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Group of Seven Agenda


It was obvious that the planning for the G-7 Conference was intended to circumvent and isolate Trump as much as was possible. Clearly, all of the other leaders in that group want as little to do with him as possible - and any even casual observer would understand why. Putin's putain, a de-regulator, and a climate denier.

The international community deserves the mocking. Too cold in the 80's then too warm and now its cooling again. If they spent the billions they waste on climate change for advancing the poor & homeless they could have done some real good in the world. It's not too late but it is easier to fly around in private jets complaining about the weather.

So mocking the international community for being concerned about the condition of our planet - our only planet - is helpful? If the current administration was a little more concerned about the long term impacts of extinction of species, climate change impacts through natural disasters, increasingly severe and extreme weather events our future would indeed be brighter. Giving away public lands for fossil fuel development, disrupting ecosystems in the pursuit of profit, ensconcing lobbyists in positions of power and over site of the very protections they abhor is pure insanity.

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