolete under that premise of action. African-Americans are a small minority voting block, so you'll need to come out of that racist voting block mentality and vote for the person who will do Florida the best, whether they're African-American, Caucasian, Chinese, or Hispanic. And the author here is very correct, Gwen Graham will not win as Governor anyway. Go Adam Putnam!

What the writer is telling you and what you're too ignorant you comprehend is that the way to engage the black vote is not through parading around black faces on your campaign. You would think these slow Republicans would get that message after parading parading around Ben Carson and Allen West as the official "black guys" of the Republican party and still failed to gain more support in minority communities.

The author didn't say Graham wouldn't win. She said Lewis' endorsement wouldn't pull black voters away from Gillum, and she is right.

John Lewis put his neck out long ago for what was right and what was just - and he still does. It's now your turn, Leslie.

"Robert Warner's" advice is poisonous and (almost always) wrong Leslie.... (although I would like to see you fill a "Congressional Seat"...State or Federal). [Anyone who troubles themselves to constantly put forth comprehensive articles, whether I agree with a particular premise or not,.. I WOULD vote for that committed, thinking, person !] THAT'S how "government" is supposed to work... (NOT like the "closeted, closed off" Legislators we're subjected to now at Local, State and Federal levels. (It's "Pay to Play" Colorado Congressman Ken Buck's new book "Drain The Swamp, How Washington Corruption is Worse Than You Think"; It's an EYE-OPENER !)

It means a hell of lot more than what you think... He is likely endorsing the projected winner. It is the popular thing to do... Besides, the black community will not decide the Governor's race. The black community will not even decide the Democratic nominee for Governor. The whole electorate of Florida will decide the race for Governor. Andrew Gillum or anyone else will not be elected Governor just because of the black vote. Of all races that will determine the election for Governor, the black vote historically, is the least likely to turn out. That is a fact! I personally don't think Andrew Gillum finishes top 3! How you like them apples...

The only thing factual about this paragraph is that all of your assumptions, statistics, and predictions are flat out WRONG!

"Endorsing the projected winner"....(it's the COWARD'S way). Wanna know about "useless Gwen Graham"?... Ask the people in the Panhandle's Second District !.. Gwen "was present" for ONE TERM and is notable ONLY for voting AGAINST de-funding "Sanctuary Cities" across this Nation (a vote cast in lockstep with "Schumer Democrats". [We have to stop "packing Congress" with useless lawyers who can't find work unless they beg parents' friends and/or acquaintances for contrived references or votes..].....NO THANKS Gwen, we want "Statesmen", we've had more than our fill of "government mammary seeking", nepotistic twits looking for the retirement "golden ring"... See if you can return to your previous job as "Employee Relations Director" (What the hell was THAT?!?...a friend's "lagniappe job" gift ?)

As an independent I find it important to be grounded in facts. Gwen Graham is clearly her Father's daughter. She continued his Graham Workdays (which Rick Scott has copied). She sponsored more bills to improve education and safety than most politicians do in their career. She was the only Democrat to serve on the House Armed Services Committee, and has worked tirelessly for veterans, something I, as a veteran greatly appreciate and something you will never know about, nor understand. She co-sponsored legislation to aid small businesses and students. She fought offshore drilling and for Apalachicola Bay. She is a worker instead of a park sponger. You are a Fox News wet dream, wake up fool...

Spoken like a true white person.....

How do you know? Are you white ?

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