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Gwen Graham Staying Active in 2016 With Eyes Set on 2018 Run

August 29, 2016 - 6:00am
Gwen Graham
Gwen Graham

For retiring Congresswoman Gwen Graham, 2016 is all about 2018. 

When announcing that she would not run for a second term in Congress back in April, Graham threw open the door to running for governor, the post her father Bob Graham held for eight years in the late 1970s and early to mid 1980s. 

While Graham isn’t on the ballot this year, thanks in part to the latest round of redistricting which made her district far more hospitable to Republicans, she is staying busy on the campaign trail. 

Last week, Graham was in Panama City rallying Hillary Clinton supporters, hosting a phone bank for the Democratic presidential candidate and praising her small business plan. Graham also sent out an email on behalf of Congressman Patrick Murphy, urging Democrats to back his U.S. Senate bid. Also last week, Graham urged African-American voters to take part in the process in a “Souls to the Polls” event. 

Graham is staying busy on the campaign trail this week. On Thursday, she is scheduled to head to Gainesville for a fundraiser for Rod Smith’s effort to get back to the Florida Senate. 

“I'm proud to support Rod Smith for Florida in his fight for stronger schools, a secure middle class and clean water," Graham announced last week, praising the former Florida Democratic Party chairman as someone who could send “real leadership back to Tallahassee.”

Nor is Graham the only member of her family. Earlier this month, her father, who served three terms in the U.S. Senate as well as his two terms as governor, went after Donald Trump for not releasing his taxes.

"Each day that passes without Donald Trump releasing his tax returns is another day that he is failing to meet a fundamental obligation to the American public,” Bob Graham said. "This isn't complicated. When you're asking voters to trust you with the future of our country, they deserve to know how you made your money and what you did with it. 

"Our state is home to one of the strongest government transparency laws in the nation and Floridians expect Donald Trump to follow the example set by every other major-party presidential nominee since 1976,” Graham added. “Enough with the bogus excuses. It's time we find out what Donald Trump is hiding."

Graham is not the only Florida Democrat looking to run for governor in 2018. Other potential candidate for the Democrats include Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine and state Sen. Jeremy Ring. 


I am a life long Republican and I will be proud to support Gwen Graham! Her father is one of the finest men I have ever known and was an excellent Governor and Senator. During her time in office Gwen has been extremely conciliatory toward Republican colleagues, and is consistently respectful to other points of view. She follows the example of House Speaker Tip O'Neal and President Ronald Reagan, and of Governor Bob Graham in working together for the good of our country. Comments like those above demonstrate exactly the attitudes that have put our Congress into the shape it is in, and Gwen has stood against this sort of personal attack in both word and deed.

The Grahams are a "political Dead-End". The nepotistic Gwen did NOTHING substantial for District 2, except make Steve Southerland look like the best Representative to have ever "come down our Pike". Gwen is wrong; District 2 has looong been Republican, and was not at all affected by redistricting, nor the reason she is abandoning her (D-2) 'seat',.. Like Charlie "the Tuna" Crist, Gwen is a confirmed political "musical chair status seeker" who dreams that nepotism alone will ultimately carry her to the "Governors Mansion"... What a joke, and what a lack of talent ! ! ! "This 'apple' unfortunately fell EXACTLY "UNDER THAT SPARCE TREE" and rolled away....looking to become a "peach"!

Well stated and many concur.

I don't care about his tax returns, I'm more concerned about the health of the candidates. They should both submit to an independent physical, then the results made public! Hillary released hers and the only thing we learned is most of her charitable donations go back to herself!

Yet another lefty family seeking the next generation of entitled public office. No real experience, but, the title of "governor" sounds nice! Go figure.

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