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Floridians Worried About Identity Theft

October 11, 2017 - 9:00am

Identity theft is becoming more of a concern for Floridians, a new poll finds. 

AAA released a study on Wednesday which shows that the overwhelming majority of Floridians have concerns about identity theft with 55 percent saying they are somewhat concerned about it and 35 percent saying they are very concerned about it. Only 10 percent of Floridians surveyed say they are not concerned about identity theft. 

The poll shows Floridians have reason to be concerned as almost a third of those surveyed--31 percent--have been victims of identity theft in the past two years while 69 percent say they have not been victims of it. 

“Every two minutes another consumer becomes a victim of identity fraud, “ said Josh Carrasco, a spokesman for AAA and the Auto Club Group. “It is vital for consumers to take steps now to keep their financial and personal information secure. 

Floridians have confidence in banks and credit card companies when it comes to protecting their information with 45 percent saying they have high trust in those institutions to keep their information secure while the same percentage say they have a medium level of trust in them. Only 10 percent of those surveyed say they have a low level of trust in banks and credit card companies when it comes to protecting their data. 

Floridians have less faith that ATMs will keep their account information secure though 76 percent of those surveyed say they have high or medium trust in ATMs while 24 percent say they have low trust in them. 

Brick and mortar stores also garner confidence from Floridians with 82 percent of those surveyed saying they have high or medium trust in those retailers while 18 percent have low trust in them when it comes to protecting their information. When asked about online retailers, the numbers do not change much with 80 percent of those surveyed having high or medium trust in them when it comes to securing their information while 20 percent have low levels of trust. However, Floridians have less faith in gas stations when it comes to securing their data with almost half of those surveyed--47 percent--saying they have low levels of trust in them while 53 percent have high or medium trust in them. 

The poll shows Floridians are taking more steps to ensure their data is protected with 76 percent of those surveyed monitoring their bank accounts and credit card transactions and 62 percent receiving alerts about suspicious transactions. Half of those surveyed--50 percent--monitor their credit scores and 58 percent of Floridians use only chip-based credit and debit cards. However, a clear majority of Floridians--78 percent--have shopped at stores without chip card readers. 

The AAA Consumer Pulse Survey was conducted online among 400 residents living in Florida from September 28 through October 6, and had a margin of error of +/- 4.9 percent and was part of a larger national poll. 


"Cash is still King".... Put away your credit & debit cards if you really want to promote your own "identity theft" protection...No one else really cares about YOUR "IDENTITY THEFT", unless it's to sell you "identity theft safeguards" (can you spell EQUIFAX ?)

Between government Agencies, credit organizations, banks, medical billing, credit card companies, educational facilities, companies such as "Amazon, Google, Facebook", etc., etc.,..", your life (with ALL of its personal information) is a "Very OPEN book" that is "shared" among EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM !!! (Brace yourselves, your turn is a forgone conclusion..)

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