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GOP Leaders Criticize Mike Hill for 'Callous Indifference'

June 1, 2019 - 7:30am
Mike Hill
Mike Hill

House Speaker Jose Oliva and other Republican leaders Friday condemned Rep. Mike Hill, R-Pensacola, for his "laughter and refusal to push back" on a question about whether he'd introduce legislation allowing the execution of homosexuals. 

"Such callous indifference to an outrageous question is unacceptable, runs contrary to our founding principles, and in no way reflects the beliefs of the Republican caucus in the Florida House," Oliva and House Rules Chairman Chris Sprowls, R-Palm Harbor, said in a joint statement, following calls from Florida Democrats for Hill to apologize and resign. 

Oliva, R-Miami Lakes, did not call for Hill to resign. But he said Hill "owes his colleagues an apology and he owes the Republican caucus a better example of political courage." 

Hill's comments garnered backlash from numerous elected officials Friday afternoon after audio was released of a recent meeting in Pensacola of a group called Women for Responsible Legislation. 

A person at the meeting commented that in "1 Corinthians, it says that a man who has an affair with another man will be put to death. Hill responded by saying the Old Testament said that too, and when asked if he would introduce legislation on the matter, Hill chuckled and said, "I wonder how that would go over?" 

Hill responded on Twitter Friday evening after Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, an Orlando Democrat who is gay, blasted him in a tweet. “Fake news, Carlos! And you know it. I never said I wanted to kill anyone! Instead, I am being attacked because I have made a strong stand to protect the preborn in the womb,” Hill tweeted. 

Hill created another media uproar recently after pledging to refile legislation similar to a controversial Alabama “fetal heartbeat” law that would ban most abortions. His past efforts to get the Florida House to pass such a proposal have failed.


White supremacists going after an African American Senator. Why do democrats hate African Americans so much

The Republican party wrote the book on "callous indifference".

Amazing how we demand that we all are to embrace diversity but when a person doesn't respond in a manner that is consistent with what the "party" or "mainstream" they become a target. Embracing Diversity I always thought meant embracing differences in ideas as well as appearance.

I wonder if a Leftist Dem will ever be able to laugh at themselves again when they come out of their Trump Delusion Syndrome. I can't imagine going through life with a pinched up face on the lookout for anything they can find to demean another human being and fellow American who doesn't agree with them. It is really sad when you think about it. They are backing themselves into a very uncomfortable corner when there is simply nothing they can find to be happy about or to like or to at least tolerate without trying to destroy it. All you can do is say "next question, please"

As stated, the question IS "outrageous". What would YOU answer? There are many considerations, in that the question 'sets aside' the fact that it applies ONLY to a select group of individuals. The Death Penalty is a (PERHAPS) questionable law in its own right. Asking to exempt (or NOT exempt) any group that is still not yet accepted by ALL is not reasonable.

Yet Trump does similar and repubs are silent, scared to death of Trump like the cowards they are......………..Repubs are morally and fiscally bankrupt...…………..And shows the quality of your followers.

No, we're "scared to death" of morons like you, "jerry"....................

Isn't it sad that laughter and jokes are no longer acceptable forms of communication. We love you Mike. Thank you for sticking up for babies. Keep up the great work.

@Karen Schoen: Laughter and jokes are acceptable forms of communication, however, they become unacceptable when used to demean or scorn people. Sad that you cannot distinguish that. As reported in the Pensacola news: "During the remarks, Hill laughed off a suggestion from a member of the audience that he sponsor a bill to allow gay people to be executed for their sexuality. The suggestion came moments after Hill said he believed laws aimed at protecting the rights of gay people were wrong.".

It's a shame you have no sense of humor. None of you Democrats do. You all have your panties in a twist 24/7/365. Grow up and get over it.

We're ALL laughing at their collective stupidity too, Rep. Mike Hill (HANG TOUGH !): Oliva, and his sycophant lackies believe "appologies" ( even for laughter) can "heal all perceived wounds" and solve all problems, while simultaneously absolving all fools (political and otherwise); DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY in rational minds !

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