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Fear of the Black Man AND Woman

December 29, 2016 - 9:30am

Why so much fright about Dwight? This morning I had an email with a column from The Florida Squeeze about the Florida Democratic Party chair's race. This article was particularly interesting because it focused on me just as much as it focused on the candidates and the race for chair. It also mainly trashed Dwight Bullard, no other candidate. 

Ask yourself why.

In the article, writer Kartik Krishnaiyer questioned why Sunshine State News, a conservative media outlet, had so much access to Dwight Bullard, and determined that it was due to his friendship with me. He went on to call me a troublemaker, and then pointed out my support for Nan Rich, Bernie Sanders, and now Dwight Bullard.

Let me get a few things out of the way first.

I was PROUD to support Nan Rich. She was on the right side of every issue Democrats hold dear. If supporting her as opposed to recycled Republican Charlie Crist, who will go whichever way the wind blows JUST to be elected makes me a bad person, I'll take that all day, every day.

I was PROUD to support Bernie Sanders. He was on the right side of every issue Democrats hold dear. I am not an establishment person. I never have been. I never will be. I have said from the beginning that Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate. Yes, I went on national television and said she was a flawed candidate. That was no secret. I said there were some things she could do to save her campaign. She didn't do it. She lost. While everyone wants to blame everyone and everything except Clinton herself, I don't.

I call it as I see it. I don't go along to get along.

I am PROUD to support Dwight Bullard. He is on the right side of every issue that Democrats hold dear.

You see the pattern here, folks?

You have the chance to get it right this time. You failed the past two times.

While The Florida Squeeze and others of their ilk want to player-hate, I have been right. They have not.

Now as for Kartik, the only thing I will say about him is that when he was working for Pam Keith's campaign, when he wanted someone to ghost-write an article that he wanted up for her, he had no problem with me then. When I was supporting her and he was getting paid by her campaign, he had no problem with me then.

I just have to wonder why all of a sudden he has a problem with me and Dwight Bullard now.

I'll let you guys draw your own conclusions about that, and about who may be paying him now, but I'm sure you know that 1+1 = 2.

As far as my association with Sunshine State News, so many people seem to be pressed about a black woman who is a Democrat writing for a conservative media outlet. Why?

Are we supposed to "stay in our lane"?

Did I not get permission to venture off the plantation?

I am PROUD to be associated with Sunshine State News. While we may not agree on everything politically, they have never tried control me, unlike the establishment Democrats.


No one owns me.

Leslie Wimes is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.





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pretty well written from a point of view perspective, up to the points about "staying in your lane" or "venturing off the plantation". That does little to help your cause and paints you with a racial brush, even if that was not your intention. Differing opinions does not make one racist, but racial comments might give that appearance, even if they were uttered as some sort of misguided defense mechanism. Bottom line, it does more harm than good.

Good Morning, The headline is interesting. We can write the same headline Fear about Brown Men and Woman, I think the best Leader and Executive should be the FDP Chair, regardless RACE. Whether is Black, Brown, White, Yellow, Red or Green shouldn't matter we are all AMERICANS and DEMOCRATS.

How can republicans call democrats communist when they voted for a communist loving man surrounding himself with 7 communist loving russian connected power brokers.

PROVE your point. WHO are the 7 "power brokers" you refer to?

Seems like the only one playing the race card is Wimes.

That's the ONLY card she plays, even though she has a losing hand.....

While I don't always agree with Ms. Wimes, I admire her willingness to always speak her truth. She doesn't change her tune based on the station. She speaks bluntly no matter the subject matter--if that makes you as a reader uncomfortable perhaps you should look inside yourself for the source and cause of said feelings. What you don't do is ignore, obfuscste, or otherwise undermine the truth. Racism and implicit bias exist in spades in this country. Anyone who claims it doesn't is either willfully blind or racist/biased themselves. African-Americans as a whole don't "play the race card"--that is fallacy. They know that the effect of racially based bias is no game.

Interesting how you worded "her truth", and not implying actual truth, because Ms. Wimes would NOT know an actual truth, if she accidentally fell into it!

Dwight Bullard really got hammered in those TV spots, made you want to cast a sympathy vote for him; police could be excused for hauling him in as a wanted criminal. Has he any recourse? Insult to injury: now he gets shoved aside rudely by Democratic Party soi-disant movers & shakers, yet another sign of the degeneration of that Party, its hierarchy no longer patriotic.

He merely received what he had asked for, a bitter taste of reality!

How is Sunshine State News a 'conservative' news outlet when the likes of Wimes has articles published??? A mainstream communist like her, supporting backwards socialist views from Bernie 'You Pay, Not Me' Sanders and Nan 'Confiscate All Guns' Rich clearly shows an anti-American ideology. Wimes is now playing the race card for herself and Afro-centric Dwight Bullard which will further estrange her from Florida Patriots.

The 1950s are calling they want their rhetoric back...

Good lord.....look it's the Wakulla County KKK leader, Tim Caldwell, himself writing under his fake name Dave Manning. Take your hood off Tim.

Leslie Wimes is an independent voice of courage and insight. She gets to the point colorfully and I like that.

You're right Doc! One thing she does is get to the 'color' point!

What concerns me is your insecurity about being Black. Why must you assume that people questions you, or are concerned about what you say or think merely because you are Black.......especially if your skin color is NEVER being mentioned??? This sounds like the ever-present "Chip on the Shoulder", that would be perceived as Racist, if a White person was questioning the same things you are. You may not realize it, but you may have some Racism in you. Living together as Americans, is always difficult when someone is always segregating themselves from everyone else, merely because others don't see them , they way they want to be seen. Equality means that one must be able to withstand the Criticisms as well as the accolades, without Blaming others with "isms" or "phobias", when they Fail.

She's obviously insecure about herself, another reason she should give up politics. Someone should tell her playing the race card doesn't mean much anymore.

Have you ever seen her in person? Her blog pic makes her look beautiful compared to her real life look!

She's been told the race card makes no difference but she continues to write just like a racist. Basically, if you ain't black, you mean nothing to her. Too bad that some blacks suffer the consequences of Leslie Times' writings! GO TRUMP!!

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