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Hillary Clinton Ahead of Donald Trump in Florida

August 4, 2016 - 4:15pm

With the conventions over, a new poll shows Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump in Florida, the largest swing state in presidential politics. 

Suffolk University released a poll on Thursday of likely voters in the Sunshine State showing Clinton ahead. She pulls 48 percent while Trump takes 42 percent. 

When two minor party candidates are added to the mix, Clinton’s lead shrinks. Clinton takes 43 percent followed by Trump with 39 percent. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, garners 4 percent while Green Party candidate Jill Stein gets 3 percent and 11 percent are undecided. 

“Hillary Clinton is leading thanks to southern Florida and women,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center on Thursday. “Trump is even seeing some Republicans holding back at this point while Clinton is a bit stronger among registered Democrats.”

The poll shows Clinton doing better with Florida Democrats than Trump does with Republicans in the Sunshine State. Clinton takes 81 percent of Democrats while 13 percent back the Republican nominee. Trump takes 74 percent of Republicans while Clinton has the support of 16 percent of them. 

Two-thirds of Clinton supporters--67 percent of them--say they are primarily voting for their candidate while 28 percent say they are backing her to stop Trump. Little more than half--52 percent--of Trump supporters say they are primarily voting for their candidate while 39 percent say they are backing him to stop Clinton. 

The two major party nominees are upside down in Florida. Clinton is seen as favorable by 44 percent but 50 percent view her unfavorably. Trump is seen as favorable by 37 percent and unfavorable by 54 percent. 

Johnson and Stein are far less known. Asked about Johnson, 14 percent view him favorably, 11 percent unfavorably and the rest don’t know enough about him to have an opinion or have never heard of him. Stein is even less known with 8 percent seeing her favorably, 14 percent seeing her as unfavorable and the rest don’t know enough about her to have an opinion or have never heard of her.

More than half of those surveyed--57 percent--say they feel less safe than they did five to ten years ago while 11 percent say they are safer and 28 percent think there hasn’t been a change. 

Asked what they see as the most important issue facing the next president, 26 percent of those surveyed said terrorism and national security while 18 percent think it is jobs and the economy and 10 percent say naming justices to the Supreme Court. 

The poll showed most Floridians--76 percent--either very concerned or somewhat concerned about the Zika virus in the coming months. 

The poll of 500 likely voters in Florida was taken from August 1-August 3 and had a margin of error of +/- 4.4 percent. 


DON'T BET ON IT !!! ("Florida" ISN'T Miami;.. Not by a long shot ! )

Those commenting favorably for Clinton are ignoring totally her dishonesty so vividly displayed in the such issues as her handling of emails, her lying about Benghazi and the truth underlying the purpose of the Clinton Foundation.

That all you got Roger mostly lies your side made up when Trump lies every time he opens his mouth and punking you and you are too stupid to know it....... in the process destroying the republican party and the far right for generations. And we couldn't do it without gullible fools like you who are doing it fir us. Thanks

Oh Jerry, do NOT count your chickens while the hen is still inside the henhouse! As you've said many, many times, polls are useless and really don't mean a thing!! They truly don't!

That is unfortunate. If Dumbo could keep his mouth shut for half a day, he might be able to do something. He is his own worst enemy, and likely leading us to a Hillary nightmare. If only Gary Johnson could get on the debates...classic.

South Florida suffers from too much mercury in the water and it has effected brain function. Should be a different state. Cut it off around Ocala. Women don't like Trump. And children and minorities don't like him either. Most of them couldn't pour piss out of a boot if they had it by the heel. Most of them have never had a job. Most of them don't have a clue about much other than Facebook and Tweets. And Pokeman. Whatever the hell that is. I was once young and dumb. Thought I knew it all. I didn't and eventually grew up. Granted, it took a while. But I did not have the power that these stupid, spoiled rich kids do. They must be rich since none of them have jobs. As for being a racist, well, that is a popular term theses days. Supreme Court shoots down Texas and NC law that would require one of SEVEN forms of state ID. Available to all. You can't buy a beer without ID. Maybe you can't get a drivers license if you have 5 DUIs, but what the hell. How do these people say it is racist? If we cracked down on the illegal black churches that tell the folks how to vote and then cart them there you might see fewer blacks turn out. But blacks stick together. They voted for Obama ONLY because he was, at least, half black, and they will vote for Hillary because Obama wants them to. They would vote for a resurrected Hitler if he was black. And all of the minorities will vote for whoever promises them the most free stuff. Most of the young blacks can't read, write or do simple arithmetic. Free college ain't gonna help that. There ain't gonna be any free college anyway. A Clinton presidency would be the end of this country. Twenty trillion in debt now. Four hundred million in ransom to Iran. Fornicate Iran. If Trump would get a handler that would muzzle him a bit - or at least bite only the bad guys - he can still win this. I can only pray to a merciful God that he does. Think Greece. Think Germany. THINK MUSLIM TERRORISTS. Coming soon to a theatre near you. Lyndon Johnson paved the way for this horse manure. Obama has smoothed the edges. Hillary will take it over the cliff ala Thelma and Louise. If you care about the country, vote Trump.

You got that right Trapper! In fact, my wife and I have looked into which country we could move to in case Hillary was somehow elected.My concern is we need to be close enough to Saint Thomas for my VA care and a good medical alternative, if one's needed. I hope to God Hillary is NOT elected by all the goat followers Hillary has! The U.S. of A. will either collapse, or be invaded, and quite possibly taken over by buckets of scumbags like the Bushwhackers, and the Clintonians! Either way, my bases are being covered! GO TRUMP!!

I know the American electorate's are not the sharpest tools in the shed, but they are sharp enough to know that voting for the "Pant Suit Panther" would end America as we know it, as our founding fathers envisioned our country. And... if you think you will be getting a job electing her as POTUS. Guess what??? You will be pushing a bucket of s-it with a short handled stick!!! A previous writer nailed it with +- 75 % :)))

Typical far far right. Anything that doesn't agree with you, regardless of the facts, is a conspiracy, promulgated by the media. Forget all the lies Trump said recently.

How about your own LIES, Indepants? You easily become agitated when someone simply disagrees with you but it seems like whatever you say, everyone must believe it to be true! FACT is, ALL politicians lie. Hillary lies, Bill lies, Donald lies, Paul Ryan lies, I lie, you lie, here, as a matter of fact, so to your point.........what was your point? GO TRUMP!!

Yes Facts are an inconvenient Truth to Liberals - aren't they? Such as Hillary is physically and mentally unfit to run, Hillary should be in jail. others are for doing lesser crimes, and Hillary is a lying con artist. Trump is a successful business leader, knows how to deal with foreign countries, and has extensive experience in dealing with people. He has been right on world events for the past 30 years? Our own Government has asked his experience on more than one occasion. Too bad they didn't listen.. Trump will be great for America.. Hillary will be a disaster.. equal only to Merkel of Germany.. you choose.. remember its not just you but your children and grandchildren who will suffer. .. if you chose the way of Germany..

How very bizarre that you can claim Trump is the more experienced, more honest and more mentally fit of the two major candidates running for President. Surely you have the two reversed!! Trump, by all fact checking, media verification and research is showing as 70%+ lies and untruths....whereas Hillary is in the 20 to 25% range. Hillary has been in public service for over 40 years....locally, State Senator for NY, nationally and internationally as Secretary of State, where she visited over 100 countries world wide in that capacity and is HIGHLY respected by world leaders. Trump, on the other hand, has zero international experience or knowledge, which is proven every time he opens his mouth and comments on an international situation proving how incredibly clueless and dangerous he is. ("Why can't we just use nuclear weapons?" "Russia could invade the Ukraine" "My knowledge of Putin is when we were both interviewed for TV" "My knowledge of Russia is when I ran the Miss Universe Pageant there several years ago" etc. etc.). As a business man his record is ludicrous, having filed bankruptcies numerous times, cheating contractors and workers out of their agreed upon compensation as an ongoing business practice, having his line of shirts, hats, ties, etc. ALL manufactured in foreign countries and NOT in the USA, filing hundreds of lawsuits against others to "wear them down" to drop any claim against him....and on and on. Most frightening is his temperament and inflammatory rhetoric when the slightest thing can set him off into an attack and insulting mode, whether it be a crying baby, a tweet of criticism from a non supporter, a speech by a Gold Star family or any thing that his fragile and unbalanced ego can not handle. Hillary has the knowledge, temperament, intelligence and experience to be an exceptional President. She has my vote!

Me, it is people like you that Trump will lose as few are as delusional as you, c breeze, others here. As Trump ignorance keeps on displaying itself and indulting everyone but bigots, racists his polls will drop much farther.

There you go again, Jerry.People are entitled to their opinions aren't they, Jerry? Don't be such a hypocrite, Jerry and stop berating others who voice their opinions! You support Hillary, I support Trump, knowing full well that BOTH candidates are NOT even near perfect, but I believe I'm supporting the person who will not continue the welfare gravy train, on many, many levels! I agree, Jerry, to disagree, just stop the silly name calling and silly, negative comments. They only make you appear as being oh so petty! GO TRUMP!!

Looking at the size of those Trump Supporters at Both Daytona Beach and Jacksonville Campaign Rally's...............Makes us think the polls have more that a 3% room for era margin, more like 75%.

@Anony, 8,000 attended the Trump event. Wonder where you were and you're off by so many! GO TRUMP!!

BS you are believing the media.. owned and operated by Democraps - - - - - - Shame on you for propagating it.. lies are still lies no matter how many times you print it or preach it.. Wake up...

Yet you back the biggest liar ever it seems. He can't open his mouth without lying. His only policy speech came out fact checked with 59% lies! He is a liberal conman seeking publicity by trolling the far right, punking them, you! And you nominated him! You are such stupid fools to be so easily conned by the likes of Trump punking you.

There you go again, Jerry. Still mouthing off your insults to people who are expressing their opinions. Your percentage numbers are sadly askew, and you name calling is just revealing how ignorant you may be! Yes, I voted for Trump, and will do so in November. My vote will be cast primarily because of Hillary's poor and pathetic record, as an alleged leader in our governmental system and because of all the lies she has passed along while campaigning. She'll make sure the United States will lose what little credibility is left by Obama. It won't take her long and she and Congress will be battling from day 1! GO TRUMP!!

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