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Nancy Smith

Flores and Braynon Affair: More Dysfunction Exposed during Negron's Senate Presidency

January 9, 2018 - 12:30pm
Rep. Shevron Jones, Sens. Anitere Flores and Oscar Braynon in Boston
Rep. Shevron Jones, Sens. Anitere Flores and Oscar Braynon in Boston

Rumors of the affair between Republican Sen. Anitere Flores and Democratic Sen. Oscar Braynon have been drifting around Tallahassee for more than a year. But not until Tuesday, when an anonymous texter sent media outlets surveillance "evidence" of to-ing and fro-ing between apartments at The Tennyson, where they both lived last April, did the rumors become a public reality.

Braynon and Flores issued a joint statement Tuesday morning, admitting their relationship grew beyond friendship and apologizing to their constituents for it.

I Beg to Differ

"As this 2018 session of the Florida Legislature gets underway," reads the statement, "we do not want gossip and rumors to distract from the important business of the people. That's why we are issuing this brief statement to acknowledge that our longtime friendship evolved to a level that we deeply regret. 

"We have sought the forgiveness of our families, and also seek the forgiveness of our constituents and God. We ask everyone else to respect and provide our families the privacy that they deserve as we move past this to focus on the important work ahead."

Said the anonymous texter, "From April 11th to the 13th, the author observed Braynon and Flores’ professional engagements via the Florida Senate’s website, conducted digital research utilizing the Internet to gain familiarity with both subjects, and became familiar with the routines of both subjects."

See the texter's posting in its entirety by clicking on his/her website here.

He/she claims the surveillance footage blows the couple's affair wide open: "When the videos are considered in their entirety, they depict a clear pattern of behavior that is consistent with individuals engaged in an extramarital relationship, and/or cohabitation. Flores spent the night with Braynon on four consecutive nights ... Flores also appeared to have a key to Braynon's unit, and was able to unlock and secure his unit."

Whoever made sure this story got out -- whether it's aggrieved former Sen. Frank Artiles or Jack Latvala, two men who threatened revenge for their personal takedown -- it really is more than a tale of another extramarital affair in a world so full of them.

It is a commentary on the judgment of these two elected leaders and the culture of Tallahassee. It's also a reflection on Senate President Joe Negron's leadership choices -- first Jack Latvala, who used his power to force himself on unwilling young staffers and lobbyists at the Capitol, now Anitere Flores who is president pro tempore. As head of the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee, Flores, remember, sought a special favor from Citizen's Property Insurance for her mother's damaged house after Hurricane Irma, one to which her fellow constituents were not entitled.

Negron has to be shellshocked. 

Pillow talk between senators in different caucuses is already coming into question. Both parties, let alone Florida law, take a dim view of sharing certain pre-vote conversation behind closed doors. 

And only time will tell whether both-married Flores of Miami and Minority Leader Braynon of Miami Gardens, who traveled together on "state business" on occasion, will face an ethics investigation surrounding using public money to conduct their affair. A photo on Facebook last year, displayed at the top of this story, shows Rep. Shevrin Jones with Flores and Braynon standing in front of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. The lawmakers were in Boston for the Millennial Action Project’s 2017 Future Summit. At the time lawmakers and lobbyists whispered privately that "it wasn't necessary for both of them to go to something in the most expensive city in the country." How many Bostons were there in the last couple of years?

Now, with the 2018 legislative session breathing down their necks, Flores and Braynon want to be left alone?

It doesn't matter if spite let the cat out of the bag -- somebody did. The point is, these two have heavy committee assignments. Is Negron, whose presidential legacy is in jeopardy, likely to intervene in Flores' case? Can Flores in particular overcome the questions bound to face her in the months ahead to work effectively on a fully loaded Senate agenda? She's apparently escaped with Negron's blessing so far. We'll have to see where it goes from here.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: NancyLBSmith


Two beautiful little white boys that a mother cares nothing about. She's made a cuck of her husband and brought incredible shame to her family. If she wants to burn coal she should be shame walked out of Tallahassee just as Cersei was shame walked out of King's Landing. How can she serve in the Florida Senate, let alone be Negron's number two. Shame, shame.

Wow...."two beautiful little white boys“ about simple minded, and certainly racist....Guess Lisa Sparks is yet another insecure, perhaps not too educated, and clearly uncultured Trumpite roving with hate. Shame on both of them for cheating on their spouses; one can only pray the impact on their four beautiful little boys won't be too much.

Burn coal? Never heard that one before....what does that mean exactly? Not familiar with the latest racist language, I guess I am out of date. Also, what does "cuck" mean?

She is a whore woman, and of course he a man wild dog rather- I hope they both get thrown out from their marriages. Because Apparently they did not value nor respect what they had.

I totally agree......imagine the pain of the spouses...that will never go away.....they both should get jail time to let them think over and over what they did to their families and children.......

Man, I'd hit that twice...

Affermative action at work....

Negron needs to strip her of power. What she did as a leader is inexcusable. If Negron chooses to look the other way, he will look weaker than he already does.

I agree 100% that the righteous move for both congress man and woman will be resing and leave a clean slate. Shame on both for this amoral behavior they are no college students any more to go to Congress to play we don’t have time for more immorality in our government. We have enough.

She's a common garden variety slut, he is just doing what every colored guy wants to do. Certainly be better off without either of them. If taxpayers were not on the hook she would dump him quick enough. Her husband will, of course, divorce her. And, of course, she is ruint, damaged goods that no decent man would do anything but spend 15 minutes and make a deposit with. She should be very proud.

Negron is just pissed, word is he was grooming that for himself...seems she had other darker ideas...

BUT,.. We did it for *LOVE*! (DOESN'T *LOVE* COUNT?) Hmmm,.. We'll just have to ask Bill Clinton, Anthony Wiener, and all those other un-ethical, dishonorable CHEATERS...!

This stuff actually matters. They're both elected and they're supposed to show some sense of Ethics. This is Flores is second major breach of Ethics behind what she did for her mother. And Oscar has been more ethical just because he hasn't had as much power to flaunt but after being in many meeting with him and hosted many a fundraiser I know him to be a generally happy at arrogant man. He thinks he's God's gift. Elected leader should not think that way, the Democrats rap on Trump they should rip on Oscar. And if Republicans had to have a moral standard they should ask for Flores his head. This stuff matters they're supposed to be examples and now they're just ask races. The Senate President should act and take away the chairman shifts. If Jeff Clemons had to resign because of his affair why shouldn't they have some consequences for their adult actions that go against what they were elected to represent. Marriage is a contract when you violate that contract it shows there's no other contract that you wouldn't violate. The damage is done we should forgive these people if their families forgive them but forgiveness does not mean there should be no consequences.

I agree w/ you wholeheartedly

Que ATASCADA!!! Does she día her kids good night with that mouth? I'm sure her family is very proud of her. She took the job knowing very well the ethics and responsibility and YES it is the públics business! All this on the line she couldn't say no to the radiator hose! What are we to expect from her? ONE WAY EGOTISTICAL SELFISH INDIVIDUAL! And with the "ME TOO" movement going on this is how she conducts herself on behalf of woman ? All is left is for her to say that she was forced or coerced HARVEY WEINSTEIN style! Lol

What a Headline Smear Tabloid SSN becomes on occasion, implying any blame taints Negron . . . . . PATHETIC

Frank, you're dead wrong. The headline and the story are spot-on. Look at how much scandalous, salacious, and slimy stuff has gone on with members of the Florida Senate under President Negron. No, he himself didn't do these acts, but his lack of leadership has fostered an environment of increased arrogance, hypocrisy, narcissism, misogyny, and abuse of power in the Florida Senate. Even the appointed head of political correctness, Senator LizBeth Benacquisto, has been dating a lobbyist for a couple years (although with all the chaos going on, she's got engaged, so that makes it ok). Someone asked "Who is next?" I responded "Who knows who is next." The problem is there are so many real-life possibilities of who is next in Joe Negron's Florida Senate.

Gee, under such intelligent logic, this must also be Rick Scott and Pam Bondy's fault . . . . as the top executive and top legal officer of state government . . . . . . . . . . . . . I mean . . . . you really would try and hold the leadership responsible for the private adult interactions of its Senate's members . . . . . . . what crazy world of collective punishment (for legal adult interactions) do you originate from (with lobbyists, it is a slightly different matter)? . . . . . . PATHETIC . . . .

No, in your quest to be so intellectual, you didn't read where I said "No, he didn't do these acts . . ." I said his LACK OF LEADERSHIP is what has created the environment of deteriorating morals, principles, and character, where acts like this are rampant. One Senator calls African-American legislators the "N" word, another (the incoming MINORITY LEADER) has an extramarital affair with a lobbyist, another (the APPROPRIATIONS CHAIRMAN) is accused by several women of sexual harassment, and now these two - the SENATE PRESIDENT PRO TEMPORE (#2 in command) and the MINORITY LEADER - have an illicit extramarital affair during session. Each of the other 3 had the decency to resign. These two say "Give us privacy while we put this behind us." Under Richard Corcoran, nothing even close to this out of 120 legislators. With Negron, it's already 5 out of 40. It's a swamp. What's PATHETIC is you believe that's acceptable leadership. And by the way, it's "BONDI" Mr. Intelligence.

Florida state senators admit bipartisan, extramarital affair. Maybe now the republicans and democrats will work together and solve Florida's problems

I have more videos from may 1 through may 31, 2017 to shoe you how Anitere Flores has cheated on her husband with Oscar Braynon. Do you want to hve them? I want to get paid this time. please contact me at

Matt what you have uncovered is priceless. Florets husband May need them to stringthen his court case against this cheating B and his Law sute against the Man that destroyed his family. Send what you have to her husband he can join the #Me Too Movement. Or Maybe her Husband can start his own movement #Him Too

Are you the private investigator who did the initial surveillance on Jack Latvala? If so, I’m guessing that catching this on recording was just an accident however much a bombshell it is.

Very disgusting. Her marriage vows mean nothing, why would her vows to serve FL mean anything to her. Both have low morals. They need to be OUT.

Preston S. said all there is to say. Policy flip flop and lack of Honor among our elected officials.

We have a long 2 mos ahead with work to be done. My senator-Jeff Clemens (so Distr. 31 has no representation for the session)-resigned because of his infidelity so.......WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER! At the very least, there should be an ethics committee action.

Today the women of the Florida Senate wore black to the opening ceremonies, to signify their solidarity with the #MeToo movement. Apparently Anitere has been wrapping herself in black since last April. Worse yet is both thier Facebook pages pledge their "gratefulness" to their families for allowing them to be away in Tallahassee to conduct the people's business. Shamefully, they're the ones who have been hurt the most by this.

What a nasty pig! Two beautiful boys at home being taken care of by the husband while th pig roles around in mud. I'm shure her parents are very proud of her. I'd leave her with the boys in a New York minute and file and sure her ass for everything under the son!

oh well another Pay & Play with Me ..For My Vote on your Bill...Talk about selling out your voters for SEX for Pay....(my vote)...LMAO

This takes "reaching across the aisle" to a whole new level!


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