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I Won’t Stop Fighting for Florida

May 9, 2017 - 7:00pm

Just like I have done throughout my entire time as governor, I fought for priorities this session that I believe will help the families and job creators in our state prosper. I committed to Florida families that I would fight for jobs everyday and that is why I have continued to fight for policies that will grow our economy. I am pleased the Legislature cut taxes by more than $700 million, but cutting taxes alone is not enough to diversify our economy for our future generations. 

Today I celebrated the beginning of GKN Aerospace’s plans to build a new manufacturing facility in Panama City, which will be the company’s first location in our state. If it was not for the work of Enterprise Florida, this company would not be in our state. GKN Aerospace was the last company to receive Quick Action Closing Funds and Florida has not had another win like this since these funds were eliminated by the Florida Legislature last year. 

Once again, the Florida Legislature has turned its back on Florida’s ability to fund economic incentive deals that help our state outcompete our top competitors for important jobs. This is very concerning to me and is an action that each member will have to defend as their local communities lose out on new manufacturing facilities, headquarter relocations and thousands of high-wage jobs for families.
Furthermore, the Legislature’s decision to cut tourism marketing could lead to a drastic reduction in visitor spending to our local businesses and revenue to our state. 

I am also shocked that despite its commitment to protecting the environment, the Florida Legislature failed to jump-start the process of fixing the Herbert Hoover Dike at Lake Okeechobee. For years, I urged President Obama to fix the dike, and now, when President Trump has committed funding for this project, the Legislature irresponsibly ignored it.
Last night the Florida Legislature passed a budget that was done largely behind closed doors. It was done without important input from the public and many members of the Legislature who were elected by Floridians to serve them. That’s unfortunate. I ran for governor to fight career politicians and it’s backroom deals like this that make families think politics is nothing more than a game. 

I am beginning to review the budget and I have the option of vetoing the entire budget or vetoing the items that circumvented the transparent process and do not have an acceptable return on investment for hardworking taxpayers. Just like I do every year, I will make my decisions based on what’s best for our families, because my job is to wake up every day and fight for Floridians.



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We've got your back, Gov. Scott! We moved back to Florida from California over 2 years ago. I know I don't need to explain why we made the move. So far, we've not been disappointed with State government. In order for the benefits of President Trump's agenda to reach us here in South Florida, we need a strong, local Republican Party presence. We are hurting here because of the Broward County Democratic Machine monopolizing our local government offices and the only local paper (the Sun Sentinel) is a joke. The "news" we are fed is all Trump and Scott negative, no matter what the subject. It would be laughable if it wasn't so serious a problem. The local "swamp" needs draining down here! We'll back you if you veto items or veto the entire budget until you can get those "RINOs to toe the line and do what is best for our state. Thank you for the good work you are doing.

shut up and do something for real people instead of corporations...

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Also, send them all back for special session on Amendment 2, they have taken what 71% of Florida voters voted yes on in November, and failed to compromise on a number for amount of retail stores to go with each license. They had the rules all lined out, they weren't perfect and did skirt around some of the things Amendment 2 said such as being able to smoke marijuana as a delivery system, and even more importantly allowing Doctors to recommend marijuana for persons with similar aliments to those listed such as chronic pain to be able to acquire the medicene. If the Health Dept. gets to make the rules thousands of Floridians like myself will continue to suffer.

Very open and straightforward Column. Thank you Governor Scott.

Thank you Governor Scott, you ALWAYS do what is best for "we the People " of Florida. If you need to veto the whole budget, go right ahead. Teach these crooked politicians a lesson. We support you all the !!

Less rhetoric. More action. Start by keeping you promises, Open Tiger Bay

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