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Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump in Dead Heat in Florida

August 9, 2016 - 3:45pm
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in a dead heat in Florida, the largest swing state on the map. 

Quinnipiac University released a poll of likely Florida voters on Tuesday showing Clinton and Trump pulling 43 percent apiece while 7 percent back Libertarian Gary Johnson and 3 percent are for Green Party candidate Jill Stein. When the minor party candidates are taken out of the mix, Clinton has the narrowest of leads with 46 percent and Trump right behind her at 45 percent. Trump was leading by 5 percent in a Quinnipiac poll of Florida last month. 

"The closeness of the Florida race is seen inside the numbers,” said Peter Brown, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac Poll, on Tuesday. “Independent voters are split 42 - 41 percent; she leads by 13 percent among women, while he is up 12 points among men. They have the same favorable rating among voters, 39 percent.”

Women go for Clinton 53 percent to 40 percent while men prefer Trump 51 percent to 39 percent. White voters break Trump’s way 57 percent to 36 percent but Clinton gets 68 percent of non-whites while 21 percent are for Trump. Both candidates have nailed down the party base with Trump taking 91 percent of Republicans while Clinton reels in 89 percent of Democrats. 

Both candidates are upside down in Florida with 39 percent seeing Trump and Clinton as favorable. Clinton is seen as unfavorable by 55 percent while 54 percent see Trump as unfavorable. 

President Barack Obama is seen as favorable by 53 percent but 43 percent see him unfavorably. Michelle Obama gets better marks in Florida with 61 percent seeing her as favorable and 27 percent viewing her in an unfavorable light. 

Former President Bill Clinton is seen as favorable by 53 percent though 40 percent see him unfavorably. Melania Trump is far less known with 43 percent saying they need to know more about her but 31 percent see her as favorable while 23 percent see her unfavorably. 

A majority of Trump backers--54 percent--say they are more driven by voting against Clinton than supporting the Republican candidate though 29 percent say they are more pro-Trump than anti-Clinton. The Democrat’s supporters are more divided with 42 percent saying they are more driven by their support for Clinton but 41 percent saying they are more anti-Trump than pro-Clinton. 

The poll of 1,056 likely Florida voters was taken from July 30-August 7 and had a margin of error of +/- 3 percent. 


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In 2004 Melanija Knavs / Knauss was a citizen of Slovenia In 2017 Mr Trumps third wife could be living in the White House as the First Lady Of The United States Of America It’s really quite astonishing what massive quantities of money can facilitate........

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This is very curious considering every other poll has Hillary up in Florida by double digets!! So Donald and all you racist Republicans start waving your Confederate flags, just remember that this is the same polling outfit from Connecticut that had Obama loosing in '08 and '12....he won!!

Thanks for your support! GO TRUMP!!

Trump is the only one for securing our borders and bringing back jobs. He is the only one that can and will wipe out the National Debt. Hillary and Johnson will only add to it until America is ruined.. Vote Trump to save America.. Hillary to save herself???????? ha ha ha ha

Why would anyone in their right mind vote for a crooked and known liar?

Just read the latest chapter on Hillary's escapade of lying! She's a very well known crook, but not prosecuted yet, she's loose with privileged information, (read her own emails),and lies like a rug in winter. Add all that up and you'll see who an uneducated Jerry's voting for! GO TRUMP!!

You are so right no one should ever vote fot someone who lies every time they open their mouths like Trump, the king of liars............. An earlier speech the fact checkers rated him 59% lying!! Hillary only 12%......... I personally want to thank Trump for showing just how racist, bigoted and so, so easily fooled republicans are...... So gullible they fall forva liberal con man who is playing you and you don't even see it........ You've run off the decent ones and now just the dreggs of the far right idiots left......... And Trumps economic speech he again screwed you giving massive tax breaks for the wealthy he can't pay for.... Its the same bull that lead to the 2008 economic crash and repub house, Senate keeping it from recovering and the $19T debt........ And you idiots keep voting for them.

There ya go again Jerry. Using the wrong lips to spout your rhetoric. If only everyone could see things as clearly as you in your very little world. GO TRUMP!!

Go Johnson!

Go away Johnson, maybe to Colorado so you can get stoned and forget what you are doing.

Dude, why all the hate, man?

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