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Hillary Clinton Causes Cracks in the Gillum Coalition

September 28, 2018 - 12:15am

Everyone is aware by now how Andrew Gillum won Florida’s gubernatorial Democratic Primary.

Winning the bulk of the African American vote and progressive, Bernie Sanders-type voters pushed Gillum across the finish line ahead of his better funded opponents.


Remember 2016?

Remember the fact that some Sanders supporters felt so strongly that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC tipped the primary scale in favor of Hillary Clinton?

Clearly, some Florida progressives remember, and they are still mad as hell.

Hillary is coming to campaign with Andrew Gillum.


There were already some rumblings in the progressive community that Andrew Gillum was moving to the center.

Those rumblings are now a roar. Social media is abuzz with progressives threatening to pull support from Gillum because of Hillary Clinton.

History has shown us the two groups that “brought it home” for Gillum in the primary, will “stay home” if things aren’t right in the General.

Andrew, are you sure about this?
Andrew, are you sure about this?

They are not exactly the “hold your nose” types.

Medicare-for-all is a big issue for progressives. There was a skirmish with Gillum over that.

Corey Booker isn’t a favorite of progressives. There was a skirmish with Gillum over that.

The debate over Israel and Palestine is a hot button item for progressives. There was some pushback with Gillum over that.

Hillary Clinton?

All hell is about to break loose with progressives. 

I think the only other person that would piss progressives off more WOULD be Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Hillary got some cool points with me when I saw how supportive she was of The Collective PAC, an organization close to Gillum that helps African American candidates bridge the financial gap that exists in politics.

Andrew Gillum can’t win Florida with just the African American and progressive coalition, but he sure can lose it if a sizable chunk of either of these groups stays home.

“Dance With The One Who Brought You” isn’t just a Shania Twain song.

It may become the rallying cry of Florida progressives.

Gillum is going to have to figure out how to straddle that progressive/neo-liberal fence.

Polls are showing Gillum ahead, but remember: Polls don’t vote. People do.


Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


“Remember the fact that some Sanders supporters felt so strongly that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC tipped the primary scale in favor of Hillary Clinton?” I remember WikiLeaks releasing Hillary Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s leaked emails that PROVED the wholly-Hillary-owned DNC had steered the Democratic Primaries to present Hillary with EVERY advantage, including using 65-named members of the corporatist mainstream press to elevate Trump’s Campaign in what she called a “Pied Piper” strategy as her preferred opponent, and also to sandbag Senator Sanders at every turn. This included ignoring the sitting U.S. Senator’s campaign entirely and/or writing/broadcasting hit pieces against it. Some members actually passed copy to Podesta first for editing prior to publication. When this was revealed, four members of the DNC executive staff - including DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz - were forced to resign in scandal on the eve of the Democratic National Convention. I remember feeling more “strongly” about it when DWS’ replacement, interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile admitted publicly that the primaries were RIGGED against Sanders (before then being pressured to recant), and “feeling even more strongly” about it when DNC Lawyers argued in open court - in the DNC FRAUD Lawsuit, a matter of PUBLIC RECORD - that the DNC could go against their own charter neutrality and could go so far as to “go in the back room, smoke cigars and choose their nominee that way,” elections be damned. So, YES, when the DNC itself admitted the primaries were RIGGED, I “felt pretty strongly” that Hillary was as CORRUPT as they come, had “tipped the scales” in her own favor, and had actively SUBVERTED DEMOCRACY ITSELF. And now, having denied this nation a Sanders presidency (because after all, only Hillary, even with every possible advantage and poll could lose to the political neophyte Orange demagogue in the White House, for Bernie would have won), SHE ALONE is responsible for the travesty that unfolds before this nation in the Trump presidency. And we’re supposed to to support her efforts when she refused to pursue the energized progressive base and courted disaffected Republicans instead? We were told our voices didn’t matter, we weren’t needed, because she was “winning (read: RIGGING);” and then came the General Election which the DNC could not control. How did that strategy of hers work out? Now behold the bleak political landscape that ruinous leadership hath wrought.

Nice discussion there Mark... Hillary and Debbie are a scourge on the Democratic Party. I and many others have had it with th CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT dems who are little more than RIGHT WINGERS withe "D's" after their name. Hillary STOLE the nomination from Bernie with able assist by Debbie. Debbie has been ENDORSING REPUBLICANS in U.S. House races for years and is NO Democrat but merely a "tool" for certain easily defined groups with particular agendas. Gillum should be out ... CAMPAIGNING WITH TIM CANOVA... NOT HILLARY AND DEBBIE!!!! We need to rid ourselves of Debbie in Democratic politics as well as Hillary. They BOTH need to step back into their respective family lives and out of the public sphere. Hillary just refuses to accept that the majority of the American people... CANNOT STAND TO HEAR OR SEE HER AND JUST WANT HER TO GO AWAY. Having had my Republican opponent Ginny Brown-Waite ENDORSED BY DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ.. NOT ONCE BUT TWICE IN THE ST Pete Times in 2006 when I was the Democratic Nominee for CD 5 was my first real taste of just how CORRUPT the Democratic Party Establishment was. Colonel Robert Bowman on the Space Coast for congress as well as another Democrat in the South Florida area received the same treatment from Debbie in 2006. We need REAL DEMOCRATS like Bernie and purportedly Andrew... NOT pretenders. I am already aware and have attempted to inform the Gillum campaign myself that staunch Democrats who have some considerable influence are already voting THIRD PARTY rather than for Gillum due to his apparent "tack to the Center." This does no bode well for Gillum. I advised that Gillum needs to get out on the campaign train WITH TIM CANOVA... IF he wants to salvage his opportunity... ONE TIME ONLY OPPORTUNITY to become Governor of Florida. Thank you, JR.

Can anyone show me the tweet or any statement from Sanders saying he is retracting Gillum's Endorsement? I don't think a mature and experienced politician will consider trying to unify the party to win a critical election is an act of treason. Gillum would have to be a very stupid politician if he refuses the Moderate suburban women to vote, especially after the Supreme Court debacle. Hillary whether we like her or not did pretty well in that group in 2016. No one better than Bloomberg will introduce Gillum, an unknown black from one of Miami poorest neighborhood, to the Strong South Florida Jewish community, especially after being accused of anti-Israel. I rather pick a smart candidate who understands that sometimes we have to compromise than 4/8 years of DeSantis.

Gillum is hope for Florida. Hope that some of Scott’s legacy can be changed. We need him. Don’t give the Republicans this win. Our young voters and our old, our school children and those with health insurance challenges all need Gillum. DeSantis is a Trump flag waver. Florida needs to do the right thing. Don’t stay home and give it away. Vote. Vote for change. Vote for Gillum and Nelson. Be smart.

I voted for him in the primaries but I will not be voting for him or anyone come November. I found what she did during the primaries against sanders to be cheating. I did not support a cheater then, I won’t now. No matter how many ppl tell me how to vote. Clinton should just stay home. Why stir up this animosity now? Does she not realize how devisive she is? I didn’t believe she was progressive during the election and I still dont. Sorry but whoever she campaigns with is giving her actions during the election a pass. Staying home. Good luck to the rest of my party but we keep pushing a dislikable person on the progressive branch of the party and we will keep losing.

You are making a very important political decision based on an emotional assumption that Gillum betrayed Sanders or the progressive voters who helped him win the primary. Remember that 900K people voted for DeSantis alone in the primaries. Also, take to consideration that staying home in November can help the Republicans to keep control of the House and the Senate, we can also help restore the voting rights to a more than a million of Floridians by voting YES on amendment 4.

There are four points you are missing here. 1-Sanders isn't in the Nov Florida gubernatorial ballot. 2-Have you heard Sanders saying he is being betrayed by Gillum? 3-Desantis won the Republican nomination with 900K votes. Do you think Gillum will deposit Florida's fate in a hand of a fraction of the State registered democrats? 4-What are you going to do with your post if Sanders comes back to support Gillum again?

There are four points you are missing here. 1-Sanders isn't in the Nov Florida gubernatorial ballot. 2-Have you heard Sanders saying he is being betrayed by Gillum? 3-Desantis won the Republican nomination with 900K votes. Do you think Gillum will deposit Florida's fate in a hand of a fraction of the State registered democrats? 4-What are you going to do with your post if Sanders comes back to support Gillum again?

Remember that it turned out Russia created the divide within the Democratic Party as part of their overall strategy to get Trump elected? Remember they were successful because a bunch of progressives fell for it and either didn’t vote or voted for Jill Stein? So what if both Sanders and Clinton support Gillum??!! Remember Trump is the President, Rick Scott is the governor and Marco Rubio is a Senator? Please STOP falling for Russian disinformation. FOCUS ON STOPPING THE GOP FROM DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY. Vote for Gillum and Nelson and every other Democrat on the ballot. Our country more is at stake in this than any other.

All of that Democratic Red Baiting was on shaky factual ground to begin with, and it looks like it is about to take a real beating in the press. I'm not sure that the Democratic Party is going to appreciate your reminding us of this for much longer when the original accusation of this being a fraud in the book Cracked is proven true. One doesn't have to like Trump to dislike being lied to.

Nothing changes as to why I decided to vote for him in the first place, It's about him and his movement in the correct direction.

and what direction is that ? BACKWARDS? - Florida has a Trillion Dollar economy (much better than a lot of countries) and Gillum wants to put a 40% tax on business and corporations - they will not grow the business - probably leave the state - we have a 3.9 unemployment rate that WILL go up up and up....... he also wants Florida to be a sanctuary state - crime will go up - statistics confirm that - and so will all services - welfare - food stamps - schools will be over-crowded - be careful what you wish for........

Not to mention healthcare for all would cost about 84 billion! Yes that is a B, billion! If Florida’s entire budget last year was 89 billion who else besides these corporations are gonna pay? Whose gonna pay after they move to a more tax friendly state? And move they will, moving expenses is a write off!

Andrew Gillum's proposed corporate tax increase. The Democratic nominee says he wants to raise the state tax rate from 5.5 percent to 7.75 percent in order to finance a $1 billion investment in education.

Yep and the sheep don't even care, thank god I will not vote for that fool.

I am voting for ANDREW GILLUM and it doesnt matter WHO he has stumping for him, I am supporting him and these distractions are just that. If you want DeSantis, then sit home and don't vote, if you dont vote for Gillum because you dont like Hillary, then circle DeSantis on your ballot. It is that simple! I am a progressive and Bernie supporter too (so analyze that)

Stop trying to tell people what to do, you old bag.

And Wimes is back being a repub shill!! …………... There are many Hilary supporters and they are little different than Gillum suppoters and together with independents, decent repubs disgusted by the racist scumbags like DeSantis, Trump, already came out in the primary and all the NPA will come out too in November cutting repubs big time as women, etc decent people kick your buts out.

Jerry, on behalf of Leslie Wimes, shut up saltine! You spend a lot of time on this Republican site, probably on Leslie’s articles alone. I’ve seen Andrew Gillum and Jeff Weaver address this issue I The last couple of days. Does that make them Republicans? Or is it only Leslie, a black woman, who can’t speak the truth. You sure are a salty saltine when it comes to her!

wow, can't we all get along? a win is a win. this is the reason the RNC keep winning they understand a win is a win... we don't get it. we stay bitter and salty cry when we get L

Dems lost to Trump because we were divided in the last election. Had Hillary and Bernie worked together we wouldn't have Trump now. The Tea Party didn't become a factor until the other Republicans started working with them. Leslie you need to look at the big picture if people don't vote because they don't like him getting support from Hillary then they haven't learned anything from the 2016 election and they simply don't care. Either we unify as a party or we become irrelevant.

wrong, killary is a joke and the dems will lose again in 2018 & 2020, because you have once again sold America out, not that i'm a gop fan either.

Not just blacks and Bernie voters, but seniors too — when they think of being triaged to the bottom of Medicare-for-all waiting lists, if everybody else is allowed in line, too ... more future votes from youngsters.

Crooked Hillary should be in jail not going around the country. She sold our uranium to our enemy. She let Our Servicemen die in BenGahzi. She didn’t use money donated for Haiti to help them.

I suggest you do your homework about the uranium which was sold because the committee Cfius approves the sale which has an equal number of Democrats and Republicans on the committee. Stop watching Fox News because they are feeding you a bunch of bogus talking points. Second after the committee approval any deals only the president can sign off on to make it official. The secretary of the United States has no authority to do so. Lastly what occurred in Benghazi is a terrible tradegy but Hillary was not responsible. Since 2010 who has controlled the House of Representatives? Yes the republicans who tried implementing austerity by cutting every budget to make former President Obama look bad. And guess which budget was also cut? You guessed correctly the budget for diplomatic security in the region. So who does Hillary have control over that? 2 years of wasted taxpayer money concluded with a report from the IG that I sliced her of any wrongdoing. What people failed to realize is that who charade the republicans put on was done because of them cutting the budgets and not wanting anyone to find out they were responsible for the deaths of the ambassador. My information is based on facts not opinion based news such as Fox News. Ever wonder why not one of the so called journalist have never won any type of awards?


Gillum & Hillary on TV. What more could the Florida GOP hope for? Two loser, failed candidates facing charges campaigning together and trading embezzlement strategies. Soon we'll see the 'Gillum Foundation'. Ha! Leslie Slimes sounds more than a little jealous. Her heart throb is ignoring her for Hillary.

Dave Manning is obsessed with Gillum’s love life.

Having that loathsome criminal Hillary at your fundraiser is "moving to the center"? The center of what? Leslie that horrible case of Trump Derangement Syndrome your afflicted with is starting to affect your brain.

What is Gillum thinking????


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