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If the Miami-Dade DEC Is Any Indication, Democrats Are in Trouble in 2018

May 31, 2017 - 2:15pm

On Tuesday night the Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee tried to convene for the umpteenth time to pass a resolution -- a resolution that would call for the resignation of State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle.

Katherine Fernandez Rundle, the woman who refused to charge Miami-Dade corrections officers with the scalding-death of Darren Rainey.

Katherine Fernandez Rundle, who seems to go out of her way to protect the bad apples that exist in law enforcement.

Katherine Fernandez Rundle, who needs to resign, or be voted out.

To go along with the umpteenth time a resolution has been called to condemn Fernandez Rundle, a quorum of DEC members could not be reached for the umpteenth time.

All of those members who Stephanie Grutman (remember her email?), Bret Berlin, and Juan Cuba helped stack the deck to ensure Stephen Bittel got elected party chairman, don't seem too interested in the DEC anymore.

Where is Stephanie Grutman? She's an appointed at-large chair now, thanks to Bittel.

Where is Bret Berlin? He's a 2nd vice chair of the Florida Democratic Party, thanks to Bittel.

For that matter, where is Stephen Bittel?

Is it no longer important that those members they rounded up attend? 

Miami-Dade, depending on the week, has more Democrats than any other county, and the DEC can't get a quorum together to actually conduct business?

Clearly that December election of Bittel was a farce. The people who voted for him had no interest in actually participating in that DEC ever again.

Remind me why a vote of no confidence in Juan Cuba hasn't occurred? 

Protest: Resign Katherine Fernandez Rundle
Protest: Resign Katherine Fernandez Rundle

Oh yeah, no FREAKING quorum. Why hasn't the membership been purged? Perhaps Cuba doesn't WANT a quorum. 

Darren Rainey received no justice from Fernandez Rundle.

Darren Rainey is receiving no support from "the big tent" party.

You want to know who rarely gets support from "the big tent" party?

The black community.

Tom Perez held a conference call with the DNC Black Caucus yesterday, where concerns were aired about the Democratic Party and its lack of appreciation for the black community.

Perez wholeheartedly agreed that the Democratic Party has taken the black community for granted, and wanted input on how to change things.

One of the DNC Black Caucus members pointed out that no matter how much the black community votes, things don't change for the person on the ground. 

This black man was murdered, and Democrats can't come together to pass a resolution that basically just shows support?

I'm sure Democrats will want black people to come out and vote, though.

The Miami Herald showed photos of Rainey's body.

Hot showers burn. 

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.


should be a DOJ investigation into that mess...

Leslie, I like you (as I've praised your writing repeatedly in the past); BUT it truly pains me whenever you resort to unnecessarily inveighing against "whites" in order to pacify your subconscious mind; "Up your game" a notch or two, and promote America's "rainbow theme" why don't you?...(We'd ALL be better off). "Run Leslie, Run"...[the "base" will follow you; but ONLY on a 'positive' path...]

If you find the boiling in hot water death of a Black man racist, YOU have a problem. On this issue, any Black person who is not outraged ought to be taken to the edge of the planet and thrown off into the abyss. Any European-American who feels guilty because a Black person brought this issue up, should go have their head examined. Color should not be an issue here. This is one horrific death.

I read Sunshine State News solely for Leslie AND I'm white. I don't get the feeling that she comes down on white people. She fights for the black community and I see nothing wrong with that. In fact, I applaud it. She walks to the beat of her own drum. We need more strong women like her!

CFR learned how to run the State Attorneys Office from none other than Janet Reno. Both incompetent and not up to the job. Time for a massive change Miami Dade Voters. Wake up!

Kiss SD40 goodbye! Dems get handed a gift in the buffoon Frank Artiles. What do they do? They get stuck with the loser Annette Taddeo! All because they have a rich guy for a chair who has no clue what he is doing!

Meanwhile....Orange County's DEC has grown substantially.

No shows win the day. That's politics.

Sad but not new. There was almost a year when the Miami Dade DEC could not make its quorum. I was there. Maybe someday the FDP will change the rules so that members who get elected in August have to go to meetings and orientation before the Organizational Meeting in January or get automatically kicked off. I know the rank and file DEC members care deeply about the black community, but the deck is stacked so the power brokers can wheel and deal when the time comes for election to FDP offices.

Typical Dem. Can't get what I want. Rule change.

As usual, Leslie Wimes is right. What the hell is going on in Miami? No wonder they have no candidates to run for office!! Their DEC is a wreck!

well said.

If Miami-Dade Democrats were really fired up about this issue, you would think that they would show up in large numbers to the DEC meetings. Perhaps M-D Democrats just aren't into this as much as you would like them to be.

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