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FDP, Something in the Milk Ain't Clean ...Says Karen Thurman, Rod Smith, Rick Boylan, Nancy Jacobson

February 22, 2017 - 11:30am

I was wondering why, on Feb. 15, the FDP sent out a press release detailing the accomplishments of Stephen Bittel's first 30 days as chair of the party.

Initially, I wondered why it touted a communications director for Hispanic media, and not one for African American media, given the fact that 209,000 black voters who voted in the 2012 presidential election didn't bother to vote in the 2016 presidential election. That number alone could have handed Hillary Clinton Florida, even with the large Hispanic turnout in 2016.

They never learn, do they? They can keep pretending black voters aren't worth engaging if they want to. We will be saying hello to Sen. Rick Scott in 2018. 

At any rate, come to find out, that press release wasn't to let folks know about the $500,000 raised, the Hispanic media director, the new bylaws committee, or any other crap on it.

It was smoke and mirrors to cover the grievance filed with the DNC regarding the Jan. 14 election of the DNC members.

The grievance was filed Feb. 6 by none other than Karen Thurman (where the hell has she been?), Rod Smith, Rick Boylan, and Nancy Jacobson.

Now, it is my opinion that the driving force behind this grievance is Rick Boylan. Karen Thurman, Rod Smith, and Nancy Jacobson must be there for show. Were they even present during the elections? Did they even participate?

Rick was a DNC member and state committeeman out of Pinellas County who backed Stephen Bittel.

He lost his DNC seat Jan. 14. Ha!

Apparently back in October 2015, the DNC instructed Allison Tant to get rid of the weighted vote. She was supposed to go to one person/one vote.

I'm not entirely sure why this didn't occur, but it didn't.

Rick Boylan participated in the elections Jan. 14, cast his weighted vote however he wanted to cast it, tried to retain his seat on the DNC, and then cried foul after he lost. 

Boy, bye. Your hands are not clean. You just lost. Go have a seat.

Do you guys wonder why we haven't really won any significant elections in a while??

Now in filing this complaint, the complainants say they aren't challenging the officers.

How can that be? The only officer position that was voted on correctly was the first vice chair position, Judy Mount.

If the DNC positions are to be challenged, then the chair, Stephen Bittel, along with the other positions voted in using the weighted voting system, must be challenged as well, right?

The FDP had two years to get this together. What were they waiting on?

I'm told, and I don't know how true this is, that Bittel has two DNC appointments he can make. 

I'm waiting to see if Boylan gets "paid off," so to speak, with a DNC appointment, to make this grievance go away.

I'm also waiting to see if the DNC does anything about the fact that two years ago, it instructed Florida to get rid of the weighted vote, which Florida did not do.

Remember when Florida and Michigan were penalized by the DNC for moving its elections, and the delegates only counted for half in the election of President Obama?

Remember our DNC members are there to elect the DNC chair. 

If too many of them aren't voting the way the establishment wants, they COULD be stripped of their votes.

Something to think about.

Click here to read the complaint for yourselves.

Leslie Wimes is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.


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I am an African American and I have been in the Democratic Party for 54 years and never saw the blatant violations of the bylaws as this new so called leadership. Including Bitel in Tallahassee and Juan Cuba in Miami. There was not a quorum last night for their so-called suspended rule that allowed all those people to vote that were not elected participate that were never sworn in, Boylan deserves what he gets and many of the so called leadership. I think we need to organize our own party. Alison Tant allowed Henry Crespo and Lydia dismantle members of the Black Caucus never giving Miami Dade Black Caucus, Alauchua, West Palm Beach, and Orlando and two others. They collected the Membership dues and never gave them their charters while running up and down the road spending the money. Lydia is rumning as Chair after she supported Henry Crespo and she is apart of the problem not the solution. She went along with whatever Henry did. we have Black folk that felt a Cuban could come into the Black Caucus and do better than they could for themselves and Henry did nothing ut used Black Folk. Alison Tant let it happen so she us to blame. They need to fire Nick Pellito and get someone to run the Party Affairs. The party is who you know and Leslie has a right to make her observations known. Some of us are not Uncle and Aunt Tom and have a right to educate about all of the bull that has been happening in this party. She is not making this up. The party is screwed up when someone tells me that the reorganization procedures from the bylaws is not a fact but best practices and allow all that happen in Miami Dade and with the state election. These bylaws were submitted under stste statues 103. ,The party should throw the bylaws out because it's members blatantly violated all of it's rules. Thank you Leslie for keeping the people informed. Dr. Mae Christian

Leslie, I think you need to resign as head of The Democratic African American Woman's Caucus. It is clear to me that you do not have the best interests of the Democratic Party at heart since you continue to find continual fault with the Party that you are supposedly a member of and you do it writing in a publication that is very much a supporter of the opposition Party. This is morally questionable. I have to wonder why you stay in bed with all of these unfriendly folks?

The Florida Democratic Party needs trauma center-type help! And all the girls and the girly-men are NOT going to get the job done! Old-school toughness is the only way ... and we need some hammer-fisted men to take the lead!

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