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Florida's Senators Call Out China's Handling of Hong Kong Protests

August 15, 2019 - 6:00am
A recent protest at the airport in Hong Kong
A recent protest at the airport in Hong Kong

Florida’s two senators on Capitol Hill weighed in on China's crackdown on protests in Hong Kong in recent days. 

The protests, which started over an extradition policy that could lead activists in Hong Kong to be deported to mainland China, have resulted in the shutdown of the Hong Kong airport.

Weighing in on the protests, U.S. Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., ripped into the Chinese regime and on Wednesday urged President Trump to stay strong.

“I applaud President Trump for taking strong action to hold China accountable," said Scott. "China has shown it can’t be trusted. Right now, they are violating human rights and breaking their agreement to give Hong Kong autonomy and freedom. Now more than ever, the president must be aggressive and stay strong against China. We have to continue putting economic pressure on China, while doing everything we can to support U.S. taxpayers and job creators.”

“China is not our friend -- that much is clear,” Scott had said a day earlier.“They do not support freedom or the rights of individuals. Right now, China is attempting to put an end to the prosperity and remaining political freedom of Hong Kong. But China’s efforts to silence opposition and dissent won’t be tolerated. American taxpayers cannot continue to support China’s aggression, and must start supporting American businesses over Chinese products. This is about protecting human rights.

“The United States, and all the freedom-loving nations around the world, must stand ready to swiftly move to defend freedom if China escalates the conflict in Hong Kong,” Scott added. 

U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee member Marco Rubio, R-Fla., also took aim at the Chinese regime. 

“China’s escalating threats against HongKong is not an ‘internal matter," Rubio insisted Tuesday. “It’s a blatant violation of commitment to Hong Kong’s autonomy Beijing made in an international treaty.

“And given their history of repression, Chinese troops massed on border is cause for grave concern,” he added.

Rubio followed up on Wednesday morning on Twitter. 

“Actions of the Chinese government against Hong Kong a cautionary lesson for anyone thinking about any deal with them,” he insisted. “They signed a treaty promising autonomy and democracy for Hong Kong. They will agree to anything to get a deal. But they have no intention of keeping those promises.”

Over in the U.S. House, most of the Florida delegation has been silent on the protests but U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., who leads Republicans on the U.S. House Asia and the Pacific Subcommittee, weighed in on them this week.  

“The continuation of Hong Kong protests, including today’s closing of the city’s international airport, shows that rising resentment in Hong Kong is not simply a result of the ill-fated extradition law, but the continued encroachment on freedoms and liberties by Xi Jinping and the CCP,” Yoho insisted on Monday. 


Yeah right !!!... How many Chinese do you think give a "flying F" what Rubio, Scott, and ALL of our Local, State, and Federal "pettifogging politicians" whine about ANYTHING going on in China?!? OUR political nitwits even ignore most of what's going on in America,... (Except collecting money for re-election: Fool them America,...VOTE THEM OUT AFTER TWO TERMS,..OR LESS ! (No more "career politicians", they are "clogging up" our political system....Let them find a REAL job ! )

Big deal. Who cares? Scott and Rubio just make noise - senseless noise - just to get attention. What happens if Chinese legislators "call them out"? Will they both hop to and change their ways? Pppfftt.

What the hell does "call them out" mean? Ha ha ha! Would that be like the way Putin called out Hillary to work together in a failed attempt to swing the election?

Little Marco...Little Marco we all see your "little jealous boy" "tweet" there. Do you know you are looking more like a traitor to our nation more and more with each passing day? Grow up Little Marco you should look at Trump kicking your @zz as nothing personal. It was just politics little fellow. Get over it already and support our President or you are not getting re - elected. Stop with the back stabbing tweets already.

A couple of months back, Rubio should have made the decision to challenge Trump in the primaries leading up to the 2020 election. He would get plenty of votes from genuine and sensible Republicans and Independents in the primaries - and he might have actually been able to unseat the racist, lying, cheating, and draft-dodging sorry excuse for a president that currently occupies the Oval Office (at least some of the time).

Adolph Rodham Hitlary would have been an infinitely worse choice than President Trump.

But no doubt a better choice than "waterbottle rubio"

It's at times like these when we are all so thankful that Bill Nelson was given a pink slip by voters.

AMEN !, AMEN !, AMEN ! ("Zippy, the rocketeer" is thankfully earthbound in his "rocking" chair) !

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