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How Cute!


Truth hurts Citizen Chris

Everyone knows the Democrats created the KKK. It is their MO to accuse the Republicans of doing what they do, as misdirection. In all things the truth will set you free. This cartoon only exposes the political corruption in your organization.

You're a moron. Go read a history book. Yes, a party called 'the Democrats' were part of the creation of the KKK. But guess what? When the Civil Rights Act was enacted, the racist South didn't like it. They rolled their allegiance to the RepubliKKKans at that point. The parties endured a change of political views and basically swapped names. Don't believe me, read a history book that DIDN'T come from Breitbart or Fox.

The “sides switching” was a myth, and in fact the South continued to elect Democrats up until the late 80s. The Republicans formed the NRA to educate the newly emancipated slaves on their gun rights, and the Democrats formed the KKK in response. And I bet you thought the bad blood between the left and the NRA was a recent occurrence, nope, it goes back to the end of the civil war. And if the sides switched, why isn’t the NRA with the Democrats, instead of with the Republicans where they’ve always been? Fools like you are why we can never progress as a society. You keep holding us back with your ignorance.

Ha, Ha, Ha! On the mark!

Oh, so Trump supporters are basically Ku Klux Klan? How racist is this satire? Thumbs down. It’s offensive. :-(

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