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GOP Super PAC Steps in to Help Carlos Curbelo in South Florida

October 30, 2018 - 6:00am
Carlos Curbelo and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell
Carlos Curbelo and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), a super PAC connected to the Republican leadership in the U.S. House, is launching a new TV ad as U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla., hopes to win a third term in a swing district in South Florida. 

The new ad contrasts Curbelo’s record on economic issues with that of his Democrat opponent Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. The ad--in both English and Spanish versions--is hitting the Miami airwaves and will be run online as well. 

Courtney Alexander, a spokeswoman for the CLF, weighed in on the new ads. 

“Carlos Curbelo is an independent voice working across the aisle to fight for more jobs, lower taxes, and more economic growth,” she said. “Debbie Powell opposes middle-class tax cuts that are saving Florida families $2,000, supports billions in new government spending, and even supports the dangerous Iran deal. Debbie Powell is too expensive and extreme for South Florida families.”

“Carlos Curbelo is an independent voice working across the aisle to fight for more jobs, lower taxes, and more economic growth,” the narrator of the ad says. “Debbie Powell opposes middle-class tax cuts that are saving $2,000 for Florida families. She supports billions in new government spending. Powell even supports the dangerous Iran deal. Debbie Powell: Too expensive. Too extreme. Too dangerous.”

The CLF also noted its operations in the South Florida district, including phone banking, canvassing and having staff and volunteers there. 

In the meantime, the Democrat unveiled the support of a South Florida congresswoman on Monday. 

“I proudly support bringing a problem-solver like Debbie to Washington, whether it’s to defend our children’s education or reduce Florida’s traffic problems,” said U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla.. “Representation matters, and we need diverse women in Congress to defend our communities from this administration and to bring real change to Florida.”


We need you in Congress to help get President Trump's Agenda bills through Congress, the Senate and to the President's desk for signing. You are doing a good job and represent ALL the Floridians in your district very well. We are on a roll and want to continue what President Trump has started which is to fulfill his campaign promises and do even more than that for Florida and the Country. We need the President to back us on getting the Federal Government to either ask the US Congress to fund already existing plans that need to be implemented by the U.S. Corp of Engineers or to review the antiquated plans and come up with a new, more efficient and better use of funds plan to once and for all protect our water ways, prevent flooding and preserve the Everglades. You can help with all of this. If a Dem takes your place, "resist, obstruct, impeach" is all we'll hear and see for another 2 years. Go get 'em Carlos. You are the guy to get things done. As long as the GOP Super PAC is reporting facts and not "fake news" what's there to complain about? Just more bellyaching by the Dems. Isn't everyone tired of seeing those perpetual frowns, contorted, angry faces while listening to screechy women rail on about being victims. Walk away from the Dem's guys and gals.

I agree with you...BUT, if the choice is Curbelo or a Democrat,... I'll have to go with the Democrat (THAT'S how useless I think Curbelo has been,... He's a "Soros toady" who sold his honor for "Soros dollars", along with McCain, Rubio, Kaysic, Graham, Schumer, and a few other Dems on "George's "regular ongoing payroll"...)

Time to bring an end to super-PACs, time to repeal the Citizens United decision, time to return to the Fairness Doctrine, and time to totally embrace campaign finance reform.

Curbelo is, and always has been, a faker: it is more tha time for his Democrat replacement to ease the pain he has caused to Florida... "GO DEBBIE !"

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