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Florida Political Fixture Pam Keith 'Goes Low' on Death of David Koch

August 26, 2019 - 6:00am
Pam Keith and David Koch
Pam Keith and David Koch

Twice-failed congressional candidate Pam Keith appears intent on making a name for herself as a firebrand personality in Florida, since she can't manage to do so in the political arena. In a state known for its lunacies, Keith manages to rise above those tales and serve as an embarrassment for residents.

It is forever revealing when those who lecture us the loudest on tolerance, acceptance, and decency are the first people to violate the same standards when events call for those very characteristics. Note when there is a shooting tragedy and these supposedly warm-hearted minds feel the need to be critical of anyone offering condolences and prayers of support -- as they next stampede into politicizing the tragedy for their own gain. 

A similar reaction is assured when any figure from the supposed conservative side of the aisle passes away, which we saw in spades on Friday when billionaire philanthropist David Koch died at the age of 79. The Koch brothers have long been lightning rods for hatred from the left, their Libertarian stances perplexedly causing heads to become inflamed. This, despite the fact that over the years they supported numerous causes the left loves.

The disturbingly joyous response to someone passing was not relegated to anonymous trolls. The death of Koch was loudly celebrated by numerous political and celebrity fixtures. Bill Maher, and Bette Midler were just two of them, as well as a wide array of journalists' names who applauded his passing. 

Remember Michelle Obama's proud boast about Democrats -- "when they go low, we go high"? Apparently not all of them ascribe to the former First Lady's philosophy.

Just try to grasp, many of these uncharitable people are the ones who want to drive the thoughts and emotions of our nation, dancing on the grave of another individual. And one of the most virulent of those voices belonged to Florida’s own political pariah, Pam Keith.

When the announcement broke Friday, Keith could not hold back from joining the dark chorus of voices. First, she provided a Bible verse in response to the news, giving the text of Matthew 19: 23-24, which addresses the likelihood of a rich person passing into heaven. While possibly deemed an inappropriate commentary on the death of an individual, the text itself was not all that offensive of a message. But then 10 minutes later, Keith went down the crude rabbit hole. 

In a follow-up, the woman quoting Scripture took a decided non-religious, unforgiving tone in her comments. “Good riddance, Mr. Koch. You spent a lifetime making the world uglier & perverting our democratic process. The world feels a smidge lighter w/out you. In the end, you can’t take a red cent of your money w/you. You will face your maker standing on the impact you made. I pity you.”

Try to imagine how vile one’s heart would have to be to take on this stance with the passing of an individual. She positions herself as a religious sort, then resorts to the most dark-hearted response, sheerly based on political opposition. What's all the more remarkable is that Keith says these crudalities without any knowledge of the person she is condemning. I promise she would be surprised to learn just what and how much David Koch supported, based on her hateful scorn rooted in information that apparently was fed to her.

David Koch had donated billions of his personal wealth to a variety of causes and organizations. He gave millions to criminal justice reform, and far more to build hospitals and fund seriously important cancer research. What also must be a complete shock to Keith is what Koch supported that she likewise promotes. Koch was pro-choice, he supported gay rights and causes, and was pro-immigration. What a demon he was. Additionally, the Koch brothers were no supporters of Donald Trump. But even without those similarities in cause, there is still no reason to sink to the depraved depths of Keith’s comments.

Pam Keith has made outreach efforts towards the freshman women in Congress who have risen in stature since the mid-term elections. She has made numerous comments in support of Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, even garnering recognition from them, something the two-time Democratic primary loser thinks is helpful. Keith certainly seems to have adopted their propensity for inflammatory and hateful prolix.      

When she received pushback from many about her negative comments toward Koch’s passing, Keith didn't mellow. Instead she doubled-down, offering further condemnation of the man. “It absolutely needed to be said. We give FAR too much weight & deference to the rich," she said. "And so, it is VERY important to point out that they are frail & human. And that their wealth does not warrant the power they wield. You are free to unfollow if offended.”

Pam Keith has already displayed an aversion to the facts, so it is with a certain futility I will offer up some more. While she was busying herself by casting a man into purgatory on the basis of his riches, the Obamas had just closed a deal on a $15 million Martha’s Vineyard mansion. For some reason, I feel that couple will not be receiving such a stinging rebuke over their wealth from Keith.

Brad Slager, a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer, wrote this story exclusively for Sunshine State News. He writes on politics and the industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.


Hey Everyone... We all need to take a step back and remember that "forgiven people--forgive others." Now, if you can't honestly say that you know that you know that you know you are forgiven by God--well then--maybe it does make sense to you to be an unforgiving person. All I know is that it is heartbreaking when anyone dies without God because believe it or not--the body dies--we do not. So, separation from God in eternal outer darkness and torment is not something I would wish on my worst enemy--even the deep staters, regardless of what they have done. We have ONE CHANCE to make real change in our country, and it is NOW. Look in the mirror, and ask yourself if you feel righteous. Can you honestly say that you have not committed any sins yourself? If you can't, then you better stop bashing others and work on yourself. We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. It takes a genuinely honest person to face their fears and deal with what is at home in their heart BEFORE they judge someone else. I don't condone what this Pam Keith has said, or what she is doing, but that's on her--NOT ON ME. I keep my judging for what I do--not what someone else does. Otherwise, by judging others--you are just doing it to AVOID YOURSELF.

I think you're confusing JUDGING for APPROVAL or DISAPPROVAL within a conversation where people are expressing their opinions. We are not giving verdicts that will be applied to the person we're talking about., so we're not judging.

How much have YOU donated Ms. Keith? Some of Mr. Koch's donations: $185 million - Massachusetts Institute of Technology According to Koch Industries records, the money helped fund cancer research, a childcare center, biology building and the David H. Koch School of Chemical Engineering. $150 million - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center It was the largest single gift the center received. The money went to build an outpatient medical facility. $100 million - New York-Presbyterian Hospital Koch sent the nine-figure donation to help build an ambulatory care center in his honor. Another $28 million went to other needs for the hospital. $100 million - New York State Theater at Lincoln Center The theatre is now known as the David H. Koch Theatre. New York, USA - May 29, 2018: David H Koch Theater, New York City Ballet. $66.7 million - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center This donation went to assist the center with additional research funds. $65 million - The Metropolitan Museum of Art The New York museum had their plaza renovated with the money. $35 million - Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History Koch’s money was spent renovating the museum’s dinosaur hall and $15 million went toward the David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins. Washington DC, USA - April 12, 2015: Banners hang at the entrance to the National Museum of Natural History in DC. It is considered the second most visited museum in the world. $26.5 million - M.D. Anderson Cancer Center The donation assisted with the research of genitourinary cancers, resulting in a center bearing his name. $26.2 million - The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York This charitable donation served as a capital campaign along with other causes. $20 million - American Museum of Natural History, New York The Dinosaur Wing of the museum was named for his monetary assistance. The entrance hall of American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West, New York City, NY, USA $20 million - Johns Hopkins University The eight-figure donation sent to cancer research at a center named for Koch. $10 million - Jaffe Food Allergy Institute at the Mount Sinai Medical Center This donation created the David H. and Julia Koch Research Program in Food Allergy Therapeutics

Use your imagination for a moment here. Suppose the races, sexes, and political leanings of these two people were all reversed/swapped. How would the mainstream media be portraying the person that made the insensitive comments? Let me answer if your imagination is still in Monday morning mode. The person that made the "good riddance" post would be called a racist, misogynist Nazi by every left-wing rag out there. Think about that!!!!!

I'm with Keith! The Koch brothers are absolutely no better than the worst of the Russian oligarchs - and their businesses are likely among this country's worst polluters and wasters of resources. They've played no small part in using the Republican Party to slowly destroy democracy in this country while turning it into a corporatocracy - which they've had a big hand in running.

Put the Kool-Aid down and find the real facts other than the fake news. Looks like your still in Mommies basement.

Perhaps if you moved out of your mom's basement and accomplished something with your life you'd feel differently.

Maybe they will listen.

A very hate-filled post.

To make this situation even more weird the Koch brothers were staunch "Never Trumpers" why am I the only one to remember this? Anyway let this be a lesson to all you "Never Trumpers" out there. The left will take a whizz on your grave too. Just like this FloriDuhh girl Ms. Pam Keith took a whizz and a dump on Mr. Koch' before he was even cold in his grave.

Evil people like to hurt others and take pride in saying things they hope will inflict pain. They stupidly think they elevate themselves when they put down others. Pam Keith, in my opinion, is the personification of evil.

She takes her queues from the DNC.

Hahaha! Your statement couldn't be any less true.

This article shows Democrats as despicable in general, and abhorrently banal: Let's see how "loudly excited" they get when they learn the details of the "shutting down of the "Hillary, Bill, and Spawn, Clinton Foundation" [criminal charges pending]. (Pam, we'll remember you when YOU go...(most likely NOT !)

Look I am Democrat and while I am not a fan of the Koch brothers, I do not in ANYWAY condone the remarks of Ms. Keith. Her remarks do not reflect how all or most Democrats feel. I think that in this hypercharged world that we live in that we need to assign blame to the person who makes the remarks. In this case, Ms. Keith owns them not all Democrats no matter their feeling goof or bad toward the Koch family. I am the first to say when a firebrand from the right attacks a Democrat - my first response is not to blame Republicans or President Trump- but to call out the person who made the remark. So, please do not blame all Democrats for things said by one person.

Try to imagine how vile one’s heart would have to be to take on this stance with the passing of an individual. She positions herself as a religious sort, then resorts to the most dark-hearted response, sheerly based on political opposition. What's all the more remarkable is that Keith says these crudalities without any knowledge of the person she is condemning. I promise she would be surprised to learn just what and how much David Koch supported, based on her hateful scorn rooted in information that apparently was fed to her.........................

I agree with your comment, but why did you include a link to spam?

Did you mourn the passing of Charles Manson? Will you mourn the passing of Sirhan Sirhan? How about Saddam Hussein? Osama Bin Ladin?

When they go low, we get high! BTW, if you want to talk about speaking ill of the dead, don't forget about Trump and McCain. Thankfully McCain, the war hero, didn't have his funeral smeared by the clown being there. Trump cant forget that McCain voted no on Repeal and Replace, even though the Republicans didn't, don't, and will never have any actual replacement. Trump didn't know that, and probably wont ever figure it out. Obamacare does not cover my Trump Derangement Syndrome, but the Trump anonymous meetings are free and the coffee is good.

Shouldn't speak ill of the ignorantly handicapped either "O'Joe"; so stop providing us with so many reasons too.

I agree with you. This is a vile comment.

I am in total agreement with you.

As Americans, we have come to acknowledge the Democrat party as the party of hate and envy. Pam Keith epitomizes this low level of a disgusting human being.

Looking for attention and acknowledgement is a sad street for many. I agree!

Right. Trump and the republicans spread so much love. Child separation, Muslim ban, great people on both sides, etc. Definitely a class act and the envy of the world. SHM.

Child separation and caging of children began with Obama, and there is no "Muslim ban", and none of that has anything to do with Pam Keith's comments. But by your attempt deflection, you know this.

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