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Hillary Clinton Picks Tim Kaine for Running Mate

July 22, 2016 - 8:00pm
Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine
Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine

With Democrats ready to hold their national convention in Philadelphia next week, presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton turned to Tim Kaine to be her running mate. 

The Clinton campaign team sent out a text message to supporters on Friday night making the announcement.

Currently serving as a U.S. senator from Virginia, Kaine had been on Barack Obama’s shortlist to be his vice presidential candidate in 2008 but he lost out to Joe Biden. 

An attorney who attended Harvard Law, Kaine has been rising up the ranks in Virginia for more than two decades. First elected to the Richmond City Council in 1994, Kaine moved up to become mayor in 1998 before seeking statewide office in 2002 when he was elected lieutenant governor under current Senate colleague Mark Warner who had also garnered buzz earlier this election cycle as a possible running mate for Clinton. 

In a closely watched contest in 2005, Kaine was elected governor of Virginia beating then state Attorney General Jerry Kilgore. Kaine moved up the national ladder as well, becoming chairman of the Democratic National Committee which he led from 2009-2011. In 2012, Kaine won an open Senate seat, fending off Republican George Allen who had held that seat before losing in 2006.

Kaine beat out a host of other Democrats who had been on Clinton’s shortlist including Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, HUD Secretary Julian Castro, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez and U.S. Senators Cory Booker of New Jersey and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. 

While Virginia is a swing state, it has gone blue in recent elections. Obama carried the Old Dominion in 2008 and 2012. Clinton and her team hope Kaine will help her in Virginia and neighboring North Carolina which is also a swing state. 

Clinton and Kaine are scheduled to campaign in Florida on Saturday before next week’s convention. The Democratic candidate was in Miami on Friday night. 


Who cares?

WHY is it Jerry D is not capable of posting his odd comments once, instead of wasting space with the same posts? GO TRUMP!!

Great choice!

You're right Bob. "Great choice" since he too has a shady history of accepting 'gifts' of cash, trips, and merchandise! For the record Bob, selection of another possible crook by an already known crook, does NOT make a "Great choice"! GO TRUMP!!

The begining of the end of the republican party. Watch as she so out classes Trump in every way. Not hard when near everything Trump says are lies. He might get by with that with the right but decent people it doesn't fly. Evenif Trump wins he'll be indicted and impeached for Trump U fraud and unlike Hillary, Trumps case is actually criminal. And I for one will love seeing him in handcuffs. As for you dumb as a box of rocks supporters, our country's jobs, economic problems are squarely under republican feet as they bankrupted the country losing 800k jobs/month then worked hard to keep the economy down so it wouldn't improve under Obama. I call that treason yet you vote for them. Obama wanted the grand bargain which would have balanced the budget by now repubs say they want, then on to tax reform repubs won't bring up. Why? 8 yrs and no tax reform. Just what has republicans been doing the last 8 yrs?

Hillary and class do not belong in the same sentence. Stealing items valued over $200,000 from the White House when the Clinton's left -- that means she stole from all of us. Taking 90 cents of every dollar donated to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation "charity" for her own personal wealth. Taking millions of $$'s from countries who kill gays and where women have no rights -- they need 4 MALE witnesses to prove rape, women can't leave home without a male escort, they are not allowed to receive an education, etc. Giving Russia 20% of the U.S.'s uranium for donations to the Clinton "charity." Abandoning and allowing American's to die and be permanently injured for political reasons and then lying to the faces of their families and this nation. Risking our national security and top secret documents to our enemies on a private server that had less security than gmail so she could cover up all her lies, shady deals and access she sold to foreign countries. Go see the movie, "Hillary's America" -- all the facts are laid out there.

Actually, they've been faced with a government which promised everything but failed to cut spending in areas needed to have cut! What's funny about your post is your editorialized comment regarding how Hillary "outclasses" Trump in every way. Very funny comment considering the years behind Hillary in being polished during the years her husband was President. For sure, Hillary is no Bill, and she'll never be able to measure up to the charge of being President! *By the way, your numbers are, as usual, incorrect! GO TRUMP!!

Show proof and facts that near everything Trump says are lies. Our Congressional Committee on Benghazi, FBI Director and clinton herself is proof clinton lies. But you writing Trump lies on Sunshine News... Show us the proof! Trump U is a class action lawsuit, call Dan Newlen and ask him how those lawsuits work!

I feel sorry for him, getting in bed with Hillary.

I feel sorry for ANY man getting in bed with Hillary! Years ago she may not have looked so bad, but now, Monica looks like the natural move for Bill!

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