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Clinton, Trump Running Close in Florida

August 26, 2016 - 9:00am
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson

A poll released on Friday shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump running close in Florida, the largest swing state on the electoral map. 

The Mason Dixon poll of registered Florida voters has Clinton with 44 percent and Trump with 42 percent. Gary Johnson, the former New Mexico governor who is running again as the Libertarian nominee, pulls 6 percent while 2 percent of those surveyed back Green Party candidate Jill Stein. 

Both Clinton and Trump are upside down in the Sunshine State. Clinton is seen as favorable by 34 percent and unfavorable by 45 percent while 20 percent are neutral on her. Trump is seen as favorable by 29 percent and unfavorable by 52 percent while 19 percent are neutral on him. Johnson is far less known but 19 percent see him as favorable, 10 percent view him in an unfavorable light, 30 percent are neutral on him while the rest don’t know him. Stein is the least known of the candidates with 7 percent viewing her favorably, 5 percent unfavorably, 11 percent neutrally and the rest don’t know her. 

Clinton has a strong lead over Trump in Southeast Florida and edges him in Tampa Bay. Trump is routing Clinton in the northern and southwestern parts of the state and edges her in Central Florida. 

Men go Trump’s way 47 percent to 36 percent. A slight majority of women--51 percent--back Clinton while 37 percent are for Trump. 

Trump takes 54 percent of white voters while 29 percent are for Clinton. The Democrat takes 91 percent of black voters while 5 percent back Trump. Clinton pulls 63 percent of Hispanics while 27 percent are for Trump. 

Clinton takes 83 percent of Democrats while Trump has the support of 78 percent of Republicans. Voters outside the major parties break Trump’s way with 44 percent behind him while 30 percent prefer Clinton. Johnson takes 13 percent of voters outside the major parties, 7 percent of Republicans and 2 percent of Democrats. Stein gets 5 percent of voters outside the major parties, 3 percent of Democrats and less than one-half of one percent of Republicans. 

The poll of 625 registered Florida votes was taken from August 22 through August 24 and had a margin of error of +/- 4 percent. 


wait till the debates...that will be a site to see, unless Johnson shows up, it should be a hoot...especially without a parrot or teleprompter to read...classic.

I could 'hang out' socially with Donald Trump and consider the evening/event a positive experience; On the other hand, I would consider a social evening with Hillary Clinton an uncomfortable time spent with a duplicitous, manipulative prevaricator necessitating an introspective cleansing (even though I'm the Democrat offspring of lifetime Democrats).


Trump 2016! Would like to know who they poll. I get plenty of calls for State/local but never presidential.

I agree Gail. Never, ever have I been deposed for a Presidential poll. In fact, I honestly question the validity of polls as those deposed are not identified, therefore not at all accountable. GO TRUMP!!

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Hey doc, Thanks for cutting back on your spam here! And, while this may come as a bitter shock to you, President Trump will no more consider you as an asset, than Richard M Nixon considered Elvis as an 'undercover Federal Agent'!

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