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Florida Delegation Wants Federal Government to Assist Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

September 21, 2017 - 9:45am
Bill Nelson, Marco Rubio and Darren Soto
Bill Nelson, Marco Rubio and Darren Soto

With Hurricane Maria striking Puerto Rico this week, members of the Florida congressional delegation are urging the federal government to step up and offer assistance. 

After the storm, which had winds as high as 140 miles per hour, the BBC reported that as many as 3.5 million Puerto Ricans will be without power for months to come. 

On Wednesday, Florida’s two U.S. senators--Democrat Bill Nelson and Republican Marco Rubio--sent letters to President Donald Trump and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session, urging them to show the same level of determination in responding to Hurricane Maria’s impact as the federal government did to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. 

“As you certainly understand, early declarations have proven vital to ensuring that federal agencies are prepared to swiftly and effectively respond to the requests of local officials tasked with protecting our fellow citizens during and after natural disasters,” the senators wrote Trump. “It is important that the federal government stands ready to assist in the difficult days after Hurricane Maria passes, when hope must be available to combat despair. Because of your foresight, our family, friends, and neighbors in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will emerge from yet another major hurricane this month ready to rebuild and recover. However, as even the best laid plans can be overwhelmed by natural forces, we urge your administration’s continued attention to this dangerous storm so that appropriate federal resources can quickly be made available as locally unmet needs arise.

“Once again, thank you for your leadership and for your attention to the needs of Americans in Florida, Texas, and the Caribbean who have been and continue to be directly impacted by this Atlantic hurricane season,” the senators added. 

Nelson and Rubio also reached out to Sessions on Wednesday. 

“We write to thank you for the department’s leadership and swift action in forming task forces to combat illegal activity related to Hurricane Irma in each of the three federal districts of Florida, as well as in Puerto Rico,” they wrote. “While Florida and Puerto Rico continue to face obstacles related to Hurricane Irma relief and recovery, Puerto Rico is simultaneously facing Hurricane Maria.  Hurricane Maria made landfall early this morning as a powerful Category 4 hurricane.  Extensive damage to infrastructure on the island is certain.       As the National Center for Disaster Fraud continues its important work with the U.S. attorneys’ offices and other federal, state, and local agencies related to Hurricane Irma, we respectfully urge you to expand the scope of the task force in Puerto Rico to account for any illegal activity related to Hurricane Maria. Thank you for you continued support for the people of Florida and Puerto Rico and your attention to this matter.”

U.S. Rep. Darren Soto, D-Fla., the first member of the Florida delegation of Puerto Rican ancestry, also turned his attention to Puerto Rico this week. 

On Facebook, Soto showcased an article from the Miami Herald insisting Puerto Rico needed billions in federal aid after the hurricane. 

“Praying for our beloved Puerto Rico as it faces Hurricane Maria. The federal government must help the island recover!” Soto insisted. 

Soto was in Jacksonville with U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., and other congressional leaders on Wednesday, inspecting damage from Hurricane Irma. 

“I stressed to them the need for a new FEMA package to cover remaining Irma damage for Florida and to assist Puerto Rico with Maria,” Soto noted after the event. 



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Most Americans doesn't know the whole story, especially those who remarks are against Puerto Ricans, thought it is true that left wing Democrats have been running the show it is USA that helped created the mess they are in. USA INVADED PR. 1898. Made US dollars official currency , in doing so , Puerto Rico s currency was so devalued that land owners were forced to sale greatly value land for cents to a dollar to american companies to make of PR a mono cultivation land, Sugar cane, just because sugar was the highest commodity in demand at the time. In 1959 president Eisenhower wanted to grant the island the Independence but by now Cuba was communist, so US kept the colony of PR just for show off, investing tons of money on the island to celebrate democracy to show the world,but behind every decision there was the Feds dictating unjust commerce laws detrimental to PR but lucrative to US. More over, giving money to people without any accountability. Thus creating a society of entitlemens, thieves and robbers for generations. Today US won't grant Independence to PR or much less statehood. Just keeping a colony in the modern world.recently the middle class have emigrated to main land looking for improvement of their life and the American dream. A lot of them trying to live off the Government ( bad idea) but a lot of them professionals, business men doctors, lawyers, engineers as good as anybody else, please do not judge all of us by the few bad apples you heard off. Thought PR is responsible for waesting o lot of money , US also guilty of the tragedy of PR just because their political decisions about the Colony. There is much to say but before you jump into conclusions and judge every. puertorican please get acquainted with PR history written by the the Patriots.

Anonymous sounds like he is from Puerto Rico and I will bow to his greater knowledge of the island. I have no trouble believing the federal government screwed everything up. But still thinking about the National Park idea. We could probably rebuild San Juan for 60 billion. That's what we are spending on Houston and South Florida. Fair is fair. San Juan could house 3 million people. The other 500,000 can be scattered around the island in villages of no more than 5,000 people. These will be the ecotourism destinations. Puerto Rico can no more govern itself than Chicago, St. Louis, or Baltimore. Or Newark. Or the entire state of California with Governor Mooonbean running the carnival. Puerto Rico would be the crown jewel of the National Park System and be there after the volcano in Yellowstone obliterates everything in the Rockies. Just a thought.

I was kinda hoping to drum up a little support for turning Puerto Rico into a National Park. Maybe a federal wildlife sanctuary. Puerto Rico is 74 billion in debt, all of which is their own doing. The power grid on the entire island rivaled that of Lagos in Nigeria. Maybe not as good. Probably cost 200 billion to get the island back in power. Now a dam on the west coast ready to break and flood 100,000 people and two towns. Roads are deplorable, bridges unsafe. Welfare was the only growth industry. Ecotourism would probably solve a lot of problems. Give the popualace jobs. No doubt PR is a natural diamond. Lets make it a park and quit pretending that the island can govern itself.

I have no problems with PR people - not THAT many in Tampa (I think...). Do it like Mexico is handling their Earthquake - Dig out by yourselves - SHOW us your Power!

I feel for them, however, the influx of Ricans already here in Orlando is not adding any value to the area. If anything, it's taking away. So now we can expect a deluge of new residents, who won't add any value to the area as well. Once here, the government checks, housing, is the benefit to them, to the area benefit. More strain on highways, more strain on services, schools, and yes...more crime. It's just the truth...reality hurts.

Time to move from the Sunshine State. North..northwest.. Puerto Ricans don't usually go that far north or west. Build a wall around FLA and let them have it. Puerto Rico annex #1.

Good Citizen has it bout right. Puerto Rico is broker than Illionois, and that's broke. For Gods Sakes, Illinois continues to sell lottery tickets but does not pay the winners because of no cash. Thanks, Democrats! Puerto Rico is more corrupt than Hialeah, and that's corrupt! I say turn the island into a National Park. There are only 3,5 million people there. Used to be over 5 million. Since PR stopped their gumment checks once they ran out of other peoples money (only politicians get paid their usual boot and graft) there has been a massive migration to Orlando. Making them US Citizens a bad mistake Once they get plane fare to Orlando they can immediately sign up for our generous benefit packages. Trick to that is having a bunch of kids. They all have a bunch of kids. Since there is no power grid and no money left in PR, now would be the perfect time to save that natural wonderland. We would not be placing any hardship on the people since by Christmas they will ALL be in Orlando. If they don't have plane fare, not to worry, they can use their most generous FEMA check! Buddy Dwyer, another pondscum sucker will welcome them with open arms. Once they get the vote he will be elected Emperor.

Puerto Rico already gets HUGE Fed subsidies in the form of NO INCOME TAX + Fed $ spent on infrastructure. The voters there have consistently chosen left wing morons into government who have run the place into bankruptcy. Sorry Florida pols, I don't want the Fed gov to give ANY of my (yes MINE!) money to that island until they prove they can manage normal operations competently!!!!!

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