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Incoming Speaker Jose Oliva Takes on National Leadership Role for GOP

April 5, 2018 - 10:30am
Jose Oliva
Jose Oliva

The next leader of the Florida House is taking a step up in national politics as incoming Speaker Jose Oliva, R-Miami, is taking a leadership role with the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC).

Oliva was one of 22 officials from 18 states who will serve on the RSLC’s executive committee for its Future Majority Project initiative which is being chaired by Governors Susana Martinez of New Mexico and Brian Sandoval of Nevada and Lieutenant Governors Jenean Hampton of Kentucky and Evelyn Sanguinetti of Illinois. 

"We started the Future Majority Project in 2011 to support Republican candidates who better reflect the growing diversity of the American electorate. Since its founding we have helped elect over 100 diverse Republican state legislators and are continuing to expand this initiative into 2018," RSLC President Matt Walter said on Thursday. 

"The RSLC’s Future Majority Project is critically important because our government functions best when its representatives reflect the growing diversity of the electorate.  I am the daughter of teenage immigrant parents and I am proof that the American Dream is possible," said Sanguinetti.  "As our country's first Latina lieutenant governor, I have a unique governing philosophy and policy perspective that benefits the residents I serve.  I am proud to co-chair this effort to recruit diverse Republican candidates to our party."

“I’m personally aware of the unique challenges conservative minority candidates may encounter when running for office. Yet, I enjoy sharing GOP core principles of life, liberty and personal responsibility with anyone who’ll listen,"Hampton said.  She is the first black person elected to statewide office in Kentucky’s history.  “The Future Majority Project's efforts to encourage, recruit, and support diverse Republican candidates for state offices are vital to the growth and success of the Republican Party.”

The RSLC has spent almost $20 million with the Right Women, Right Now initiative and the Future Majority Project to “elect and support dynamic female and diverse candidates for state level offices.”

Oliva is the only Florida Republican serving on the Future Majority Project’s executive committee. He will take the gavel from current House Speaker Richard Corcoran after the November elections. 


This kid "Oliva" looks JUST LIKE "Rubio redux"... (not so sure that's a 'good thing'). There's ALWAYS "room for TWO States within Florida's perimeter... (Keep THAT in mind Florida Citizens !)

Competence is better than diversity

TO The "RSLC": Less "fluff" and more "substance"...PLEASE ! It's about time stop the "media TALK", and begin "walking the WALK"... ('For shame sake',....Don't lose the advantage "President Trump" has given you ! ! !)

Republicans have always valued diversity. Slavery was ended by Republicans. Have some thought otherwise, similar to Democrats, but to frame REP as whites only, is a liberal bias. please, grow up

Trump supporters will not be pleased to see diversity as one of the GOP goals. Many view white only = America Great Again.

NO "Jennifer",... and THERE'S YOUR 'bias'; "Make America Great Again" has ALWAYS been intended for ALL Americans ! (Got YOUR 'new' job yet?)

Republicans will value "diversity" only insofar as they believe doing so will get them more votes. When have the Republicans fostered legislation or programs that directly benefit a diversified constituency?

You may intend to malign Republicans "Ikia",.. BUT YOUR descriptive 'facts' define Democrats (of which I am one). {Stop "buying into" ultra liberal rhetoric "Ikia"...}

Diversity is wonderful as long as it is coupled with ability. Choosing people by diversity alone will create more falling bridges.

Exactly. Being competent is critical.

Bingo. On target!

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