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Florida Family Action Releases Scorecard on State Legislators

July 31, 2018 - 12:30pm
John Stemberger
John Stemberger

Florida Family Action (FFA), one of the leading social and religious conservative groups in the Sunshine State, released its ratings of legislators on Tuesday. 

In its scorecard, FFA graded legislators on key votes on issues ranging from abortion, religious liberty, school choice, the lottery and other matters. 

“This scorecard provides a unique and quality analysis of social issues that no other state organization provides,” FFA President John Stemberger insists in the introduction to the ratings. “We have researched and scored each member of the Florida Legislature on the issues of life, family, religious liberty and related matters. With this Legislative Scorecard, we are arming you as voters, activists, and concerned citizens with a tool to further learn and discern which legislators are truly champions of our values, those who are opponents of our values, and those who are trying to straddle the fence.

“Having personally observed the legislative process and walked the halls of the Capitol for over 30 years, I have watched many elected officials come and go,” Stemberger adds. “Some good, some bad and some really exceptional. Here at Florida Family Action, we are working to expand our role to identify and help candidates and elected officials get elected who will not be just reliable votes, but who will be leaders and become champions on the issues that matter most.”

In the Florida House, 66 legislators--63 Republicans and 3 Democrats--scored “A+” grades while 12 of them--11 Republicans and a Democrat--garnered “B” grades.  Five legislators--all Republicans--got “C” grades and three of them--two Republicans and a Democrat--got “D” grades. At the low end of the report card, 38 Democrats garnered “F” grades. 

Over in the state Senate, three Republican state senators--Denise Grimsley who is running for state agriculture commissioner, Dorothy Hukill and Tom Lee--garnered “A+” grades. Thirteen senators--12 Republicans and a Democrat--earned “B” grades while five Republicans got a “C” and one got a “D.” Fourteen Democrats and Republican Sen. Rene Garcia scored “F grades.  

FFA is not done as the group announced on Tuesday that it will release voters guides on candidates and state constitutional amendments next week. 


Don't diss your birthright 'Joe'

Just think. When all of our state legislators get an "A" from this group we can rename the state 'Alabama'!

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