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Florida's Up for Grabs in November

May 23, 2016 - 9:00am
Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are running close in Florida which looks poised to remain the largest swing state in presidential elections, a new poll shows. 

CBS News released a poll over the weekend showing Clinton at 43 percent and Trump right behind her at 42 percent. When Bernie Sanders replaces Clinton as the Democratic nominee, he ties Trump at 44 percent apiece. 

All of the candidates are upside down in the Sunshine State. While 39 percent of Florida votes see Clinton as favorable, 56 percent view her unfavorably. Trump’s numbers are very similar with 38 percent of those surveyed seeing him as favorable while 55 percent view him unfavorably. Sanders comes closest to breaking even with 38 percent of Florida voters seeing him in a favorable light while 40 percent see him as unfavorable and 22 percent are not sure. 

The poll finds Clinton is seen as a liberal who listens to big donors but is generally seen as better prepared to be commander in chief than Trump is. Trump is seen as someone who tells it like it is and will bring change to Washington but 72 percent of those surveyed think he “can be too extreme in his views.”

Asked if the federal government should impose a temporary ban on Muslims entering the nation, Florida voters are split with 50 percent saying the ban should be enacted with the same percentage opposed to the idea. Florida voters are more open to giving illegal aliens a path to citizenship with 60 percent supporting the idea while 40 percent want them deported. 

Florida voters are concerned about the economy, the poll shows with 43 percent saying they are very concerned about it and 42 percent somewhat concerned. 

More than two-thirds of Florida voters--68 percent--have concerns over a negative campaign this election cycle. 

The poll of 995 likely Florida voters was taken from May 16-May 19 and had a margin of error of +/- 4 percent. 

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