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Florida DEO Releases Five Year Economic Plan

August 6, 2018 - 10:15am
Cissy Proctor
Cissy Proctor

At the end of last week, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) released its “Florida Strategic Plan for Economic Development” report to help grow the Sunshine State’s economy. 

The DEO released the report on Friday and looked at a range of issues. 

“The plan outlines Florida’s vision and mission for economic success and identifies goals, strategies and measures critical to improving business expansion, recruitment, retention and job creation in the state,” the DEO noted. “The plan establishes three goals for Florida for the next five years:lead the nation in resilient, sustainable economic growth and prosperity; lead the nation in global competitiveness as a location for talent, business, innovation and tourism; and lead the nation in quality of life and quality places for residents, communities and visitors. Through a collaborative effort, DEO led multiple state agencies in the development of the Strategic Plan 2018-2023. To provide a successful statewide implementation of the plan, local governments, regional economic development organizations and workforce development entities were included in the discussion and creation of the new plan.”

The report, which clocks in at more than 50 pages  looks at six different pillars--Talent Supply and Education; Innovation and Economic Development; Infrastructure and Growth Leadership; Business Climate and Competitiveness; Civic and Governance Systems; Quality of Life and Quality Places--and offers a road map for DEO to implement the strategies laid out in it. 

Cissy Proctor, the executive director of DEO, weighed in on the report on Friday.  

“As Florida’s lead agency for economic development, we are excited to welcome more organizations to contribute to the state’s strategic plan. We know this expanding team of partners will give Floridians greater opportunities for success. It is the strength of our state’s collaborative efforts that will continue to make Florida the best place in the nation for individuals, businesses and communities to thrive,” Proctor said. 




"VISITORS" is the key word in this "feel good article";......Just ONE "tragic" event,... and the "one note" tourist industry will bring Florida to it's knees... (remember when German tourists were being attacked and assaulted JUST because they were identifiable merely by the "code stickers" in the windows of their rental cars?!? (just one small example, of many). It doesn't take much to "stymie" tourism for the short (or long) term, Folks ... ANYONE (politician or businessman) who puts most of his eggs in the "tourism basket" is risking his livelyhood,...and Florida's economy...

The new welcome signs to Florida will read: "Scalawags and Carpetbaggers Welcomed."

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