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If Markeith Loyd Were White, Would Republicans Push So Hard For Death?

March 22, 2017 - 11:15am

Gov. Rick Scott wasted no time in replacing Aramis Ayala as the prosecutor in the Markeith Loyd murder case after she announced that she would seek life without the chance of parole instead of the death penalty.

Florida Rep. Bob Cortes wasted no time in announcing he wanted Aramis Ayala removed from her duly elected position of state attorney because of her announcement.

Various Republicans around the state have been making similar statements regarding Markeith Loyd and the desire for him to die.

The crimes he is accused of very well may warrant the death penalty.

I asked myself, though, would they be so quick to want to put Loyd to death if his skin lacked a certain level of melanin.

Something tells me the answer is no.

There would be the "let's wait for all the facts" or "innocent until proven guilty" lines.

Especially since the victims are black.

Don't get me wrong, it matters that Debra Clayton was a police officer, and the big push for the death penalty is because of that fact. 

To a certain degree.

Poor Sade Dixon and her unborn child, whose lives matter just as much, seem to be an afterthought to these rabid people who don't even seem to know Debra Clayton's name.
All they seem to be able to yell is "Cop killer!"

Imagine if Debra Clayton hadn't been a police officer.

Chances are high that we wouldn't even know she had been killed. 

Sad, isn't it?

Rick Scott wouldn't give a rat's crack what her killer was charged with or what penalty was on the table.

Neither would Bob Cortes.

They would let Aramis Ayala do her job without interference.

They should do so now. This political grandstanding is sickening. 

Wouldn't it be something if Rick Scott took an interest in the fact that a man was boiled alive down in Miami-Dade, and yet no charges were filed?

Kathy Fernandez Rundle is a state attorney who should be removed if ever I saw one. Where is the outrage there? 

No one is questioning her discretion, and it has been questionable for quite some time.

This attempt to bully Aramis Ayala WILL backfire.

Either in the courts, at the polls, or both.

Keep poking the bear. I know this country has gotten away with it for a very long time. 

You guys know what "it" is.

We are at a point where criminal justice reform is desperately needed, especially for the black community.

Anyone who says that the death penalty hasn't been used disproportionately against people of color isn't being honest.

Anyone who says harsher sentences for the same offenses haven't been given to people of color isn't being honest.

Let's be honest for a second. Barring any outside factors, Markeith Loyd is going to outlive most of you calling for his death, even if he DOES get the death penalty.

Think about that.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.


Oh my! Look who's got the racist attitude. Regardless, of color, he deserves the death penalty.

Hmm, I seem to remember the State of Florida seeking the death penalty against Casey Anthony, who had killed only one person and did not have prior felony convictions.

The reactions are hilarious In truth, death penalty people do not care about race, they care about penalty. The question being asked is a fair one, as objectively, it should be asked, along with many other questions, but the answer is incorrect. White people are not interested in killing black people, they are interested in black people following the laws they way they do, that is not racial bias, it is ideology biased.

Excellent summation of the problem. 90% of violent crimes involve blacks. White people are not the cause of that. Violent crimes punishment should be doled out based on the crime not the color of the perpetrator. Unfortunately, Fake News latches on the editorial aspect of "how can we make this juicy." That only fuels the racial reverse bias of "we hate white people."

Well said. Thank you

You destroy your enemies when you make them your friends...

Until you change your flawed thinking, nothing will ever change. Be the change that you want to see in the world. You will not get there by blaming someone else for your own failures...

Florida is definitely in need of criminal justice reform. However, I am not sure that one can assume bias in this case since the jury has not even been selected nor the case heard. We will have to see. Inefficiency, corruption, inequity, bias and out-dated judicial practices exist throughout the Florida Judicial System. A disproportionate number of men of color are incarcerated in FL. prisons and are on Death Row. Recent research has shown that there is obvious bias in sentencing with certain judges. At minimum these judges should be removed from the bench. I also believe that SA Rundle's decision not to bring changes in the Shower Incident is an obvious miscarriage of justice. And, particularly egregious when one considers the Governor's response in SA Ayala's case: A man is purposely scalded to death by his jailers, no charges are brought and the Gov does not step in. SA Ayala does her job just like Rundle and he steps in. What's the difference? Just as Leslie noted, a matter of melanin. The STATE SHOULD TAKE THE MONEY SAVED FROM ENTERPRISE FLORIDA AND USE IT TO REORGANIZE THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND CORRECTIONAL SYSTEMS. There is where they would really save some money.

Is Florida's death penalty racist? In practice, it is. Look it up. NEVER in the history of Florida has a white person been executed for killing a black person. Never. That's after 100's of executions, lynchings, slavery, Jim Crow, Civil War, and mass killings of innocent black people (I.e., Rosewood, Ocoee Massacre , etc).

Are you f*ing kidding me?That animal murdered a pregnant woman & then a cop!If that's not a death penalty case what is?And people that have to inject race into everything are the real racists!

All of these poor white tears I see here are hilarious! The bottom line is that if Loyd was a white dude, there wouldn't be this rush for the death penalty. In fact, how many gofundme pages would there be set up for his defense by now? 2? 3? This outrage is for the uniform, just like Wimes said. Yes, there are some folks who care, but for the most part, the majority of y'all just want to see this black man put down. Now in this particular case, he deserves it, but I see Wimes point. If Loyd was a white guy, who killed some black folks, the calls for his death would NOT be so loud and you know it, so stop lying to yourselves and stop lying to the public. This country has a history, and you can try to deny it, but it is there. Keep calling it out Wimes. It isn't until we face it, that we can do something about it.

Sorry wrong time to play the race card, you have done a disservice to your reputation. You are better than that.

Blacks are more racist than any other skin group. Look at the news, TV, and radio.......... where black/white decisions. The blacks are ALWAYS crying racism. The blacks wanted more exposure on commercials, TV shows, must win more Oscars, want more jobs. The request goes on and on. Blacks even want to be CEO's and Presidents and even without education, experience, or first come first serve. And look what the black criminal Muslim Obama did to those black people. Obama made them all poorer and again, all he wanted was their votes. And see you at the next vote? All blacks have to do was get of their ass and build respect. Your black presidents, lawyers, mayors. city councilman are doing very little for their people.... most are doing zero. They are getting rich on your backbone and moving to the safer white areas. Because some of you have wised up, President Trump received more votes, so Obama has been bring in Latinos and Syrians by the millions for the Democrats to shore up their vote counts. You see, Democrats don't have enough voters to honestly win any vote. Democrats have to cheat and do cheat. Like Kuran Muslims, Democrats say its ok to cheat and kill to win!!!!

Ms. Wimes, although we have very different political philosophies, I'm often impressed with your intellectual honesty, thoughtfulness and ability to articulate a point of view different from mine. However, in this case you are seriously wrong and you come across as an irrational idealogue

Haha! Leslie is bringing all of these card-carrying, sheet wearing klans people out!! Look at them! Truth hurts! They are angry that Ayala isn't killing that black man, and now Leslie, another black woman, is calling them out! Stop foaming at the mouth and own your racism people!!!

She also said she would not ask for a death penalty for a white man !!

Ms. Wimes, you ARE a racist pig!

Lets see, this man murdered a woman while she was pregnant, that's two murders. Then he murdered a police officer, viciously. I would say capital punishment was in order. Now look what we have here. Some black woman throwing the race card! Look you dumb ass retard. That black man murdered 3 Black people and you wanna pull the race card...........You are one dumb woman that needs to be horse whipped.

Leslie, I'm disappointed that you pulled the race card on this issue. First, Gov. Scott has never once failed to mention the girlfriends name and to suggest he doesn't care is therefore false. As for the State Attorney in Miami, who has an excellent reputation and track record, your criticism is wrong-headed and isn't comparable to the 9th Circuit State Attorney. The 9th SA announced her position before she considered ANY facts of the case. She said her decision was based on her personal philosophy. That's unethical to do so, and the viters in the 9th Circuit were entitled to know her opinion ahead of time. She purposely was evasive in the campaign. Shame on her! She deserves to be removed because of her position. It has NOTHING to do with the race of either the perp or the victims. He is an accused murderer of a law enforcement officer and the fashion in which he allegedly committed the crime means, in my opinion, he deserves NO MERCY. The same would be the case if he did the same to a child or an elderly person. I obviously favor the death penalty. In this case, to take it off the table ahead of knowing the facts, on purely personal reasons, is unprofessional, inexcusable and therefore she deserves to be removed.

Uncle Barney, he MURDERED his unborn child, to which he isn't even charged!

Silly article. A man who is African American kills his African American girlfriend who was pregnant and then he kills a veteran Police Officer who is African American and a female while the African American State Attorney, who was financed by Soros, and you are talking about race. You can't see people behind their skin color can you? I truly feel sorry for you.

Leslie, the racist!

Look at all these hit dogs hollering!! I love it! Keep doing what you do Leslie!!! I love it, and I love you girl!!!!

I almost called you by name "L." Hit dog? Please tell that to the African American families destroyed by this murderous thug. Remember (Black Women's Lives Matter, too). Or does that only apply when a police officer right or "wrong" kills a black male? As Malcolm X said: "The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman." Why are you black women advocating to save the life of a man, who killed TWO BLACK WOMEN and a BABY? Have you know shame? Oh, I forgot, you and Leslie are hit dogs.

Ignorance is bliss, and besides Leslie, you are very blistful!

Spoken like a True Revenge Racist Liberal, who loves to start "Fires" where there are None. You will Burn yourself out.

C'mon Leslie,...whining "what if's" doesn't become you; "Black on Black" crime is STILL a crime; and IF I was a white girl, I'd seriously consider dating ONLY White boys,'d live longer the odds say. "Police Officer killings" DEMAND "death penalty charges", which are legally mandated for prosecution....else WHO would "ride to the rescue" in black communities, where "respect" is an archaic word. Now, MY turn to "what if": Stop pandering to the neighborhood masses and consider the "what if" BOTH female victims were YOUR sisters (and they WERE you know...).

Ooops,..(correction) "if I was a *Black* girl, I'd seriously consider dating ONLY White boys,'d live longer the odds say..."

Leslie, Have you even bothered to look up the statistics on death penalty based upon race, BEFORE you write something so inaccurate? There are many more non-Blacks on deathrow than Blacks. So proportiinately, your statement makes you Leslie Whines.

Pssst.....there are many more non-blacks in this country. There are many more non-blacks on food stamps, on welfare, etc., simply because of the numbers. Doesn't mean the way the punishment is handed out still isn't fair. But carry on.


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